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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

One reader needs some help finding a lost bag:

“One of my bike panniers (black, canvas, two hooks, yellow bungee) dropped off my bike between Union Station (on Mass) and 6&H this morning. It contained my lunch, gloves, and a scarf. [email protected]

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  • Rant: The new Vegas-like signage in front of the Baptist Church at NH Ave & Randolph St. If they have money to waste on such a tacky sign, they should start paying property taxes.

  • me

    Rant: This seems silly, but I’m hemming and hawing about whether or not to get my sister-in-law anything for Christmas this year. She has deleted me from social media about 6-9 months ago and hasn’t spoken to me since, but hasn’t been an adult about it and told me why. She lives 3.5hrs away and so I’ve only had a few interactions with her since, and she still ignores me. I must have done something, yet I have no idea why, and so I’m really trying to find the motivation to go out and get her something before seeing her this weekend (we’re going to my side of the family’s house for Christmas, so I’m bringing presents to my in-laws this weekend). Why must this be such an issue for me?! Ugh.

    Rant 2: Have found the 7th wasp in our house in the past 2 weeks. Have NO idea where they’re coming from.

    • Take the high road. Get her some small cute edible thing in a nice box. Then seem puzzled in front of her parents when she doesn’t give you anything in return.

    • Skip the gift for the sister-in-law. Spend the money on someone you actually like but might not have bought for otherwise. Or on a treat for yourself.

      If you feel compelled to give her something because of family protocol, make a donation to charity and let her know you did so in her name.

    • Not to be harsh, but I don’t think anybody should ever get worked up over something like being deleted from someone’s FB friends. Reading into indirect online communication like this is a total high-schooleque disaster… only one of the reasons I deleted myself off these total waste of time sites. (That and seeing how my friends ridiculously portrayed their “ideal” selves to the world was really hurting my opinion of them.)

      It probably has nothing to do with you, and until you ask her directly what’s up you can’t really get annoyed.

      • me

        Well, she’s made it a point to ignore me. At first I thought, huh, that’s odd that she deleted me from FB. Oh well. But then when I have visited the in-laws and I’ve tried to say hi to her multiple times, I get an eye roll and she turns to walk away. I never considered her a “friend”, she was just now “family” since I married her husband’s brother. I figure if she is the one with the issue, then it shouldn’t be up to me to drag it out of her.

        • Ah, but I don’t think she is the one with the issue, you’re the one bothered that she’s defriended you. It likely doesn’t even have anything to do with you. She probably doesn’t want your husband know everything. Or really, you are barely in-laws so maybe she’s just trying to keep her FB friends to those close to her. Totally understandable. Ugh, FB is so lame.

          • me

            I appreciate your response, but I just want to make it clear that not seeing her on FB was only the first signal to me that perhaps there was something up. It’s not until I’ve seen her in person multiple times that she has given me the stink-eye when I say hello and walked away in a huff. That’s what bothers me. I should never have mentioned FB in the first place, as I don’t think that’s the issue.

          • rolling one’s eyes when they are cordial is just rude. this woman sounds like a piece of work. If she wants to act like she’s in high school let her. Come Christmas, get a gift for her husband and her, so you don’t seem totally rude.

          • I like the idea of getting something for the couple. Seems to be a good alternative to giving her nothing and giving her something even though she is rude to you.

        • It _shouldn’t_ be up to you to drag it out of her… but seeing as you’ll have family ties to her (unless she gets divorced), it might not hurt to take her aside and ask if maybe you inadvertently did something that offended her.

          And what Herewegoagain said about taking the high road — if you don’t get her anything for Christmas, then you’re kind of reaffirming the weird distance/mini-feud thing that she seems to have started. If you _do_ get her something, then the possibility for rapprochement is still there.

          • me

            Yeah, I’m leaning that way… thanks.

          • I’m leaning towards divorce. She sounds like an immature snot. I can think of very few offenses short of sleeping with her husband that would call for ignoring you to your face at a family gathering. Maybe you should sleep with her husband to give her something to complain about.

        • I am not particularly close to my SIL. She isn’t particularly mean or hostile she just isn’t very friendly. We were never friends on FB and I would prefer it that way. I think you should just get her something small and be done with it…

        • Can you have your husband sleuth out whatever you did to this woman? Something along the lines of asking his brother “Why is Marge always so hostile to my wife? What’s up with that?” sometime when they’re having beers and cigars or something? Important that it not come up at a family gathering, but at a brother-brother event….

          As far as the gift – get her something vaguely insulting, like an XXL Redskins sweatshirt.

        • Have you tried to engage her on the subject? Maybe something to the effect of “Jane, I feel like something is a little off between us. Have I done something to offend you?”

          I dunno. I always wonder what’s up when something like that happens. I like the other readers’ suggestions of giving a gift to the couple or donating something to charity in her name.

    • I have an equally lame SIL – she also hates me and I’ve never done anything to her. Whenever I see her, I kill her with kindness so she has no reason to dislike me. I’m totally opposed to being fake, but with her, it’s so not worth the battle to try to hash it out and try to change her mind. Just get her something little – and unless she’s dead on the inside (which is sounds like she might be), she’ll feel like a chump for being so immature. She’s probably jealous of you for some reason or another and there’s no reasoning with people like that.

      • Some people thrive off having drama against another person, even when there isn’t any reason for it. They create “enemies” to hate. I try not to waste any energy on people like that. Sorry you have to put up with one of those people.

    • Get her a (donation of) pig or an ass from Heifer International- http://www.heifer.org.

  • What is a bike pannier?

  • Rave: Smoked turkey. Since I’m going away for Thanksgiving I’m not cooking one this Thursday. Instead I cooked one yesterday and had some friends over for dinner. Their soon to be two year old loved the dog (who’s about four times her size.) And I have lots of leftovers for the next two days.

  • Rave: I GOT THE JOB! I am ecstatic and can’t wait to start. Thanks for everyone that supported me.

    Rant: I think my Lyme disease is acting up again. It is scaring me and I am taking steps to make a doctor’s appointment as we speak. Brain fog, general exhaustion and listlessness are horrible. I am trying to combat this as much as possible, but I am honestly scared that I have brain cancer or something.

    • claire

      Congrats on the new job! Best of luck with seeing a doctor, Lyme disease can be very tricky from what I hear.

    • If you know you have Lyme, I think you can safely assume you don’t have cancer—the odds are seriously low. Definitely get your symptoms managed by seeing a doctor as planned, though. Good luck, it can’t be easy. And a huge congratulations on the job!!!

    • Congrats. Make sure you tell us what your new handle is so we know its still you. 🙂

    • Mazel tov!!!!!

    • This is wonderful news! Happy that your long hunt is over and you didn’t have to quit and coast off of savings due to your unhappiness. Hope this new path is all that you want it to be!

      • Congrast! I’m also happy that you didn’t have to quit without something else lined up. Hope your new job is great!

    • Echo on the congrats! Hope it’s much better, and that you see an improvement in daily morale, quality of life, and paychecks. Those tend to be the side effects of moving on from a crappy job to a better one. I’m starting to feel those effects myself, even as I’ve only got a long-term temp job, I know that my options are open and it’s possibly I’ll get an offer, but most importantly I feel happy and energetic– so get your doctor’s help so you can truly reap the benefits you’ve been waiting for!

  • Rave: Productive weekend. Finally found someone to repair the plaster in our house and hang some new drywall so we can finally get started on the thrid bathroom.

    Rant: More work means more money I have to spend. But all in all, the quote is very reasonable for the amount of work involved.

    Rant: Having a difficult time finding a console sink 30 inches or under in length that will fit in the bathroom.

    Rave: On day two of a four day week.

  • Revel: I needed that Pablo Raw shot after reading about the kids beating the crap out of the gay guys at the R St affordable housing.

    Rave: Instead of Occupy, we need to Boycott! Hit the bankers where it hurts!

    • sort of wondering how do you boycott banks without sending the entire country into a death spiral??? join a credit union?

      • Right, economic spiral, if that is what it takes.

        • so, you seriously think we should create an even more devastating loss of jobs to prove a point? let’s all hope that you’re not a policy maker. jesus.

          • Sounds like the policy of the GOP as described by Mitch McConnell…destroy the economy so that Obama doesn’t get re-elected. I am not voting for Obama but it will a long time before I consider voting GOP at the house/senate level again because of their antics.

          • No it’s destroy the economy so we can kick the GOP bums out of office. Occupy isn’t going to accomplish anything real.

          • Anonymous, you sound like somebody who could benefit from some common sense. I don’t usually bring the snark, but your attitude of neglectful ignorance pisses me off. You are part of the problem. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, GOP’s policy is to sabotage the economy so they can get Obama voted out—this will NOT work in your favor. How about we fix the country AND vote the GOP out? Doesn’t that sound like something we can do simultaneously instead of hurting millions more people? Christ.

        • WOW! If that’s the case I’m gassing up my V8 as we speak!

    • Are you referring to recent incidents of violence in and around R St. housing, or ones previously reported on by former TBD reporter Amanda Hess?

      • Rant: child thugs who feel it’s ok to beat the crap out of white people in “their turf”, then and now.

        • I’d be careful of your language. That these “child thugs” think it’s okay to beat up anybody is a problem. And my guess is that they hurt “their own” more than they beat up white people.

        • Rant: child thugs who feel it’s ok to beat the crap out of black people in confederate loving states because it’s “their turf”, then and now

    • now seriously, why do you need to shoot Pablo?

    • You all have it wrong. We need to vote everybody out. Every single one of them. If you think the democrats are any better than the republicans then you haven’t been paying close attention. They are all crooks and self-interested liars. But seriously though, let’s not root for economic collapse. That is just inane.

      • I mostly agree with TG. However, a lot of the creeps were voted out in the last congressional election and replaced with this pack of zealots called the tea party. We’ve lost the moderates in both parties, and it’s really hurting us.

      • It’s so odd, we protest against them and their policies, but at the same time buy their products and services, make them rich beyond belief, and tolerate their evil blood sucking existence. As my Swiss friends say, Americans are so clueless to how the world works. Boycott doesn’t necessarily mean economic collapse, just their collapse.

        • Yes, I suppose we could just be neutral and harbor pedophiles like the Swiss. Also, I find it interesting that you would be lectured by the Swiss and their banking secrecy laws that have been a haven for criminals to stash their cash. Ask them to please tell me how the world works as their own economic model is collapsing under the weight of their government largess. Plus things are a bit more complicated here in the U.S. with our population of 300 million people.

      • saf

        Well, those of you who can vote for congress, go ahead and do that.

        Have to say, I find this a funny conversation on a DC blog!

    Rave: Two days of work this week!
    Rave: Applying for two great jobs as we speak!
    Rave: Exclamation points!!!
    Rant: Dog we applied for was already adopted but nobody told us! A little bummed, but the flip side is that there are so many more dogs to adopt. This is both a rant and rave.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love Thanksgiving too! It’s my all time favorite holiday.

    • That sucks about the dog. The rescue I volunteer with takes a few days to put up the “adopted” marker on the dog, so I guess this could happen with most groups. Keep looking, there are many great pups out there…including my current foster!!

    • Sorry you didn’t get the dog. But it’s true, there are an endless supply of awesome dogs out there — I ended up with the best dog ever. It’ll happen for you too. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Does anyone know about out of state cars in DC? I believe my inspection will expire soon and I will need to update that. Will I have to change my tags to DC tags? Can I just have an out of state inspection but keep my registration in my home state?

    Rant: My neighbors trash cans are a miniature wonderland for the rat community in my alley. I almost stepped on a rat when coming in from a jog last night. The cans have no lids and are cracked all the way down the side. They also don’t use trash bags and just throw random crap in there. Is this not illegal?

    • If you live here, you need to register your car here. Period.

    • You’re technically supposed to have your plates, etc. switched over within 30 days of moving to DC, otherwise the police can ticket you, although I don’t really know how they can prove that…it seems like an unenforceable law.

      I switched right away because I wanted to be able to park on my street without restrictions, and you have to have your car registered in DC to get a parking pass.

      • They give you a warning before they ticket you. It typically happens when you park in the same place all the time (like in front of your house). The warning then serves as proof that you have been there for over the 30 days.

    • On the issue of trash cans and rat paradise:

      From what the DPW website says at http://dpw.dc.gov/DC/DPW/Services+on+Your+Block/All+Services/Residential+Trash+Collection , it doesn’t look like it’s against the rules to use a lidless or damaged trash can, or not to use a trash bag.

      City trash cans are no longer available free of charge, which means your neighbors don’t have much incentive to get new ones. However, the DPW website says: “If a damaged Supercan or 32-gallon trash or recycling cart can be repaired, DPW will make the repair for free.”

      Maybe you can report your neighbors’ damaged trash cans to DPW? Not sure if they require the request to come from the owner…

      • I have on multiple occasions and I guess I will just keep on reporting it. The people don’t have jobs so there is no way they’re going to pay the 60+ dollars for a new can. Although, I guess they could just sale an additional baggie of crack and save the money for a new trash can.

      • Have you tried asking DPW to repair the neighbors’ trash cans?

        If DPW is being unresponsive, try getting your councilmember involved.

    • Be advised that many cars that would otherwise pass their home state inspection fail here. I had this experience multiple times and finally had to spend $400+ on tune-ups and whatever other speculative issue my car had just to get it to pass. At the time, I asked others about their experience and I was definitely not alone. Good luck!

      • I’ve found DC’s inspection to be pretty easy. It’s just an emissions inspection, not safety. I went thinking I was going to fail and not only passed, but was in and out in under 20 minutes.

        • It worries me that you’re glad you survived the inspection because you didn’t have to worry about the safety part.

      • Also some of the people responsible for DC vehicle inspection know next to nothing about cars…so if they try to fail you on something stupid ask to see a manager.

        Ive been “failed” on the vehicle inspection 3 different times because the people that work there attributed my diesel car exhaust sound to an “exhaust leak” despite my protests that diesel exhaust just sound different then regular cars.

        I was also failed on the fact that one of my past cars electronic brake system had failed…however there was no way the electronic brake system failed because the car doesn’t have an electronic brake system.

        Sorry for the prolonged rant…everytime I go there if its not one thing its another.

  • claire

    Rave: One of my blog photos got accepted to foodgawker! I’ve been trying really hard to improve my photography (and will probably have to bite the bullet and invest in a nicer camera in the near future) so it’s good to feel like it’s paying off.

    Rave: Three day week and then I have six days off!

    Rant: Boyfriend leaving today for Nashville to visit family.
    Rave: I’ll be joining him on Friday – have never been to Nashville so I’m excited to check it out.

    • I’d love if you’d post what you liked in Nashville–I’m going there next month for Christmas with my girlfriend’s family!

    • I just returned from visiting my family in Nashville. If you have time, check out the Egyptian exhibit at the Frist Center downtown. Also, the new bookstore co-owned by Ann Patchett just opened this weekend, so check it out!

      Even though the trip back there is often stressful for me, the city does have its charm, and I have just have to remember to indulge in its treats. I forget how daggum friendly every one is—even the drivers. If you signal to change lanes, people actually slow down and wave you in!

      • Oh, and one more thing. As I was going through security at the airport, one of the TSA guys announced to everyone going through that he hoped we all have a happy thanksgiving.

      • claire

        Thanks for the suggestions! Think my boyfriend + his family already have a ton of plans for me, from the sound of it, but I just looked up that Egyptian exhibit and I’m pretty fascinated so I think I’ll try and convince them to take me.

    • I miss living in Nashville, you’ll have a great time!

    • Congrats Claire! Was it of the pureed pumpkin? It looks great!

      • claire

        It was actually the oatmeal (post from Friday) – the pureed pumpkin photos were, unfortunately, rejected (by both foodgawker and tastespotting), but I keep moving forward!

        Can I also say I really like your blog – especially like the incorporation of posts about food policy. If I may give a recommendation, you should add a little “about” section or at least a contact form. Is it okay if I link to you from my blog? No link back necessary (though appreciated, of course).

        • Yes! Thanks for the recommendation. I have been thinking about it for awhile but wanted to see how the blog developed. I will probably put one up soon. A link would be great! I’ll link back as well. Your blog is great.

  • RANT: People who think cigerette butts are not trash and throw them from moving vehicles, drop them on the ground, or toss them in anything other than trash. ITs litter. stop it.

    • +1. It’s not only trash, it’s TOXIC trash.

      • and on that note, anyone have a good one-liner to use on people who I see littering their butts all over? “excuse me, there’s a trash can over there?” “excuse me, you dropped your butt!” I need a good mix of “hey I’m calling you out” with enough sweetness that they don’t just call me an asshole and walk away.

        • They’re not going to want to hear it so you may as well just say it and skip the sweetness.

        • I have told people “Excuse me, you dropped something.” They turn always and start walking back before they even realize I called them out. I have had some interesting interactions with people over it – one girl turned around and said, “oh I didn’t know.” I then responded “you didn’t know that you just threw a burning piece of trash on the ground.”

          Maybe its a bit passive aggressive, but it works 🙂

    • Meh, don’t bother. These are people that intentionally inhale toxic smoke into their bodies, knowing full well it can (and eventually will) kill them. Why would they care about littering?

    • this scares the hell out of me… when i’m behind someone who throws a LIT cigarette out of their car, I’m convinced it’s going to go under my car and somehow blow up the car… I must have seen that in a movie somewhere.

      • I read an article once about a woman who routinely through her cigarette butts out her sunroof. One day she couldn’t open or close her sunroof and found the mechanism packed with cigarette butts. I’ve also heard of people’s cars catching fire because the butt flew in the back window and ignited something.

      • Planes, Trains and Automobiles? (There the lit cigarette blows up in their own car… but similar idea)

  • Rave- Comfort One moving out of Georgetown Park & all shoes were $30 (buy one) or $15 (get second at half price). It worked out to be 90% off some very nice shoes – I *saved* over $1000.

  • Rave: NOT traveling for Thanksgiving
    Rave: Sage stuffing from Wholefoods
    Rave: Words with Friends – always such a nice little distraction throughout the day

    Rant: Car crash directly outside my bedroom last night (30 yards away from my window). No one was hurt but both cars were totaled. With all of the emergency lights, even with my shades closed, it was like trying to sleep in a disco.

  • Had my laptop’s power cord/adapter give out on me during one of the busiest times of the semester. Upon close inspection, I spied multiple feline teethmarks in the cord. Now I have to wait for Dell to send me a replacement (to the tune of $70!!).

  • Rave: not traveling for thanksgiving.

    Rant: completely horrified by the images of UC Davies students being pepper-sprayed in the face.

    • Yes, I am very against this OWS movement but that definitely stepped over the line. Although, I would be interested to see what happened prior to the pepper spraying..I think that might explain more of the story.

      • I think the worst part is that only 2 officers have been put on leave. They FORCED OPEN the mouths of STUDENTS and sprayed PEPPER SPRAY DOWN THEIR THROATS. This was after they had already drenched the ones sitting peacefully and passively on the public quad. Anyone who was remotely involved with a decision to allow that kind of force on a campus has lost any moral, academic, or administrative mandate they could have had.

      • Just out of curiosity, why are you “very against” the OWS movement?

        • I do not agree with a single aspect of it.

          • so you believe:
            1) oil companies who post multi-billion dollar profits should continue to get billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies
            2) that the very wealthy should continue to pay a much smaller portion of taxes than the rest of us
            3) large corporations, like verizon, should continue to not have to pay any taxes at all
            4) banks should be allowed to run rampant with no oversight on lending, using purposefully confusing contracts to screw those with low literacy levels
            5) the gov’t should continue to pay for roads and services that benefit only the large corporations and not the american people…
            6) …while simultaneously cutting benefits for retirees, veterans, and the disadvantaged
            6) the gov’t can do whatever it wants with our money even if it is not in the best interest of the people
            7) civil disobedience is not valuable, never mind the fact that our nation was founded on it
            8) … shall I continue or do I have you pegged?

          • why does ) + 8 = *)

          • The questions I like to ask:

            Do you think your retirement will be as good as your parents?

            Do you think your children will have the same opportunity as your parents?

            Do you think the growing gap in wealth between the 1% and the rest is good for the country?

          • I think my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and those beyond worked for every penny they earned and every acre of land they purchased and passed down to each generation of children. Each and every one of them has also served our country to protect those freedoms. I will also work to do the same. I have never once blamed the government for my inability to find a job in the nearly one year since I graduated college, only myself. I have never once expected the government to pay for my tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, only myself. I will work as hard as I can to provide my children with every opportunity that was given to me and more. If I fail as a parent, I will not blame the government. I have never expected anything from anyone but myself. Nothing in life is fair so we must get off our butts and fight for our own happiness and wealth. Many of these 1%ers are self-made millionaires that have worked their butts off and made sacrifices along the way.
            Is there corruption? Yes. Should we work to fight against it? Yes. The OWS protestors should stand on a more unified issue, take a shower, put on a suit, take out their piercings, and go have an educated conversation with our leaders. Then we’ll get some work done.

  • Rant: certain chimney sweep company in Bethesda telemarketing me even though I am on the Do Not Call registry.

    Rave: is it true I can sue them for $500 in small claims court?

  • Rant: House took a giant crap this weekend, with everything breaking. Very frustrating.

    Rave: Landlord is finally heading our pleas for fixing and will be coming out this weekend with a handyman.

    Rant: This means that my partner will have to stay home, instead of hanging out with my family. Which come to think of it, he might not mind so much. 😛

    Rave: Got a brand new 60 inch HD flat panel tv to enjoy Thanksgiving football on.

  • rant: being sick this fall. I may have to drop the night class I’m taking now, and I’m definitely going to have to scale back the number of grad programs I’m applying to. 2011 has not turned out to be a very good year for me.
    rave: things that can distract me from how crappy I’m feeling – hopefully my ipod can help get me through the day…

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Nearly done moving into new apartment near H Street!

    rant: While moving last load over saturday night, saw a group of 6 teenagers walk past a guy minding his own business, and just as they passed, one of the teens slapped the dude upside the head and then they all took off at a sprint. Dude didn’t seem bothered, and we looped around the block to make sure they didn’t attack him, but still, that’s some cowardly bullshit.

    • I wonder if this was either my friend, or walk by punchings is apparently becoming an epidemic. Two male friends or mine were meeting a group of us on H St and walking from Union Station, at one point a male from a group reached out and kind of punched him in the neck and then they all ran away.

      My friend seemly oddly unfazed, but I think I would have been pretty freaked.

      • jim_ed

        It probably was your friend. It was at 6th and F NE. Can’t remember what time it was though. Guy definitely caught him in the side of the face/neck area. We asked him if he was alright, and he was very much so oddly unfazed by the ordeal, so we left it alone after that. Just very sad and angering to see such pointless violence against someone minding his own business.

    • I also think that may have been my friend.

  • Kalorini

    Rave: only one day in the office this week!

    Rant: working remotely the rest of the week, from my boyfriend’s parents’ house in Maine (I don’t particularly like his parents)… we’re also taking super awfully early flights to and from Maine to save money :-/

    Rave: when we get back from Maine, we’ll hopefully be picking up two kittens we put an application in for at WHS!

  • Rave: A wonderful morning meditation and tea session at the crack of dawn. Best way to start a week.

  • Rant: Just found out that I can only work remotely on my scheduled telework day from my house- not at other locations (e.g. my mom’s house, where I had planned to get some work done).
    Rave: I get a full 6 days off now!

    • If you’re working remotely, how would they know where you are sitting?

      And why would they care?

      • At my job, you have to have a designated telework space, otherwise they won’t let you work remotely.

        • The federal government is very specific about where you can telework. It generally has to do with workers comp. The designated space becomes “work space” for workers comp claims. If you’re injured anywhere else while you’re teleworking, you don’t qualify for comp. It just cuts down on their liability.

          • tonyr

            Yea – I went up to New York for the weeekend a little while back. Went up on Thursday night and worked VO from my hotel rroom on the Friday and at 5:00 was ready for the weekend. I mentioned this to a friend who works for the IRS and you’d have thought that I’d suggested collecting small dogs for training pitbulls to fight.

    • Be thankful you have a job. Try being unemployed for a couple or months and see how you feel about your rant.

  • Rant: Work is gearing up to be insane again, after less than a month reprieve. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Not sure what the right solution is to the overworking problem. Hire more? Say no more? End contracts/give away clients?

  • Rave: Our offer on a house was accepted last week!

    Rant: Deciding on a lender is really hard! To go, or not to go with a broker, for example…

  • andy

    Rant: after mockingly saying last week that someone discussing bronchial distress in a PoP RRRoR may have caught “the consumption,” I am now stuck at home with an attack of the mysterious hacking lung cough.

    Rave: went to the Señor Chicken’s ramen night on Saturday and got my first tonkotsu ramen in DC!

    • That is going around!!!
      Heading to the doctor today after 4 weeks of same. Hoping they will give me something for it, since the pediatrician is deigning to call it sinucitis and give my kids Amoxicillin for the same thing. Endless hacking cough and phlegm, watery eyes, drainage. Bleh.

  • I’ve been in NYC for the past few days. Going north always reminds me of how effed up dc is. Nine million people here, and I’m pretty sure no one shot anybody.
    Going to be hitting a couple of delis on the way home. Anybody need anything?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Bronchitis is gone. Expensive medicine worked.

    Rant: Darling Gran has entered the hospice part of her illness.

    Rave: I leave to visit my grandparents tomorrow.

  • Rave: that sign
    Rave: OccupieD Sea

  • Rant: I dropped my iPhone yesterday cracking the screen in a spiderweb-like fashion.

    Rant: There was a mouse spotted in my home.

    Rave: I did a LOT of work today and will not be as busy the rest of the week.

    Rave: The rest of the week is only two more days.

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