Slaviya Which had Become ‘A Taste of New Orleans’ in Adams Morgan Becomes Slaviya Again

Back in mid-Oct. ’11 we learned that Slaviya was going to become ‘A Taste of New Orleans’ at 2424 18th St., NW. I noticed that the Taste of New Orleans sign had already come down this weekend. Turns out the lease negotiations fell through and Slaviya is back up and running.

I guess I needn’t have worried for New Orleans Cafe down the block.

Maybe Cities would be interested in another shot at the space…?

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  • andy

    Just a TASTE of New Orleans.

  • Hmmm….never tried “A Taste of New Orleans” but I have to say that Slaviya is really nice change of pace compared to other 18th Street food options.

    Too bad Balkan cuisine isn’t better appreciated in DC!

  • I still cant get over how lazy their sign painting was! Look at that red paint all over the surrounding brick.

  • Anyone else read this as Saliva?

  • this place has to be a front or money laundering operation or something. that’s some pricey real estate, and there’s no one ever in there.

    • Actually on weekend nights it’s packed with people. It has a large Bulgarian and Russian clientele, and the couple occasions I’ve been in there, you hardly hear any English (as someone who’s studying Russian and Russian culture, that’s awesome) and has a distinct Eastern European feeling (loud house music, gorgeous Russian model-types with old rich guys, guys with mullets dressed in too-tight white pants). That’s probably where they make most of their money. I’ve never been in for food- will have to try it now that I have the chance.

  • Slaviya rocks – time to reverse my grief over its closure.

  • the brunch is the same as it was when it was left bank and the cheese eggs are bomb

  • This place def. makes its money as a club on Thuirs-Sat nights, and not as a restaurant (like so many “restaurants” on the strip). But I am glad it is not changin yet – as I do want to try some of their Balkan and Bulgarian dishes.

    And I remember during the last world cup when I swear there was going to be a football brawl between the patrons at Slaviya and the patrons at Bukom Cafe. Ahh footie fans.

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