Shooting at 1400 Block of R St, NW 5pm Thursday

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From MPD sent at 5:01pm:

“We are working a shooting in the 1400 block of R St Nw.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 or
1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746) or text at 50411.”

More as it becomes available here and on twitter @PoPville.

@People’s District writes:

“A man lays on R St, three shots fired in broad daylight.”

Lisa writes:

“Shooting around 14th and R. Someone hit, at least one arrested. R St blocked.”

Lisa updates 5:22pm:

“Shooter and vic both female.”

Lisa updates 5:37pm:

“Should clarify–the AYTguys told me both were female. Cop said victim was still alive.”

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  • So sad. The block of R Street between 14th and 15th is ALWAYS to be avoided. I never walk that block and always go out of my way to find another way to where I am going.

  • Totally agree, one of the worst blocks in the area. Im surprised this doesnt happen more. I have been followed and harrassed multiple times.

  • Gotta love the government subsidized housing. Just another benefit!

    • What exactly do you propose we do with the poor people? This was their neighborhood for years, and there has to be a way to peacefully coexist.

      I’m not advocating the violence, nor do I feel particularly safe on that block every time I walk it. But I’ve also met lovely people, children, and families on that block.

      • It was their neighborhood? They owned it? As a taxpaying citizen who lives nearby I feel as or more entitled to call it my neighborhood than someone who my tax dollars are subsidizing to live there.

        I think affordable housing can work, but not when it is concentrated and isolated from the community as it mostly is in DC. Also, extreme income inequality doesn’t tend to work well, and the problems between this block and the rest of the neighborhood are a prime example of that. My proposed solution: spreading out DC’s public housing, putting it in buildings that are less isolated from their community, and putting public housing in places where there is less of an economic divide between public housing residents and neighboring residents. Having a better match between the economics of the public housing and the neighborhood will also reduce the cost of the subsidy and therefore allow more help to be provided to more people.

        • oh brother.
          so what we should build new housing every 3 years or so as neighborhoods change?

        • it is actually based on median area income.

        • get over yourself, you know EXACTLY what she meant. so your proposed solution is to move ALL the poor people to ward 8 when you decide the neighborhood is cool enough for you? how do you think they got there in the first place? you’re full of it.

          • you do realize someone is not alive any more? I doubt the shooter went traipsing off to Vinoteca to orchestrate the next steam-punk bicycle event or some other yuppie preoccupation. Not all of DC’s public housing projects are as ludicrous as 15th and R. I’d say those in Columbia Heights make way more sense given the commerce and retail/food&bev job opportunities available. There is no possibility for that kind of integration in a 14th street corridor that is entirely engineered accomodate yuppie tastes and disposable incomes. The only thing the public housing tenants can do is just sit there on their stoop and watch grad-degree-holding wunderkinds jog by or plan ironic parties. You cannot possibly collapse those two existential universes with building proximity. There has to be some kind of mediating involvement for both sides.

        • Is it *your* neighborhood? Do *you* own it?

          Even if you own your house, you don’t own the entire neighborhood. How do you feel “entitled” to that? Entitlement is illogical. Please learn how to be rational.

        • I always wonder what people mean when they say ‘their community’ AND how do you less isolate apartment buildings? They’re right on the street aren’t they? There’s rowhousing and homeowners around on the same street…

        • “putting public housing in places where there is less of an economic divide between public housing residents and neighboring residents.”

          come on man. really…that seems right to you?

        • The only reason its so isolated is because people like you go out of your way not to walk through it. Theres nothing isolated about 14th and r st nw. I think what you really mean is “not in my backyard”

          • if “people like you” means people who have been cussed at, tripped, and chased… then yeah, that’s why we go out of our way… just like the COP who does the same thing.

      • i say we kick them out and send ’em to North Dakota. Seriously though…. what Michael said.

  • can anyone say why this block area is so violent??

  • Worst. Block. Ever.

    Time for everyone to recognize that housing projects have failed. Time to move that cancer our of the neighborhood.

  • It’s been a blight on the neighborhood forever and a day–yet there are still those foolish enough to plunk down half a million for a shoebox “luxury” apt within a block….

  • The money quote from that TBD article

    ““If there’s a report of a robbery, assault, anything of that nature in the area, the first place that officers will go is the 1400 block of R Street,” one D.C. police officer told me. “If I’m off-duty and walking by myself, I would walk five blocks out of my way to avoid that block.”

    One good thing, there is always parking on that street.

  • I actually live on 14th and R, in an apartment complex on the ‘bad’ side of the street. It’s true, it’s not the nicest block to live on, but in the almost year I’ve lived here, I’ve rarely felt unsafe or frightened. Almost everyone that lives on this block has been very friendly and never bothered my boyfriend or myself. I’m very pleased that affordable housing still exists. Being a teacher, and living in the city, doesn’t leave many options for housing. The living situation isn’t always perfect…the loitering gets to be a real problem, but I think in the next year or so when both condo buildings on the 1400 side of R street are up and running, people won’t be so scared of this area.

    • houseintherear

      Exactly– lots of these “poor” people are hard working, tax-paying folks who just can’t afford much for housing.

      Some of what is being said here is just gross and shameful.

    • e.s., I am assuming you are a female and that you and your boyfriend appear to be a straight couple. As a gay man, my boyfriend and I have definitely been harassed walking down that block and had some very hateful things yelled at us. So, I’m glad you haven’t been bothered, but it’s certainly not the case for many of us.

    • this is a totally serious question: what race are you?

  • we all know this is horrible. i’m very sorry for the victims.

    just remember all this kind of stuff when your jury duty notice comes.

  • Black on black crime. I’m on that block and it’s crazy. When will people ever learn that violence is not the answer? Where are all our mlk’s, and Malcolm x’s when we need them? Lord, I come to you today to say thank for protecting me and my fiancée’s family. Look after the victim or victims that were hurt and their families. Amen

    • Um, kindof. But Malcolm X was not opposed to violence if used to defend the black community against the aggression of police. Anyway, I see your point. There are some outspoken people on this issue, but I think most assume that the work of the civil rights movement is “done”, so leaders are not being heard. Until this violence stops and income inequality become detached from race, people need to speak out.

      • few civil rights leaders these days are forward thinking. they still hold on to old ways of thinking, and assuming, and doing.

      • LOL!!! Income inequality IS rapidly becoming detached from race… That is why most of OWS are disillusioned white folks. As far as MLK and X are concerned, the last time religion was use to run society in Europe was called the “Dark ages”. We also have some rather stellar modern day examples.

        Why do we black folks start crying about the need for MLK, and X, when thousands of years of history and recent events have shown religion to be a complete failure? I suppose ignorance is bliss. Amen that.

        • you should do a bit more research about mlk. ask older black folks about him. then get back to us with your opinion on why we don’t need his kind anymore. you’ve been miseducated.

          • It’s a completely valid opinion, though apparently divergent from your own. Maybe you should do some research. I’d start with reading what Hitchens has to say about MLK. You might disagree, but it’s not a question of who’s doing more research. Some people believe that the brand of religiosity espoused by people like MLK has been a disaster.

  • I’am so ready to move from here!! I’m ready to move back to Hawaii!! (only if I had the money)

  • What do you propose then? This stuff can’t continue.

  • I’ve lived on this block for 11 yrs now and it’s never been this bad. I agree that not everyone on the south-side are troublemakers. But I have to say that the littering, loitering and noise after midnight have become unbearable lately. The security guards hired by the buildings do not deter any of these bad behaviors. Usually, by the time I call to report a disturbance, the perpetrators ran away once they see police vehicles approaching. So how about having some of the DC police officers actually live (heck, even for FREE) in each of those buildings to have a permanent and visible presence?

    • There has been a daily craps game there of late, all sorts of tough thugs chillin’. It’s their hood for sure. Cops and community tolerate it, along with all the guns and ammunition in communities of color of DC and all across America. Tolerate child assassins and drug slingers, in fact place them back in the community and protect their secret identities. Know about the young career criminals in training and their networks of associates and do nothing. It’s an embarrassment to civil society of all colors.

      • The irony is that politicians (case in point: Jim Graham) tolerate it because they know that this class/race divide will keep them in power… while at the same time they talk about how bad it is!

        He in turn tells the police in his district, as well as Cathy Lanier, “stand down!”…”don’t harass!”

        The cycle continues.

        Vote all the bums out.

  • Perhaps any subsidized tenants that commit a crime should not be subsized any longer.

  • It’s time we OCCUPY the R St Apartments…amirite yall!?!?

  • @jc I agree about the security guards. They don’t do their job right. I think we should have a police officer live in each building. My mother is a property manager in s.e. For some apartments and she has a police officer living in her complex and he does a wonderful job

  • Subsidize the needy, not criminals taking subsidies for granted. You’re welcome.

  • Around 6:45 tonight I also witnessed a guy get tasered at 14th and Rhode Island (not by a police officer). He collapsed in the middle of the street and then the guy with the taser and another guy started kicking him. Called the police to report it. There were a ton of people and cars around, and a crowd formed around the victim so he wouldn’t get run over by traffic. The two criminals just sauntered off. Anyone else see this or have more information?

  • From the OP, what is an “AYTguy”?

  • How do you know the shooter or the victim was from the public housing? If you don’t like your neighbors and move to the ‘burbs, Georgetown, Palisades, Rosslyn.

    I walk that block all the time, and the people from the projects are some of the nicest. Let’s just put it out there when you say poor you mean black. It’s bad to some of you because you guys came from no where and this is the first city you moved to. Welcome to urban lifestyle.

    • oh, nice, meeting bigotry with bigotry!

      • @ Anonymous 8:59… My thoughts exactly!

        • I am really tired of people calling people bigots. Is he a bigot because he said “you guys”? Hell if that makes him a bigot then what are half the people on this site with their “code words” and wanting to blow up the projects and public housing. Do you know how many times I have seen people blanket people that live in certain areas as scum, trash, worthless…?

          Not saying that you or the above poster said that but some of you all need to good, long, hard look in the mirror and quit being so damn sensitive.

          The only time in D Nice’s post did he mentioned race was in reference to the poor. I guess you just assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) that he meant a particular race when he said “you guys”. But he very well could mean anyone that is not from the area, white, black, ROYGBIV…

          I take it you also think the gentrification means moving blacks out and white people moving in. WRONG!!!

          By making those kind of comment you are part of the problem with society. Get off of your high horse.

          • I don’t often use the word “bigot” and do not like it and don’t find it to contribute to constructive debate; however, that is not how I read the Anonymous 8:59 post above. He didn’t necessarily call D Nice a bigot over the use of “you guys” or any other code word.

            D Nice spelled out that people who “came from no where [sic] and this is the first city you moved to” cannot have valid opinions, because to have a valid opinion you have to have experienced urban living and have embraced, resigned themselves to, or have otherwise come to terms with the inescable fact that people shoot people in the middle of the street in cities, and that’s just how it works.

            “Bigot” does not imply “racist.” Racism is one of infinitely many possible forms of bigotry. Dismissing somebody’s opinion as invalid because they aren’t from here certainly is not racist but certainly is bigoted. Nice basically said “your opinion doesn’t count, because you don’t understand [that people shooting people in the middle of the street in the middle of the day is an essential characteristic of urban living], because you’re not from here.” If that isn’t bigoted, I don’t know what is.

          • Unlikely,

            I get where you are coming from and can appreciate it but I totally disagree with his statement being “bigoted”. Please closely check the definition of a “Bigot”.


          • Not sure what happened to my post but hopefully it works this time.


            I get where you are coming from and can appreciate it but I totally disagree with his statement being “bigoted”. Please closely check the definition of a “Bigot”.

            big·ot   /ˈbɪgət/ Show Spelled[big-uht] Show IPA
            a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

            Definition of BIGOT
            : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

            Nothing in his post was “bigoted”. Nowhere in his statement did he say or insinuate that their opinion was not valid. What I took from it was that he said that it seems so bad for many of the new people in DC (black, white or whatever) because they have never lived in an urban enviroment and all that often(even far too often unfortunately) comes with it. I suspect many of the new residents in DC are fresh out of a sheltered life, college, from some suburb in some state or from up under mommy and daddy. I’m willing to bet all I have that most of the new folks to DC that have lived in Chicago, NYC and other “urban” cities across America really are not the ones he is talking about nor do they see things the way many other that aren’t from those kinds of cities see it.

            While shooting someone in the middle of the street is absolutely horrible, please face the fact that this DC stuff like this has happened for many years and will continue to happen as it does across all urban cities in America. Again, I am not condoning what happened but letting you and others know it is real out here. It is what it is and if you or anyone else does not like it then you or anyone else might want to rethink your current location.

          • @ Haile Unlikely

            When I used the phrase “you guys” I meant people who aren’t from D.C. The fact is crime occur at a higher frequency in urban areas. For anyone who doesn’t believe that is just naive.

    • Welcome to urban lifestyle.

      How many f***ing times does it need to be repeated — why should people look at crime & violence and just roll their eyes, saying to themselves “Oh well, that’s city livin’!” instead of expecting better?

      • Expecting and reality are two different things. I know to not keep valuables in my car because my car is more likely to get broken into in the city than in Chantilly, Virginia. I expect world peace, but we all know it is not going to happen.

        Have some common sense.

  • Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned reformatories to teach discipline and manners?

  • What I don’t get is why the western most side of the street is so quiet and the last two stoops nearest to 14th and R are such crazy loud hang out times?

  • Some of the people on here piss me off so much, gotta love the “Johnny Come Latelys”. No way in the world would 90% of all of the new folks would have stepped foot in DC during the late 80’s and 90’s. I didn’t grow up here but I came to Howard in ’95 so I have seen the change all around for better or for worse.

    So what do you suppose we do with the people in public housing? From what I have read some of you said ship them off (which they are doing and sending folks to PG) or maybe put them in their own area (projects). Well, newsflash, that already happened(ing). Let’s be clear, GEORGETOWN used to be a black neighborhood, hell most of DC pretty much used to be for that matter. That is, until certain white folks decided they wanted the land and could do better with the land and of course gentrification happened. And what did they do with all of those black folks, mind you not poor black folks but hard working middle/upper middle class, exactly what some of you are suggesting, they started up projects – Barry Farms, Langston Terrace, Sursum Corda. But now the projects and public housing don’t make the newbies feel safe and are in the way of the new wave of gentrifiers so they have to go now. I know we aren’t talking about those areas in particular right now but you get the point. You can’t just come in and move people because you are here now and then move them again when you want the area you put them in the first place. Public housing is their for a reason, yes it has issues for sure but it also does a great service for many people that are in less fortunate situations.

    • middle and upper class black folks did not move to sursum corda, langston terrace, or barry farms.

      when you rely on the public to provide for you, you also succumb to their whim. which is why it is in your own interest to get off of public assistance.

      also no one here that wants them moved put them there in the first place. and while i agree with you that we need public housing, and i don’t even want them moved, but you really should watch all that finger pointing. it makes you look like a bigot.

      • Anonymous,

        Please see my post below, it is directed to you.

      • Furthermore do you even know what a bigot is? Just to help you out so you don’t get punched in the face by someone because you want to go around using words but have no clue as to there real meaning, I’m posting so definitions for you. Again, I challenge you or anyone else to point out to me how what I said comes under this category.

        big·ot   /ˈbɪgət/ Show Spelled[big-uht] Show IPA
        a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

        Definition of BIGOT
        : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

  • Ok can someone update on what’s going on? Did they at least find the suspect? Is the victim still alive? I do stay over in those apartments and I do have children. It seems like now days it could be children outside or even elderly and these criminal minded people still shoot the block up!!

  • I didn’t say upper class but you can be assured there were indeed middle class people that ended up in those projects.

    I will give you that yes, maybe some of the people “rely” on the public to provide but I think it is reckless and just wrong to say insinuate that if you live in that kind of housing you are “relying”. I think the thing that is missed is that there is a real problem with being “underemployed”. There are many hard-working, decent people that are barely making it but they are trying. You don’t know their circumstances and who they are taking care of (maybe through no fault of their own) on a minimal wage/salary…not everyone can just save and up and move and change their situation. I am all for one pulling themselves up by their bootstraps but it isn’t that easy, especially in this day and age…I’m just saying.

    To your last point, I guess you didn’t read the comments or maybe you chose to ignore them.

    Lastly, how dare you ever mention that word in reference to me, you need to watch you mouth. You don’t know me or my background at all. But I guess that is the natural go to defense for people like you. What exactly about what I wrote made me sound like a bigot (I challenge anyone reading this to point to it)? To whom was I pointing fingers at? The only time I referenced race was as it related to Georgetown statement. I said that it was a black neighborhood before it was gentrified – was that not true? I also said that “certain white folks decided they wanted the land and could do better with the land and of course gentrification happened”. Was that not true as well. I guess I am a racist/biggot/homophobic person if I say that U st used to be black but now is all white. GTFOH with that BS!!!

    • Well put sir! It’s quite refreshing to read comments on this blog from folks who actually get it. Seriously.

    • I have not called you a bigot (I generally don’t call people bigots); however, I will take you up on your challenge to “anyone reading this to point to [what make me sound like a bigot].” Your comment at 10:06 about the “Johnny Come Latelys” who wouldn’t have “stepped foot in DC” back when you did. That makes you sound like a bigot. I have no reason to believe that you are a racist, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, or anything like that. But you are disregarding the opinion of people for the sole reason that they aren’t achieved some benchmark defined by you of who is and who is not allowed to have a valid opinion.

      Note: I agree with the vast majority of what you have said in almost all of your posts. And I disagree with the vast majority of most of what the “Johnny Come Latelys” have said. But that is on the merits of your arguments, not because you’ve been here long enough to count and they haven’t.

      • As in response to your previous post, I think you are confused as to what a bigot really is. Please tell me what it is I said in that post that disregarded anyone’s opinion? How was I intolerant? Intolerence is the basis of bigotry, feel me?

        I simply was making a commentary on some of the commentors like Michael 11/17 6p, SSRS 11/17 7:09p and Realtor 11/17 5:40p. Those comments IMO are much more closely related to bigotry and some other things.

        Lastly, do you agree that many of the new people in DC would not have stepped foot in DC back in the mid 90’s? I didn’t say because I did I have more a right to have an opinion. Where do you see that in my comment? Where do you see me say my opinion has more merit? I simply said ” I didn

        • PoP, why are my post coming out incomplete?

          As in response to your previous post, I think you are confused as to what a bigot really is. Please tell me what it is I said in that post that disregarded anyone’s opinion? How was I intolerant? Intolerence is the basis of bigotry, feel me?

          I simply was making a commentary on some of the commentors like Michael 11/17 6p, SSRS 11/17 7:09p and Realtor 11/17 5:40p. Those comments IMO are much more closely related to bigotry and some other things.

          Lastly, do you agree that many of the new people in DC would not have stepped foot in DC back in the mid 90’s? I didn’t say because I did I have more a right to have an opinion. Where do you see that in my comment? Where do you see me say my opinion has more merit? I simply said ” I didn’t grow up here but I came to Howard in ’95 so I have seen the change all around for better or for worse.” I have seen DC change a lot, it is a true statement and what is going on now is nothing compared to how it was. I chose to go to school here and I understood EXACTLY where I was.

          Please do not put words in my mouth or make my argument out to be something it is not.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Sorry I have no idea. But I promise, promise, promise the whole commenting system will be fixed soon!!! But I do really apologize for all the errors in the interim.

          • @ Kam I’ve lived in DC since 1986 and am not clear as to the point in time when Georgetown used to be a “black neighborhood” anytime around 1995. I’m pretty sure my father, uncles and grandparents who lived in DC (Georgetown and other areas in NW) since the 1940’s can’t remember a time when Georgetown used to be a “black neighborhood” either. I’d study your facts before decided to educate everyone in a very rude and condescending manner. D.C. has a long history of being majority once race and then another, for example white flight??

          • Georgetown was black in the ’20s. Take your own advice and check your facts yourself.

        • sometimes it’s hard to really see our own faults or prejudices.

    • watch my mouth? punched in the face? GTFOH with that BS!!! ? people like me?

      look how many times you write out “you” in your posts. it’s full of accusatory finger pointing language with hints of aggression. are you even listening to yourself? you went to a great college, you should have learned to be more civil that that.

      • Yes, watch your mouth. Accusing someone of bigotry (esp. with no basis) is not cool at all and is very offensive to some people (me included). Secondly, I was trying to tell you that when you (or whoever) accuse people of something like, you don’t know how people will respond. And yes, like it or not, people do get punched in there face for saying stupid shit to the wrong person.

        Yes, I said “you” because I ment “YOU” as in the person I as responding to. You is not always meant to point a finger as in my statement “You can’t just come in and move people”. It sounds to me that you are turning what I said and trying to make it race related when it wasn’t. If I want to say white people, I will. If I want to say black people, I will. I don’t need to hide behind “you” or any other word.

        Lastly, I believe I was being very civil. Anyone that truly knows me that I am one of the most fair, civil, well mannered people you will meet. “YOU” seem to have a problem with sensitivity and how you think I came across and to each their own but I said nothing out of order or that was not civil. Should I have been happy to be accused of bigotry? What isn’t civil is people saying we should blow up people’s homes and ship poor people off somewhere. That is not cool.

        I am still waiting on you to tell me how I was totally intolerant of what someone thought. If you had chose better wording, we would not be having this exchange.

        Thank you on the compliment of my alma mater.

  • Well. I walk that block all the time and had no idea there was public housing there.

    • I drive that block daily, and just last week said to myself upon seeing the uptick in the thug factor and a very near all out fight at the craps game, “boy, I better not drive this block, I might end up getting shot in the crossfire” Sure enough a week later, blam. DC gun violence sucks.

  • I live in the basement of one of the buildings, and have lived within a one block radius of the crime scene for over 3 years. I’ve never felt unsafe or had an issue, but thats not because of the location or because im a young professional white male, it has more to do with the fact that im not out playing craps on the street in the early afternoon r getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. There are plenty of good people in the buildings, if you feel the need to walk another route, by all means, but your not in any danger.

    • The reality of a situation like this has nothing to do with this macro analysis of the social impacts of subsidized housing, of course the victim and shooter probably could have benefitted from better parenting or a better education system, but lets be honest, this has nothing to do with location, it has to do with 2 individuals in some kind of altercation that escalated over something thats likely illegal. people don’t just get shot on the street for no reason, regardless of what the media may try to scare into you

      • Judging by the stories of the gay and trans-gender people who have been attacked in that area, people do get attacked “for no reason.” While I agree that this issue relates to personal actions and not public housing theories, the idea that thugs only attack thugs (and not innocent bystanders) is naive in the extreme.

      • 1:05 it has everything to do with location. Connect the dots they lead somewhere.

  • Public housing is good in theory and works well in many places around the world.

    Combine it with a broken self destructive culture, poor to zero parenting skills, a failed education system, flimsy court system, limited job opportunities, capitalism (i.e. private prisons and public schools), weak city leadership, isolationist / racist attitude held by poor and rich people alike and you get the American version.

    • it works here in dc too. no, not 100%. but many people have needed and have used that crutch. if you think it fails because there is prejudice and because there are problems, so be it. but i know many people who have had their lives changed for the better by welfare.

  • This public housing debate is tired and chock full of the worst sorts of cliches, pseudointellectual policy prescriptions, and bad history.

    The problem is that someone discharged a firearm at another person. Sociopaths exist inside and outside of public housing, and they shoot people for many different reasons. Let’s blame the guy who pulled the trigger. Who’s paying for his housing couldn’t really be any less relevant.

    • Thanks for that simple and tidy answer. Really put to bed the whole debate about crime and poverty and the 1400 block or R St. It was just someone. Phew.

      • Your point seems to be that a debate over housing policy on the second page of the Prince of Petworth’s blog is going to put the age-old problem that murderers exist to bed. For my response, please refer back to my original comment.

        The problem is extraordinarily complicated, and it’s others who are looking for simple and tidy answers of what drives humans to murder. Let me just tell you, Anonymous, you’re not going to find answers on here.

        • Most people know that block is a den of crime. Your post seams to imply that a guy shot a gun. End of story. No context.

          knowing more than I care to on this issue I don’t look for answers on this site. I just visit to kill time.

  • I used to work at Central Union Mission (east corner of 14th/R). I felt comfortable on our side of 14th St. but did all I could to avoid the other side.

    If you want to talk about Jim Graham and NIMBY, just look at the issue of the Mission trying to move to Georgia Ave.

    I’m not comfortable with city living, which is why I reside in Bethesda.

  • I am a parent with a child at Garrison and have gotten to know several parents who are residents of the public housing there — in fact I first heard of the shooting at school this morning. These are just great people who are great parents who don’t make a lot of money.

    It is my understanding that part of the problem is that two of the buildings share an owner who is very responsible and whose management company does a great job. The other two buildings share an owner whose management company is terrible. The consensus seems to be that there is a level of permissiveness, tolerance of bad behavior and downright complicity on the part of the management company that contributes to the mayhem. As in years past, it also seems to be the case that much of the problem can be traced to non-residence to whom residence are extending “hospitality” or at least tolerating.

    It’s going to take the tenants demanding better management and professional security. That’s very easy to say. Coming face-to-face with the very people you are trying to oust must be intimidating — especially when it is where you live and where your children live. One mom is probably going to move. If she does, it will be a shame and a loss to the community. I wish there were a way the community could join with the residents there to force the owner to clean up his act. If he would just hire the company that is managing the buildings next door, it could make a world of difference.

  • It was another shooting in the same spot at around 3am this morning!! I don’t know if someone got hurt but I’m getting tired of this!! Why is this going on? Where is security or how about let me get some police protection around here!! Maybe we need to go under new management with the one a few buildings down. They have special police so why can’t we? Why we gotta have these security guards that don’t guard? Does anyone think about the people that have walk their children to school each day and How scared they are going to be to walk back and fourth. I myself feel like dropping out now and taking online classes instead cuz now I’m scared myself!!! I shouldn’t feel this way and neither should anyone else!! So bring in the k-9, the detectives, or whatever gather up evidence and find the damn suspect.

  • i understand that you “people” are new to the 14th -n- R area but ive been living on that block since i was 2 years old and now im 30 so i kinda feel u but theres some things that will never change and if u think that things are going to happen over nite then your sadly mistaken cause we aint gone yet and its going to cost a pretty penny to move us to S.E or PG county like yall “PEOPLE” think your going to do but im sorry that that some one got hurt and i hope they find him/her that did that. the only thing that confuses me is if this would have happen on any other street futher up 14th street it would be no fuss about it but since more “PEOPLE” move on the block and that new apartment is being built on the corner everybody gotta put their opinion……..but opinions are like butt holes everybody got one!!!!!

    • if you are not a criminal ou’re part of “us people” by my take. i don’t care where you grew up. it’s good people vs. criminals. while we may disagree on some things and while there are idiots on both sides, we’re the same.

      • no i’m not a “criminal” whoever u are but i am black so watch what u say…….lol…..but we do think differently on this public housing issue because the way u make it seem is like because its crime on that street and in that area and it WAS a all black street at least half of it but now its 75% white now no disrespect~!!!!!!but because of the crime rate in that area now yall want the public housing people gone and thats not fair because it puts people in messed up situtations for example my situtation MY MOTHER WAS PUT OUT OF ONE OF THE R STREET APTS A FEW MONTHS AGO BECAUSE OF SO CALLED “HOUSING AUTHORITY ISSUES” ANYWAY MY MOM IS VERY SICK BECAUSE OF KIDNEY FAILURE SO SHE WAS ON THE DIALISYS MACHINE 3 TIMES A WEEK BUT SHE HAD A STROKE AND WAS IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A WHILE AN BECAUSE THE NEW MANAGEMENT COULDNT WAIT TO TURN IN SOME PAPERS TO THE HOUSING PEOPLE MY MOTHER LOST HER HOUSING CERTIFICATE AND OUR STUFF WAS PUT ON THE STREET AND NOW MY MOMS IS FORCED TO LIVE IN A SEMI-PUBLIC NURSING HOME BECAUSE OF THIS AND THIS IS BECAUSE u people COMPLAIN SO MUCH ABOUT THIS NOW MY MOM IS HOMELESS AFTER LIVING ON THE 1400 BLOCK OF R STREET FOR 30 YEARS AND HONESTLY I KNOW NO ONE REALLY CARES BOUT ME OR MY MOMS SO WHOEVER READS THIS I HOPE MY STORY MAKES U FEEL BETTER……..

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