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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Unnervingly awesome commute into work. 45 minutes is my new record!

    Rave2: Having dinner with my old boss in Greenbelt tonight.

    Rave3: My first Thanksgiving turned out great and no one left hungry.

    Rant / Rave: Trying to decide on paint colors for the nursery. Between blue-gray or gray-blue. Can make your eyes cross, and we won’t even see the dried paint patches until next weekend, when we can see them in the daylight.

    Rant: Miss my family.

  • rant – wobbly cyclists on the sidewalk. why not use the street instead of making everyone dodge you as you meander down the sidewalk while the bike lane goes unused. WTF?!

    • Alot of cyclists are afraid to ride in traffic because of DC drivers. Bike lanes aren’t magic;they’re just lines in the road. They’re consistantly ignored and parked in by cars.

  • me

    Rave: Cancer surgery went well last week. I will see if they got it all in a couple of days, and then will go on with treatment from there, depending on what they say.

    Rant: Continued arguing with my husband as he spent the holiday down south with his family instead of me while I was home recuperating. While this feels like a selfish statement, it is obvious that he often puts his family members before me, and has said that he will continue to do so. I understood the marriage vows differently, I guess.

    • Ugh, that rant sucks. Hopefully you two can see eye-to-eye on this. Good luck with the results!

    • Holidays bring out best and worst in people. No middle ground.

    • I’ve got a husband like that. You have my sympathy. After years of fighting about it, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he’s going to look out for himself, and I might as well do the same. So I make my plans, and inform him, rather than asking him. It actually seems to work for us.

    • Wow, I can’t believe that – you’re not being selfish at all.
      I can’t believe he would abandon you in such a delicate time. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that to my wife. She IS my family now…

    • Fingers crossed for a cancer free result as quickly as possible!

    • Hoping your surgery will lead to an all-clear result — fingers crossed for you.

      And boo on your husband’s behavior. I can’t remember your reply from before — have you already tried marriage counseling? Is he receptive to marriage counseling?

      If he isn’t, I’d recommend that you go on your own. You have a lot to deal with, and it doesn’t sound like he’s making things any easier.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I broke up with my boyfriend of 8+ years when he opted to go to a conference over coming to see me when I had my lumpectomy. I figured I deserved better. I hope they got it all. Look on Yahoo groups for a support group — there’s a great one for breast cancer.

    • So glad your surgery went well, and you are in the recovery phase! Your rant is not selfish at all. You should be first. And sometimes you need to be selfish – forget about other people and their drama, and focus on yourself. You need to take care of yourself, surround yourself with positivity, and focus on healing. Do things that make you happy. All that negative stuff can wait.

    • GiantSquid

      Woah. He didn’t spend the holiday with you after your surgery? It has to be said “BAD HUSBAND! BAD!”

      Me and Mr. Squid spent one Christmas apart but that was because his Dad had been ill and he was also really pre-emptively homesick before we moved away. But we had already booked flights and I hadn’t seen my family in over 6 months. I’m all about being flexible when things come up but your husband is the one being selfish, not you. If he pulls that crap for Christmas (assuming you celebrate it), come on over to my house for dinner, cheer, and dog snuggles. Seriously. Or even if he doesn’t, come over and he can see what its like to spend a holiday alone. I’m angry for you. *grumble, grumble*

      • Emmaleigh504

        @me should come to my place for Christmas, I’m having a turducken, watching movies, and enjoying kitty snuggles!

    • Not selfish me. Are you kidding. You just got thrown for an emotional kick in the stomach with the cancer returning and you need the person that is supposed to be in your corner to … be in your corner. You had surgery to boot and he bailed. F that guy.

    • My wife went through a similar surgery earlier this year to remove stage 2 melanoma from her head. I waited 3 hours in the waiting room and another hour in a separate “patient consultation room” where hospital admin forgot about me before seeing my wife after her surgery. While the hospital is the last place I wanted to be, I wouldn’t have been anywhere else. Forget about your husband and his family for now; your focus should be on yourself and your recovery. You are clearly a very strong person. Cancer doesn’t stand a chance against you

    • saf

      Oh dear.

      I could not have gotten through my treatments without my husband and my friends there to pick up my slack and to help me cope.

      I am so sorry that he doesn’t get it. You’re not at all selfish.

    • I’m glad your surgery went well.

      Even if he DID bump his head and try to visit family, I don’t understand how his family didn’t find it odd that he left you at home to recuperate alone.

      You are welcome to spend Christmas with me, my mom and my new pound puppy, too.

  • Rave: Got back safely from ATL. I made really good time – 9 hours.

    Rant: Coming back to the office and dealing with our assistant. She bust in my office and then throws my package on my chair rather than handing it to me or setting it on my desk. Not cool, especially off a long holiday weekend.

  • Rave: How sweet it was to drive down irving St and return to Columbia Heights as the sun set last night, after Thanksgiving in Manhattan, Upper West Side and Brooklyn (the nirvana-archtype many would love to see here…me, too, at times). But home is home, and we LOVE it.

    Rant: Anonymous clowns on PoP who attribute mayhem and murder at Heritage India to race, etc. While we were gone there was an even bigger party at Takoma Station–legions of educated, employed black professionals having a good time, joking about past relationships and school daze, bragging about kids. Arguments and bad blood? Possibly. But the most lethal weapon wielded was a toothpick from a martini olive. It’s about class/poverty/powerlessness/hopelessness and culture it breeds, folks.

    • I think most people are “culturalist” and not “racist.” What they don’t like is the inner city, lower economic class culture that breeds violence and dysfunction(and unfortunately, happens to be predominantly black), rather than the entire race itself.

    • Whatever helps you sleep.

  • Rant – No animal fix since Tuesday!! Wednesday afternoon dragged.

    Rave – this weather! so awesome.

  • Rant: Stomach flu brought down my entire family over the last week.
    Rave: I’m able to work from home today so that I can avoid getting my entire office sick

  • Rave: Great week in idyllic small town New England – lots of familiar faces, night skies full of stars, great food, and even a trip to Mass MOCA for some beautiful art.

    Rant: Trying to wrap my head around the reported violence of the weekend in DC. There are many reasons that I look forward to returning home, but it makes me upset to think about the seemingly constant stream of senseless violence that happens around the city each week.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Great holiday weekend with my parents and grandparents.

    Rant: Grandpa was generous enough to share his beastly cold with me. Now we both suffer.

    Rave: On our last visit to Darling Gran she recognized us all. The look of joy and happiness when we walked up was wonderful. She gave me a kiss and we held hands. I’m so grateful for that visit.

  • Question: Can anyone recommend a service to regrade a backyard so that water doesn’t pool near by houses foundation?

  • Rave: Fun weekend spent in Florida with my in-laws and extended family. Was prepared for a temperature shock upon return, but the weather is warm here too!

    Rant: Found a mama kitty and her kittens roaming around across the street and I’m conflicted about getting involved. They appear healthy, well-fed, and clean and the mama is reasonably social and allows petting. The kittens are old enough to eat solid food but likely not old enough for spaying/neutering. I guess our options are to capture them and turn them into a shelter, capture them and try to find homes for them on our own, or let them stay wild and keep an eye out for them… maybe try a capture when the kittens are older, even just for spaying/neutering? We tried a half-assed attempt at capture last night but it did NOT go well. It seemed like torture to break up a seemingly functional cat family, and ALL the cats were freaking out. Any suggestions?

    Rave: In the midst of the cat fracas, we met some neighbors so that was nice.

    • Please get in touch with the Wash Humane Society or WARL. I bet they can direct you on the best course of action. Common wisdom states kittens are easily adoptable, but if you don’t get them and start socializing them soon, they’ll be unadoptable ferals.

      Good for you for caring enough to get involved!

    • 3 un-spayed kittens now = 36 one year from now, 216 in 2 years. According to ASPCA – The average number of litters a fertile cat produces is one to two a year; average number of kittens is 4-6 per litter. Of course many die (a wretched alley death) early – but still – get the kittens in a box now and call the humane society.

    • saf

      Early spay/neuter is possible.

  • Rant: Coworker dumped her extra work on me this morning as soon as she arrived, without even asking if I might be able to help her; she just assumed she could give me work.

    Rant: All the work she needs help with requires her internal knowledge. Everything is taking twice as long because I have to ask her a million questions.

    Rave: Still smiling from a fantastic weekend of food, shopping, and quality family time. Looking forward to Christmas in three and a half weeks!

  • me

    One more rant: the DC Taxi Cab Commission probably voting to raise rates from $1.50/mile to $2.75/mile. Granted, they’ll take out a lot of the additional charges, but I normally travel alone in cabs without any luggage. BOO!

  • Rave: Living in a 1940’s type neighborhood (Bloomingdale) where neighbors hang out on their front porches, borrow stuff from each other, pass Thanksgiving food around (including awesome yellow cake with white frosting!) and make everyone feel like family.

    Rave: Well-mannered boys playing football on the street and adding to the neighborhood feel.

    Rant: The douche bags who keep throwing their trash on the ground, especially when a garbage can is 5 feet away.

  • RANT: guys who just simply fade away. I don’t want to talk to you anymore so I’m simply going to start ignoring your calls/e-mails/texts instead of growing balls to just tell you I’m not interested anymore.

    • so sorry, we’ve all been there. it really sucks but trust me, you don’t want to be with a d-bag who would do that to you anyway. you’ll find someone better who actually has a pair… 🙂

    • I once had a boyfriend of 1.5 years. We had no problems and I definitely saw a future. I can’t even think of any disagreements we had. One day, I never heard from him again. He wouldn’t answer phone, texts, emails, nothing. It was unreal.

    • This happened to me once with a woman. I found it really strange and immature. I had a great response though. After about six weeks of total radio silence I sent her an email saying that I had been doing some thinking and thought we needed some time apart and should see other people. I told her “it’s not you, it’s me …” It was a total joke/calling her out but I later found out from a mutual friend that she thought I was being serious. That made it all the more funny to me.

  • Rant: Going over a steep bump tore off my exhaust system
    Rave: I’d just joined AAA via a groupon

    Rant: Neither of us had our cell phones
    Rave: Sister lived a block away so we used her phone and drank wine until the tow truck came.

    Rave: Car was towed to Tim’s, an honest mechanic. He’ll put things together and charge a reasonable amount.

    And it was a beautiful weekend with good food and no drama.

  • Rave: This blog. I look forward to reading the Rant/Revel section each morning and the Afternoon Animal Fix.

    Rave: Reese’s PB Christmas Trees

    Rant: Florist’s store is filled with poinsettias but no one at the store knows the price of them yet so they are just sitting there not being sold. I want my poinsettia!

  • rant: I’ve been really depressed the last few months and I have no clue what to do about it. Go to my doc and ask for some happy pills? I’m not particularly interested in the prospect of therapy, but going on in a numb state isn’t too appealing. Ugh.

    rave: ummm it’s not freezing and it’s almost December. Can it stay like this all winter?

  • Rave: Low voltage work day upon return from the holiday weekend. Nice. Streaming my internet radio and getting things done without interruption!

    Rant: The anxiety/depression combo platter. It’s nowhere near as bad as it was when I was younger but man, I sure am tired of these two constant companions.

  • Rant: Being back at work after a 5 day weekend is not fun at all.

    Rave: Cyber Monday deals.

  • Rave: Had a great holiday in FL, caught up with wonderful old friends, who all really liked my boyfriend, who came along for the holiday.

    Rave: Have finally broken a decade-plus long habit of brutal fingernail biting. Still in the process of breaking the accompanying habit of picking, and I can’t keep polish on for more than a couple of days, but it will come in time.

    Rant: Catching up on PoP now that I’m back in the District and reading about all of the violence, including fatalities just 4 blocks from my house.

    • Two hints: 1) keep a nail file in your desk and purse. Anytime you feel a little snag that you want to pick at, file it off. 2) keep a cuticle conditioner with you (I like Badger brand because it’s a solid in a small tin and smells nice), and put that on whenever you wash your hands. Less dry cuticles = less picking. Keep the faith – I bit my nails back to the elbow for years and years, and was able to stop and now they look great. Once you start to get some growth try nailtiques to strengthen them.

      • Thanks! I do carry a nail file now, I bought a pack of 10 and they are EVERYWHERE in my house, purse, and work. It definitely helps. I’ll check out the Badger conditioner- now that I have some free edge, I think it will be a nice reward, as have been some new nail polishes (even though it needs regular changing). It’s great to hear that formerly bitten nails can in fact grow long and strong..still trying to keep mine from flaking as they extend.

    • I’m also a nail-biter, currently in “remission” – congrats! It sounds dumb to outsiders, but it really is a hard habit to kick.

  • Rant:
    3 people shot, 1 killed in DuPont Circle – 80 comments.
    3 people shot, 2 killed in Trinidad – 5 comments.

    I guess things are fine as long as the shootings and killings stay in the neighborhoods where they are “supposed” to happen.

    • oh please…. “supposed to happen”? who said anything like that? maybe MORE LIKELY to happen? Maybe the fact that it happened at a place like Heritage India surprised a lot of people? what’s your problem?

    • Or perhaps people responded to the first shooting post they found, and didn’t feel the need to repeat the same sentiment immediately beneath it.

      But by all means, continue pointing fingers and finding fault where there’s no hard evidence to back up your self-indulgent whine.

    • Good point

    • Did you read the Dupont Circle comments? Filled with racist-filled rage, which perpetuated the flurry of comments. People get angry, they comment, people reply. Those apparent racist commenters just happened to stay off the Trinidad thread.

  • Rave: The weather.

    Rant: The weather (I like my winter and there’s barely any as it is in DC!).

    Rave2: Beautiful weekend in the woods with excellent people.

  • houseintherear

    Rant: I am a judgemental, hot-tempered person. I’ve been denying it for a long time, but it’s true. And though I can keep myself in check most of the time, it’s always there.

    Rave: My job requires me to deal with mostly children all day, and children are the one thing that doesn’t make me judgemental and hot-tempered. I’m grateful to have chosen this profession.

    Rave: Just got asked to be a bridesmaid again. 4th time’s a charm. I guess I can’t be that bad of a person if I have friends who love me this much.

  • Rant: I am so sick of being sick. This month long sinus lung throat grunk sucks so so bad.

  • Rant: SMOKING. I’m addicted to it. The patch doesn’t work. e-cigs don’t work, the gum is nasty. Anyone out thre tried Chantix? Little worried about the side effects on that one.

    • My mom used Chantix and it worked like a charm. She was a smoker for 30 years and has been nicotine free now for 3+ years

    • I used a combination of the patch, valtrex and a hypnotherapist.

      I set a date a few weeks out and cut down – smoking “every other” cigarette. Which was just saying, no I’m not going to smoke this cigarette, I’ll smoke the next one.

      Bought a pack of cigarettes I didn’t usually smoke for the “last” pack.

      And after smoking my last cigarette, I put it out in a pile of my dog’s poop for a lasting connection between smoking and s**t.

      And it worked – almost ten years of being a non-smoker.

      • That sounds good. which Hypnotherapist did you use? How does Valtrex factor into this?

        • Hypnotherapist was Dr Joe Mallet, his office was on CT Ave near Nebraska or thereabouts.

          Actually the med was Zyban, it’s used for smoking cessation and may have anti-depressive effects. Happy non-smoker!

    • Sigh. Don’t take Chantix. Please. My husband is a pharmacologist, and he could explain better than me why it’s bad. A lot has been said about people experiencing suicidal ideation, but the serious problems are cardiovascular. there was a recent study on chantix and cardiovascular problems in the news – google it. we had a friend drop dead at 50 from a sudden massive heart attack. he had no risk factors. he was healthy. but he had quit smoking the year before and that’s what got my husband – who is a smoker – thinking about chantix. so yes, it might help you quit, but imo not worth the risk. just research it thoroughly before you make a decision.

      • RANT: websites that play music when you load them. I just want directions to your restaurant or to know what hours you’re open, I don’t want to listen to your musical selection (and the people within earshot of my computer at the cafe or the neighboring cubicle definitely don’t want to hear it).

    • Wishing you good luck! I’ve never smoked, but a friend helped herself quit by putting the money (in cash) she would have spent (pack a day) in a jar every day. 1 year of $7.00 a day is a hell of a nice vacation!

  • Rant: Been fighting off a migraine all day. Migraine is starting to win. Had to cancel a date for tonight that I was really looking forward to. Can’t wait to go home and sleep.

  • Rant: One of my husband’s employees was mugged on Thanksgiving evening on 14th St NW at Belmont. He’s in the hospital with a skull fracture and had to have a 5 hour surgery yesterday. My husband has a landscaping company and most of his employees are from Central America – and many of them have been mugged repeatedly. It’s not clear exactly why but we suspect it’s because they often are carrying a lot of cash (one had $1,000 in cash he was about to wire to his family when he was attacked), not to mention muggers suspect they won’t call the police to report crimes. It’s just AWFUL.

    • Oh that’s horrible.

    • There’s something morally repugnant with a system that uses the report of a crime to deport the victim of the crime. I don’t fall neatly within either parties’ stance on immigration, but this is fundamentally wrong. Talk about victimizing the person a second time.

      • Why do you assume Petworth Res’s husband’s landscaping company hires illegal workers?

      • I don’t think Hey Anonny Nonny was making that assumption.

        The point was that muggers might be preying on victims they suspect to be illegal, thinking that if they _are_ illegal, the victims won’t report the mugging.

        If I remember correctly, MPD is not supposed to ask about immigration status… but someone who’s mugged might not know that, or might think it’s not worth taking a chance.

  • Rant: My sister’s dog was very sick over Thanksgiving. The vet initially thought it was a tick-borne illness and prescribed an antibiotic. The dog seemed to get better but a day or two later was worse again. The vet called and said the tick test was negative. The dog is extremely lethargic and looks like he has very painful arthritis when he walks. Has anyone had a similar experience and have any thoughts for what to ask the vet next?

    • Did they do a full blood work up? If not, that might be the next best step to rule out problems with the organs, etc… Good luck- I hope they find an answer. Also, not sure if your sister lives in the city, but I remember a poster on this blog talking about a disease that dogs catch through rats. It is unfortunately an issue in DC where exposure to rat waste makes dogs vulnerable to catching this disease. Doubt that’s your problem, however.

    • If they didn’t do it when looking for tick-related illnesses, full blood work should be the next step.

    • Bloodwork for sure… Thats a terrible situation to be in! Good Luck!

      • Thanks all. I’m not sure if they did full blood work or not. I’ve sent the article on leptospirosis to my sister, just in case. It’s hard with pets when they can’t tell us how they’re feeling. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that they figure out what’s wrong and that it’s treatable.

    • In addition to bloodwork, have your sister think back to what the dog ingested recently. Our dogs and foster had been getting the runs off an on for way too long, then I saw the foster chewing on a leaf in the house (from an outdoor plant we brought indoors about a month ago), I looked up the plant and it is poisonous to dogs. There are almost 400 plants poisonous to dogs listed on a website through the ASPCA. I would think a few of them may be able to cause longer-term effects. Just a thought.

      Hope they catch what it is and are able to treat it!

  • pennyworth

    rave: excellent foul call against ferdinand 😉

    rant: own goal by joleon

  • Rant: The dispersion of my family across the world. Sister in London, Mom in Australia, Dad in Tallahassee (when I’m originally from NJ). Makes for a lonely/homeless holiday time.

    Rave: Lovely holiday weekend with my boyfriend and his family. It is so nice to be accepted with open arms and to feel so welcomed.

    Rant: Back to work after feeling so free this past weekend…

  • Rant: Me and the stupid stupid things I do

    Rave: my dog, who loves me anyway.

  • Rave: Wonderful Thanksgiving with housemates and friends, including a little X-Box kinect to settle the stomach

    Rave1: Two great movies – The Muppets and Arthur Christmas! Wasn’t so sure about the latter – just looked like a stupid kids movie – turns out to be my favorite NEW Christmas movie! Highly recommend!

    Rave2: Awesome time COUNTRY DANCING at Nick’s on Saturday night! Nothin’ says good time like some line dancing! :o)

  • Rave – cheap polyester tablecloth can be 100 different things for 7 rowdy kids in post-Thanksgiving dinner charades.

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