St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar in Cleveland Park Gets Signage

Back in Sept. ’11 we learned that St. Arnold’s was opening a 2nd location in the old Sabores space next to Dino at at 3435B Connecticut Ave, NW. At the time the owners hoped to open the spot in Nov. Hopefully the new signage is a good indication that they’re getting close now.

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  • Good luck to them as they try to break the curse of that location.

  • Why spend all that money and make some jpeg sign?

  • that is a SUPER cheesy sign, but I’m still excited…

  • At first I balked at the sign, but it’s about on par with the cheesy labels on some Belgian beers (St. Bernadus, anyone?) so maybe it’s a nod to that? Hopefully?

  • If its anything like the one on Jefferson I don’t think the sign will hold it back from being sucessful. My favorite place to drop in after a late night at the office to grab a Belgian strong and a pot of mussels.

  • I can’t wait to try it out. I haven’t been to the one in DuPont, but I’ve heard good things. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

  • I anticipate frequenting this place often.

    I hope it isn’t as loud as the one on Jefferson. Sometimes I can’t even hear myself think in there much less have a conversation with anyone.

  • Hopefully they don’t bring over the large scruffy WV looking guy with the camo hat that apparently works at the Jefferson St location. Horrendous customer service that tarnishes the atmosphere

  • A guy at the Dupont location told me the Cleveland Park location was going to have English beer rather than Belgian, which seems strange, though I’d actually like that, since I generally prefer English-style beer (or Irish) to Belgian.

  • Great, yet another very veg-unfriendly business in my neighborhood. No thanks.

  • Haven’t seen much progress since November. Any insights? Am dying for this place to open.

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