Reader Reports Shooting in front of Granville Moore’s on H St, NE Update: Robbery with Gun, Suspect Arrested

A reader writes at 10:29am:

“Shooting just happened in font of GrandVille moores its yellow tapped and 2 dozen police cars with trauma unit and clean up present”

More info as it becomes available.

One reader reports on to me @PoPville on twitter:

“they caught at least one of the suspects (not sure if there was more than one). Saw the arrest happen”

Another twitter follower writes:

“@DCPoliceDept says it was a robbery w/ gun.”

Official update from MPD:

“There were two robberies this morning in the First District:

The first took place at 8:55 A.M. in the 300 block of 13th Street, N.E.

In this case, there were a total of three black male suspects, two on foot wearing masks and a third operating a red Ford four door vehicle. The suspects made good their escape in the vehicle and were last seen traveling eastbound in the 1300 block of Constitution Avenue, N.E. The victim had personal property stolen and suffered minor injuries. No weapon was used in this offense.

The second took place 9:38 A.M. in the 1200 block of H Street, N.E.

In this case, members of D.C. Protective Services Police and the First District were able to successfully apprehend the suspect. The victim in this case was not injured and their personal property was recovered. The suspect displayed a gun during the robbery, which was also recovered at the scene. The officers and detectives on the scene did an outstanding job in apprehending this suspect.

At this time, it is unknown if these incidents are related.”

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  • What did I just say about stories of violence on H St? Dammit people.

  • Sad but definitely not unfathomable.

  • This is really upsetting. I walk by there daily, and love the activity and hustle bustle of all the bars and restaurants. I think they add so much to the neighborhood, but unfortunately there are still incidents like this happening all the time. I’ve never really felt seriously unsafe, but as it’s getting dark so early now, even walking home from the bus stop (in pitch black) after work makes me nervous. I live a block off the strip, by 15th, which I suppose is considered the sketchy end of H St. but I too continue to tell people “how much better” it’s gotten. This is kind of disheartening, along with the last story of the assault. The weird thing is that I almost always see multiple cop cars along H St., usually at least one at the strip shopping center at 8th by the 7-11, and often another right by Rock and Roll Hotel, especially Th-Sat. at night when there are plenty of people out and about, and often one in the parking lot of Hechinger Mall facing Benning. I definitely avoid walking around by myself as much as possible, particularly in the dark (I’m a young white female, and often get mildly harassed by some folks but it’s non-threatening)but now I will do so even more, especially until it gets light again. Sigh.

  • WOW…I moved to capitol Hill (7th and E NE) about a month ago and went to H street for the first time last night–had a great dinner, drinks, and a nice walk home. This, and the previous post regarding the assault are so disheartening and sad. I hope we’ll see more police presence, or at least more timely response. Is this just a bad week, or is the neighborhood just not as good as I thought (or want) it to be?

    • Everyone has different criteria for the neighborhoods they choose to live in, and different levels of tolerance for how much crime they’re willing to put up with in their ‘hood. H St sees more crime than some neighborhoods, and probably has less crime than some others. You can look up specific crime statistics by going to

  • This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • well,

    Violent crime is something like 99% committed by someone you know. If you don’t have violent and/or drug dealing friends or partner, you’ll be fine. no one I associate with carries a gun or deals drugs, and I like it that way.

  • I live behind the Safeway next to the new flats of atlas being built and honestly things are better. What Tom A. is saying is what I feel too. Most violent acts have been targeted not random..not saying it never happens obviously. I think a lot of the crime there is committed by people that aren’t even from the area. There’s a large bus transfer area right there at the rite-aid so …..i think with the resurgence of H St., crime will no doubt increase as these new apts get done and population increases. Just take more precautions everyone and lessen your risk if you can. Overall its really getting to be a cool area to live in.

    • I totally agree. I live in Rosedale and the change in two years is like night and day– way, way safer now all around than it was just a couple of years ago. We’re even thinking of taking the bars off our windows (keeping the ADT, though).

  • H Street needs more of a police presence! Like U Street during it’s “transition” phase. I never see cops around there.

  • An armed robbery at 9:30am on a busy commuter street? Traffic is lightening by then, but there’s still enough traffic for this to be a frighteningly bold act.

    The 8:55am robbery is on the less busy 13th, but still close enough to rush hour peak for cars to be passing, pedestrians to be out and bicyclists to be peddling by. Shocking.

  • I haven’t ridden the X2 in a while, but didn’t there used to be (still is?) an X2 stop right in front of Granville Moore’s?

    • The (Westbound) stop in front of Granville Moores was removed as part of the construction – you have to go to 10th (Little Miss Wiskey) or 14th now. The (Eastbound) stop across the street (in front of the AutoZone) is still there.

  • It all apparently started as a disagreement over which was the best Belgian beer style, trippels, dubbels, or lambics. Then someone had to act a fool and bust out their piece.

    Can’t we get our moules et frites on in peace?

  • Not sure I understand the calls for “more police presence”. From what the blurb reported they actually caught the perp.

    Rather than calling for police presence, I’d like to call for gratuitous beatings and tasering. Also revising DC law so that the public prosecutor is elected. Also, making judges accountable to DC residents.

    As it is the criminal is likely to escape prosecution, and if he is prosecuted, the judge is likely to subject him to a gentle word of warning before giving him back his illegal handgun.

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