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  • There’s a neat set of time-lapse photos of the demolition here. You can see almost the entire demolition by just watching what happened the mornings of Nov 21 and 28.

  • Wow, I’m gonna miss that horrible place… used to be the most decent supermarket we had during years at Howard U… *sob*

  • My favorite memory was the deli being closed because someone was stabbed.

    • mine was when they didn’t have anything in the bakery case and the manager I asked said “oh yeah, the person in charge of making the rolls hasn’t come in for the past couple days…I don’t know why…”

      with that said, it was nice to have a supermarket so close by.

  • They may have demolished the building, but they can never demolish my memories of waiting in line 30 minutes to purchase one item.

  • which was already expired probably

  • Au revoir, slum!

  • Where will I go to get my shoplifted DD batteries now?

  • Shaw must be the hottest neighborhood in the city right now. So many new projects, so many new development. Great to see.

  • You should do a post about our Safeway closing at the Watergate! I could tell a lot of stories about how this place is beginning to crumble, because all the rich old ladies who live here are extremely cheap and won’t put out a dime to improve common areas.

  • Dear Stinky Safeway, step your game up! You were supposed to be demolished a year ago.

  • Yay!! We’re under contract for a house in Shaw – can’t wait to get in to the neighborhood.

  • I wish the Hine development at Eastern Market looked half as good…

  • Buh bye, smell ya later!

  • houseintherear

    That was the one place in which I’ve ever used a “comment card”. One of the cashiers- I wish I could remember her name- was the most kind person. She’d chat about her day and ask you about yours, and was adorable and so sweet. I would always go to her line when she was working. She remembered the loyal customers. She’d always ask about my pets and how work was going.

    Other than that, GOOD RIDDANCE to the stinky Giant.

    • Was it Gayle? She was awesome. The lines in that place were terrible but they sure had some nice folks working there. I hope the best of them managed to find a good job in this economy.

  • The address 1414 8th Street NW is now retired in the city’s Master Address Repository. Thanks.

  • I guess they also blew up the shopping carts full of items that I just abandoned in the aisles because the checkout lines were so bad.

  • This does bring back memories – 20+ years ago when I moved into Logan Circle, this was the go-to market. The only other options were the Soviet Safeway on 17th ST, the 7-11, or a really scuzzy market on P ST, across where the Whole Foods is now. My roommate and I were thrilled to have this option and learned the best time to go was Sundays between services at the Baptist Church. The presence of all those church ladies seemed to ensure all the staff gave their best customer service.

  • Let’s hope septic safety is next.

  • I remember with misty eyed fondness the bulletproof glass encasements that used to adorn each register area back in the day. The cashiers would offer a half hearted and slightly muffled greeting through the inch thick plexi as we herded through the lines as quickly as possible, stealing nervous glances around to gauge the potential for murder or rape in the parking lot afterward. Bless. I shan’t miss that dump in the least.

  • Now if they could just move up to 11th and P and demo the filthy Chinese restaurant and dollar store. Why anyone would choose to patronize that restaurant in particular is beyond me.

  • And let’s get that HarrisbTeeter, or ANYTHING, in where those derelict warehouses are next to the 930 Club! We need a grocery store in Ledroit!

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