Serious Changes Coming to Union Station Retail

At the end of October, the restaurant America closed in Union Station. The space has been completely gutted:

I also noticed that the small retail spaces adjacent to the former restaurant have been closed and drywalled over:

Though comic fans should know Phantom has moved upstairs:

I chatted with a bunch of merchants who all believe a new restaurant will be moving into the space. Though a few had also heard that Starbucks would be moving into the space. Starbucks currently has a small space closer to the Amtrak loading zones. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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  • City Paper reported back in July that Capitol City Brewing Company (which closed its location in the Postal Museum next door) is moving to the America space inside Union Station.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That article says Cap City Brewing Company has plans to open in Union Station – it doesn’t say where nor does it mention the America space. Though the space certainly does seem big enough. It also says they’ll be opening in October which obviously didn’t happen.

      I’ll def. be keeping my eyes on the space and will update when more info becomes available.

      • One of the Cap City bartenders told me right before they closed the Postal Museum location that they would be moving to the America space and that it wouldn’t happen until early 2012. For whatever it’s worth (which probably isn’t much!).

      • I too have heard from a reliable source that Cap City will be in the America spot…

      • And I too heard from a bartender before they closed that Cap City wanted America’s space.

  • Thank goodness. America was the worst restaurant in Union Station, and that’s saying a lot.

    • That’s impossible when you remember that Thunder Grill is the worst restaurant on earth.

    • This place was absolutely horrendous! Not once but twice when I was there we saw giant cockroaches crawling on the bar. Disgusting!!! Both times they gave me my drinks for free but that was the last time I would step foot in there.

    • You’re all so right. I’m SO happy I don’t work in that area any more. The horrendous quality of the table-service food choices never failed to blow my mind.

    • This was my thought exactly…not at all sad to see such a pathetic restaurant shut down. That place was gross.

  • I read recently (can’t vouch for the accuracy) that Union Station is the world’s third-most heavily visited place by tourists. The article was one of those top 50 click-thru things, and it noted that while almost everyone who visits DC passes thru Union Station, there isn’t much to actually do there. It seems like Union Station could be a huge cash cow but is underutilized.

    • As it should be! The architecture of the Main Hall is amazing. They just don’t make buildings like that anymore. PS: Happy hour on the second level of Center Cafe is one of DC’s best kept secrets: HH prices last til close, friendly bartender, it’s rarely crowded and it offers a very unique viewpoint to enjoy the Main Hall (minus the annoying netting they have now). I go there with my roommate a couple of times a month – love it.

    • Does the District own Union Station? If so, then that would explain a lot of things.

  • America used to be very fine 20 years ago. Sorry it had a less glorious end.

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