Reports of Loud Boom near Meridian Hill Park Possibly 14th and Fairmont St, NW

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There are lots of reports on twitter (follow @PoPville) of a loud bang/boom/explosion near Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights. Some say they heard it also in Dupont, Adams Morgan, Petworth and Woodley Park. Some report windows rattling and car alarms going off. Most reports seem to center near Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights. More info when/if it becomes available. If you heard the boom please let us know where you heard it from?

One follower reports seeing smoke near 14th and Fairmont St, NW.

Another follower reports:

“loud as hell at 14th and florida. We’re between two cranes, maybe construction related?”


“we heard it at 16th & fuller, then heard some sirens”

Another says:

“I’m on the 7th floor on 15th, between Euclid and Fuller. I was on my balcony facing east about 15 seconds after the explosion and saw lots of smoke coming from a building on the north side of Fairmont street. Can say with complete confidence that the source of the explosion was between Fairmont, Girard, 14th and Girard St. Park. Also a strange smell, unlike anything I’ve smelled before. Two police cars were there within 3-4 minutes.”

MPD tells me:

“Nothing found. Pepco and Washington Gas are checking the area.”

Update 11:28pm:

A reader writes:

“friend at 14th+harvard claims power out after explosion. leads me to believe it was transformer explosion.”

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  • We heard it too and saw a plume of smoke. Looked northeast of Meridian Hill Park.

  • We heard a loud bang and saw a smoke plume northeast of 15th and fuller.

  • i’m sure this is unrelated, but two nights ago we heard a very loud boom (set off some car alarms) near our place, around where 395 lets out onto New York Ave. i skimmed @CapitalAlerts and a few other places but didn’t see any reports.

  • I heard it. Sounded like fireworks to me. I’m in northern Adams Morgan near Harvard.

  • I’m at 13 and Euclid and heard the loud boom. Thought it was thunder.

  • meth lab?

  • Emmaleigh504

    I heard it in Adams Morgan over by 18th & Columbia. Heard it over the loud TV and the loud band practicing next door. It didn’t sound like fire works to me.

    My cat was not amused.

  • We heard it from 15th and Harvard. Saw two police cars a few minutes later on [email protected] Just took a walk around the area (15th, Euclid, Fairmont,University, 14th. Saw Pepco techs and a woman who lives at Euclid and Fairmont whose house shook. Pepco didn’t find anything.

  • I heard it at 14th and Q NW in Logan Circle.

  • I live at 14th and Fairmont and I definitely heard the explosion. Wasn’t anywhere near my building, though! Sounded like it came from slightly south of me.

    • Although my windows face south and east, and I did not see the plume of smoke others saw, which means it actually was probably north west of me.

  • We live at 16th and Columbia and definitely heard it. Super loud explosion and vibration, though something about it did sound like fireworks.

  • Heard it walking at 15th and Euclid around 10pm. Saw a cloud of smoke north of us afterwards.

  • Probably unrelated, but there was something going on in Petworth (Quincy St) around 2:30am. I couldn’t tell what it was. Almost sounded like drag racers. Moments later there were many sirens. Anyone have any info?

  • Heard a huge loud boom at 15th and Girard. Scared the hell out of me.

  • Def heard it from Ontario and Kalorama in Adams Morgan. My first thought was a transformer blowout.

  • Live on Girard between 14th and 15th and it was definitely an explosion. Seems like it came from the area of Girard St Park and Ecuador Alley. Saw the smoke cloud in that area. Car alarms were going off in that area and University Pl.

    2 cop cars came through a couple of mins later but were gone as quickly as they came.

    Pretty disturbing that there was an explosion and no one (MPD, Pepco, Wash Gas) seems to know what it was.

  • Seriously, what the hell was this thing? Clearly a large number of people heard this (we felt it around Hobart and 16th), some people saw something, and yet there isn’t any comment from anyone investigating? I hate to push conspiracy theories, but maybe the police don’t want us to know what they were up to? Homeland Security raid? No excuse for why there isn’t ANY explanation for the boom.

  • There was also a distinct sulfuric acid smell around 15th and Girard. I’d like to know what happened.

  • I agree that this sounds like a transformer explosion. High-voltage transformers can explode with tremendous violence.

    I’ve seen photos of a high-voltage transformer that exploded at a nuclear plant, taking out hundreds of windows and the side of a building.

    That’s the only thing I can think of that would make such a loud noise…

  • Autobots and Decepticons again.

  • I heard it at 14th and University loud and clear. Scared the crap out of me and my dog. I’ve actually seen a transformer explode before and agree that this could’ve definitely been a transformer. It was like something from a movie – huge fireball with an extremely LOUD boom.

    • It sounded like it was right outside my window on University Place. Scared me and the cat and set off lots of car alarms. About a half an hour later a large PEPCO truck drives up and parks in the middle of the street. The PEPCO guys spent about an hour and a half working down inside the manholes. Don’t know if was related but it sure seemed to be.

  • DCist reported that there was a military flight training over the city last night, and will be for the next few nights. Could the sound have come from that?

  • Okay, it is 2:20, and we still don’t know what this is?

  • It sounded like it was right outside my window on University Place off of Euclid between 14th & 15th Streets. About a half an hour later a large PEPCO truck drives up and parks in the middle of the street. The PEPCO guys spend about an hour and a half working down inside the manholes. Don’t know if was related but it sure seemed to be.

  • I think ebgb is on to something.

  • it was fireworks. saw the kids set it off, and saw it go off.

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