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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Rave: A reader finding the beer in the photo above! Title of the email was “your beer”. Phenomenal find.

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  • Rant: Submitted an application for a dog on Monday, but haven’t heard a peep from the adoption agency. How does this work? I know a lot of them are run by volunteers so I hope I’ll hear something over the weekend.

    Rave: Life is good right now. 🙂

    • I hope you pass! I just got scolded for having my current cat declawed.

      • As you should have been! Declawing cats is cruel and inhumane–it puts your cat at an incredible risk for infection, unnecessary pain, and can make your cat associate paw pain with using the litter box (and therefore, the cat will do its business outside the litter box). So far, I’ve only adopted cats who have been previously declawed by their awful original owners, but could never bring myself to do it. Ugh.

        • My cat came home from the vet, immediately chewed off her bandages, and never skipped a beat. I even tried to keep her away from her brother who my parents had decided would be a barn kitty (and therefore not declawed) but when I separated them all she wanted to do was be with him. She has never used the bathroom outside of the litter box from the day I RESCUED her from the curb of the busiest street in my hometown.

          I guess I’m awful. I saved a cat and give her the best life I can possibly provide her. She’s my best friend.

        • Yeah, I’m a bit of a bleeding heart, but I can’t get real worked up about it. If declawing is the different between a forever home and being put to sleep, I’d go with the declaw.

          I’ve had lots of cats, both with and without claws. The intact cats were just as likely to commit litter box indiscretions as the declawed ones. I don’t think it’s a valid argument.

          • Kalorini

            You never know how a cat will react when you put he/she through such a traumatic event–litter box issues are a possible side effect, as are behavior changes. The bigger issue is infection here, which could cause further unnecessary pain to your “best friend” along with some expensive vet bills.

            I’ve got to tell you, if I cut the tips of my best friend’s fingers, we definitely wouldn’t be best friends anymore.

          • I think we do animals a disservice by thinking of them as little furry people. Yes, declawing is extreme. Yes, it’s to be avoided if at all possible. No, a cat will not necessarily (not even very likely) suffer the same emotional trauma as a person undergoing a similar procedure.

            But honestly, I can’t get real exercised about it. I have adopted declawed cats, have had intact cats, and have only once made the decision myself to declaw an intact cat. I had a cat who came sans claws, and then adopted a kitten. The kitten was tearing the older cat apart. We came home every day to smears of blood on the furniture, the older, gentle cat looking like she’d had a bottle smashed in her face, and having to clean fur and blood from the kitten’s claws. The violence stopped, and they went to the usual gore-free wrestling of companion cats.

            I feel ok about it. I’d make the same decision if I was in the same situation again. But if this is your bete noir, by all means keep on about it. You might change someone’s mind.

          • WDC, yours sounds like a unique situation (adopted clawed kitten beating up older declawed cat). It’s understandable that you didn’t want your older cat to be hurt.

        • +1 to Kalorini.

          Adopting a cat that’s already been declawed is one thing, but getting a cat declawed is Not Good. It’s illegal in many other countries, and for good reason.

          “Declawing” is a euphemism. Basically, it’s like amputating the cat’s “fingers” at the top knuckle.

          • I actually gave my cat away rather than have him declawed. It was hard to do, but he was destroying my girlfriend’s furniture and she either wanted him gone or declawed.

          • Already de-clawed cats are the most in demand for adoption.

    • Weekends are usually a good bet, if you can call to follow up I’d do that, they like when you’re proactive! Good luck and I hope your new family member is home soon!

    • Good luck – hope your pup comes home soon!

    • I volunteer and foster for a local rescue group. If the group you applied to has an adoption event I would recommend going to it. When I receive emails on my foster dogs I respond immediately, but I only have 1-2 foster dogs at a time. Some dogs are kept in boarding situations and their contact ppl are the same. These people are in charge of 20-30 dogs, and get many emails. They are not always able to respond quickly. BUT, the dog may be at an event (depends on the group). Does the site say whether or not the dog you applied for is in foster? Please don’t lose hope or get frustrated with the voluteers, we really do all try our best, but sometimes other areas of life get overwhelming.

      Also, our group does not print out applications submitted online (because only a fraction of the ppl who submit online actaully follow up with a visit- I’ve personally waited on numerous ppl who said they wanted to meet my foster, only for none of them to show up- this happens often). If you go to an adoption event you may want to print out the app you submitted online, it may make things quicker.

      Which group was it?

      • We met the dog at an event last weekend, and they instructed us to complete the application online. They do not have printed applications. The dog is in a foster home, and we spoke to the woman who currently has him (or has had him in the past). My husband also emailed the agency’s contact (not the woman we spoke to) and asked if we could spend more time with the dog outside of the adoption event. No response. 🙁 Again, I’m hoping the weekend will be a better time for them. It is All Breed Rescue out of Gaithersburg.

        • Good luck. Odd that they told you to fill-out an online app when the pup is right in front of you! But I guess the different orgs all do things differently! Some of them also take much longer to go through this process, some you meet the pup and take it home 30 min later!

          Honestly, unless my foster is a hard-to-adopt one I don’t meet people outside of the adoption event. I do understand people want to spend more time with the pup before making a committment, or that the pup doesn’t always act itself at the event, but I can’t afford it time-wise. That aspect may be turning them off (of course, maybe not I don’t know them I’m with a different rescue).

    • just don’t forget to scoop that poop!

      But think of how much you can cut down on babysitters, when you have the simple option to put your kid in a crate and go out to dinner. Bonus!

  • Rant: Getting caught in a traffic jam in a Safeway Parking Lot

    Rave: Having 20 people over for dinner tomorrow and not having to borrow any chairs. (This event could turn to rant if things go wrong)

  • me

    Rave: The PoP community. Thanks for your messages of support yesterday. I appreciate it more than I can simply write on here.

  • Rant: As a vehemently independent person, it’s difficult for me to depend on others to help me out. Even more difficult when they say they will help out, but then back out because they “don’t feel like it.” Breaks my heart, really.

    Rave: Get to leave work early today.

    • I totally get this – I had an emergency last year where my moving company didn’t show up and I had to send out an emergency plea to friends to help me move in a Uhaul truck. I had two (supposedly good) friends who didn’t help out, but could have easily helped (even for an hour or two would have been appreciated) and decided not to because it wasn’t convenient for them. I don’t dwell on it, but when I think about it it still makes me kind of mad. At the same time, it was helpful to see which friends I could depend on in a crisis.

      • I had an acquaintance in college once tell me that you find out who your friends are when you move. This is one thing that has proven true for me many times over.

  • Rant: Got a letter in the mail from my salon informing me my stylist has moved on. The location she is moving to is less convienent and services are more expensive.

    Rant: Some of the keys on my laptop keyboard stopped working. Tryed installing a new keyboard and reinstalling the driver software to no avail.

    Rave: Clementines.

    Rave: Massage this afternoon.

  • claire

    Rant: Moving to Buenos Aires is starting to look like it might not be a viable option (Argentine economy is really volatile at the moment and inflation is 20 – 30% so it’s quickly becoming unaffordable).

    Rave: Central America seems pretty appealing – not sure why I didn’t consider some central American cities more seriously in the first place.

    Rave: Made a ridiculous amount of pumpkin puree yesterday (12 lb pumpkin = 10 cups or so…) – so ready to cook up some delicious dishes with it! Maybe pumpkin risotto tonight.

    • Definitely give it a thought. A friend of mine moved to San Salvador last year, she seems to like it. And after visiting Mexico City in august, i’d move there in a heart beat!

    • pablo .raw

      …and if Nicaragua is one of the countries you are considering, I know a lot about that place 😀

    • A friend of mine retired & is living in Antigua, Guatemala. It’s a beautiful city, very liveable.

    • jim_ed

      I don’t know how you feel about island living, but I’d recommend Curacao in a heartbeat. Solid economy, and 90% of the population is quad-lingual, so you can pick up some new languages. Also, Willemstad is a delightful little city.

    • I was going to add I have a friend that operates a Non Profit Organization in Nicaragua. I’m sure he could give you some advice on living there ,real estate there, etc.

    • claire

      Great to hear so many people willing to pitch in with their thoughts – Nicaragua is probably near the top of my list if I end up going somewhere in Central America so I’ll definitely be soliciting advice from you guys!

    • Cooks Illustrated newsletter today had a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake. They offer a trial membership on their website.

    • Had a friend move to BA, Argentina – he was born there originally. Couldn’t find a job in their economy and his previous work was for a high level international group. Burned through his savings and ended up coming back to DC. Luckily for him his girlfriend waited. But it looks like such an awesome country, if you don’t need to make a living. Would love to visit the Mendoza region someday.

  • Rave: Had a moment this morning of realizing just how happy I am these days. Sounds corny but it’s true. A lot of hard work and perserverence got me to this point and I’m just incredibly thankful.

  • Rave: A bunch of my college friends are coming down to visit me. It’s going to be a really great weekend.

    Rave: Good show at the 930 on Sunday night.

  • Rant: I got conned by my kid this morning: she sounded awful at 7:30, coughing and congested, so I decided to keep her home from school. By 9:00, she was chipper and congestion-free, hopping around like a happy little flea.

    Rave: Get to spend the day with a not-sick kid. Maybe we’ll go to Wilson pool, which is too crowded to be tolerated during non-school hours.

    • I am not telling you how to parent or anything but why would you reward deceitfulness? Hell, I know if it were me back when I was young, I would have been driven to school or made to do chores all day until school was over and then to study. I’m just saying.

      • Grown ups call in sick for a “mental health day” sometimes, why can’t we understand that a kid might need it too? WDC – enjoy your day with your daughter!

        • My mom used to let us stay home very occasionally if we were just too tired. Maybe once or twice a school year. Or sometimes keep us out a whole day when we might have just had a morning dentist appointment. Those are among my fondest memories of being a schoolkid. Surprise free time!

          • Melanie – my mom used to do the same. It was the best!

          • I dunno. I don’t agree that children should be allowed to stay home from school unless they’re legitimately sick. It’s not like work. The work doesn’t wait for them for the next day — they’ll miss assignments, lessons, activities. Children already have 2 days off a week and 3 months off in the summer. There’s plenty of time after school to spend time with the kids and do something special. Americans’ work ethic is already less than it used to be. I work with people whose parents took them on long vacations during the school year, let them stay home every now and then, and they are entitled little shits.

            This situation above, however, clearly is unrelated to my opinions.

          • Anonymous 11:57 – I agree with the thrust of your comment, but I’m not sure that missing a day of school (lessons, assignments, etc.) is all that detrimental. No reason they shouldn’t be able to catch up, just like many adults when they have to miss work.

            I think there is a big difference between letting your kids take a “mental health” day and taking them on vacation while school’s in session.

          • Because the only place you can get an education is in school. What if the parents let their child skip school to take them to a museum or a botanical garden or something? Rote memorization in a classroom =/= learning.

          • I certainly could have used a few mental health days in high school…waking up at 6am, in school for 7 hours, soccer practice for 2.5, and then homework and studying for who knows how long. Not to mention the in school hours where the most tortuously boring 7 hours day after day.

            Sometimes you just need a day to remember you have a brain and that school work isn’t the only learning tool in the world!

          • people, you have “mental health” days where you don’t have to go to school. the 185 days that you ARE NOT in school during the course of the year, to be exact. if your child seriously needs a break or a mental health day, you have bigger problems. sure, if your kid is being bullied or just competed in some crazy math tournament so was up until 3am all week, then perhaps you can reward them with sleep, but this culture of pampering our kids is total bs.

          • I’d say that if missing a day or two of school puts anyone’s kid that far behind in lessons, understanding etc then they have more problems than just missing school. I remember hating being in school for all those pointless hours and because I used to get bored ( due to not being challenged hardly ever ) it just made me find ways to disrupt/leave/make it fun in my own ways. I think every child is different and a lot of children are handicapped by the current methods of teaching.

      • I was being silly when I said she “conned” me. I noted the coughing and congestion while she was still asleep, and I made the decision to keep her home. She HAS asked to stay home in the past, and faked symptoms (and she’s 4, so her faking isn’t real convincing) and I’ve sent her off to school with a “you’ll live” and a pat on the head. No, today was something different. She didn’t do anything deceitful. I just misread the situation; no reason to take it out on her.

      • Is it just me or do kids in DC start the school day really late? I was heading to work later than usual the other day, and saw them leaving their houses at 8am. I remember the bus picking me up at 6am, when it was still dark outside.

  • Rave – Oyster Riot tonight at Old Ebbitt! Any oyster fanatics – you can still actually buy last-minute tickets on Craigslist. (It used to be impossible, but they added a Sat. matinee.)

  • Oh, and an update on the mouse situation: (cat cornered it yesterday, and I popped it in a container for temporary pet-hood.) Well, I can’t resist something cute and tiny and furry, so I opened the container to play with it a little. Do you have any idea how high a mouse can jump, and how fast?? Out of the box and off the counter in a heartbeat. I think he went into the pocket-door slot and into the wall. My cat spent a solid hour staring at the wall last night.

    Poor mouse. Sweet stupid cat is a sad excuse for a feline (clumsy, goofy, the very opposite of aloof) but he’s a damned good mouser. If the little fella had just stayed in the box, he would have had a good life. Now, he’s a dead mouse scuttling. I just hope I find the inevitable corpse before my daughter does.

    • Aw, I would have tried to play with something tiny and furry too!

    • houseintherear

      My terrier is available for hire. He’ll catch and kill that mouse in about 8 minutes. And it’ll be bloody and bone-crunchy, and you’ll wish you were dead afterwards. 🙁 Let me know if you’re interested.

      • Tempting! But no, this is all my cat has going for him. If I outsourced the only thing he’s good at, he’d probably sink into a depression. Which would last five minutes, til he forgot what he was depressed about and remembered it was time to lick his hindquarters.

  • Rave: Also put in an application for a dog last night. A 6 month old hound mix from WARL. She is such a sweet little girl, we are taking our current beagle up to meet her tonight. Here is hoping they make great friends!

    Also didn’t post last night, but will be keeping you in my thoughts. My mom got through cancer, and it is beatable! Wishing you all the best!

  • Rant: Still unemployed, going on three months.

    Rave: Sleeping in late, beer for breakfast.

    • I was unemployed for nearly 3 months myself. I heard from several sources, that if you are trying hard, networking, etc. that 10 weeks is around where people get jobs. So enjoy your beer-breakfasts for now, but I bet you’ll be dredging yourself up at 6am again in no time 😉 Also, applying and working with temp/placement agencies during unemployment (and one helped me find the job I have now) keeps the spirits up and the cash flowing.

  • I got a parking ticket two weeks ago and it’s still not in the system. Is it safe to assume it never got entered? It was a handwritten ticket.

    • Watch out for those – sometimes they disappear, other times you just get a letter saying that you’re overdue (if you’ve been waiting to see it online to pay it) and then it magically appears in the system, along with the late fees.

      • So how do I avoid possibly getting hit with late fees? If I take a screenshot from today showing a balance of zero on my account, would that enough to get the fees dismissed?

        I actually wanted to try contesting the ticket. Unfortunately when I was parking I didn’t have a measuring tape handy, and therefore didn’t realize I was 7 and not 10 feet away from a hydrant. But it seemed like enough space given that cars are routinely parked about 6 inches from the hydrant on my block and never get ticketed.

        • Was the ticket issued by MPD or DPW? If it was written by an officer, they have to drop it off at a district to be entered into the system. That can take some time.

      • If you have the ticket Pay it by snail mail. Its worth gaming the system only to find out a $100 ticket is now $200.

  • Wait until the kid’s a teenager – pissing and shitting in public will be the least of its nuisances.

    • Disregard the above – it was meant to be a reply to a post way way up the chain. Not relevant.
      Sorry. I should go and have lunch.

  • Rant: Key Bridge protest. Was in Georgetown yesterday afternoon and decided to hang out and watch. It was pathetic. Not that many people,but there was a huge police presence;squad cars at every intersection,cars in front and in back,8-10 sidecar rigs at the bridge,4 horses,lots of people directing traffic. Given the number of people,there is no good reason they couldn’t have just walked over in small groups(they left on their own). Bunch of money wasted closing streets and having cops pull overtime.

  • Rant:
    Is it just me or does it feel like there is more crime going on than usual? Maybe its just because its getting darker earlier/having some incidents happen to me and other friend recently but I have been finding myself feeling a bit more anxious.

    sigh. crime sucks.

  • Rant: After three successful yet traumatic experiences with the glue traps for the damned mice in my house, I went back to snap traps only. But these cursed critters are either too smart or too tiny to set off the traps.

    Rant: After almost nine years in this house, I have never had a mouse problem like the current one. I think there’s an extended family in there that just laugh at my snap traps. Yep, pooping and laughing and eating the dog’s food.

    Revel: Per victoria’s suggestion, I just ordered a Rat Zapper. Pray for me.

    • houseintherear

      Seriously, you can borrow my dog for an hour and be done with them all.

    • try to find out where and how they are getting in… i know it’s never foolproof, but i found a major hole in my house and filled it up. the problem decreased tremendously. I’m glad folks on here think the little furry ones are cute, because it’s the only way I can stay sane. I try to think of little Fievel and keep it moving…

  • Hi Claire,

    I moved to BsAs, Argentina during the last financial class and even with crazy inflation, food shortages and nationwide strikes that blockaded the city for months, I still had an amazing 2 years and hope to go back soon.

    Unless you’re hoping to live in the ritzy Palermo or Recoletta neighborhoods, the city is really very affordable. Don’t give up on the city yet 🙂

    Good luck!

    • claire

      Wow, I’m constantly surprised by the people that pop up on here – thanks for the encouragement, I’m still holding out hope it’ll end up working out! BsAs sounds like an amazing city (which is why I’d planned on moving there in the first place!). I might try to find you and ask for some advice in the future if that’s okay with you 🙂

  • Rave: Taking a tour of the west campus at St Elizabeths tomorrow. This is the area that is becoming the HQ of the Dept of Homeland Security, so will be soon be locked up even tighter than it was as the hospital. It’s supposed to have amazing views out over the city, and there are the historic older hospital buildings, so last chance to see all that before DHS moves in.

  • Rant – I need a gym buddy as my workouts have gotten stale. (I can’t pay a trainer) I like to lift heavy sometimes and hate to ask people in the gym for a spot, they barely let you share machines. The bar could be laying across your throat but they are checking their phone / mp3 while they are supposedly spotting you.

    Rant – Gym etiquette generally. Machine hogs, weight droppers, people who don’t put equipment back, sweaty tank top wearers who want to work in on bench, people who sing along w/ music…

    Help – I need a good place to buy a Prime Rib for thanksgiving. Can you slow cook a prime rib on a grill (smoker) or will it come out tough and / or dry. I was thinking about pan searing cooking over tray of water with indirect heat.

    • You can totally smoke a prime rib. It’s much easier than smoking a brisket because it’s more tender and fatty to begin with. I would suggest a temperature of no more than 225F (a little less if you have a lot of time), aiming for about 30 min of smoking per pound, taking off the last 30 minutes to wrap in foil and let it sit. Definitely be careful with the wood you use, stay away from hickory/mesquite and use a fruit wood if you can (oak would work in a pinch). Probably not necessary to sear first, as that would hinder the nice smoky outside from developing.

      As far as where to get it, I’m not exactly sure. I don’t think Whole Foods or those places carry it without special order (except maybe the one in Glover Park, they have the dry aging thing there). Union Meats in Eastern may have it. If you are willing to venture, the Laurel Meat market has a ton of good stuff too.

    • saf

      Wagshal’s in Spring Valley or Union at Eastern Market

  • Rave: I bought a house!

    Rave 2: Neighbor on the left is awesome – very welcoming and an expert on the neighborhood. Her kids go to my old high school and are very sweet.

    Rant: Neighbor on the right shut the door in my face when I went to introduce myself after muttering “should have stayed in your neighborhoods, you’re messing up my f****** property taxes”.

    Rant 2: Although I’ve lived here 21 years (born in Italy), went through DCPS, worked for the city gov and volunteer in the school system, I am still considered an “outsider” by most of my neighbors. I just wanted to be a homeowner and was priced out of most of the city 🙁

    Rave 3: I have developed a master plan to win everyone over by inviting them to my house and cooking them delicious Southern Italian food 🙂

    • Congratulations! Unfortunately I don’t think food is going to help win over your neighbor. Hopefully being rude is as far as he will go.

    • Congratulations on your purchase! Let me guess, H St area, or Petworth?

      I live in Petworth, and we love our neighbors. It seems like they are very happy to have us as well! Hopefully you can win the guy on the right over, but if not, oh well, let him be grumpy at progress.

      • Or SW. When I rented there I was driven out by one or two angry people who were making my life hell with harassment and burglary.

        • Thanks Kyle. Yep, I’m in Kingman Park near H Street.

          Anonymus, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience! I hope you found a more welcoming neighborhood.

          • I’m a (near-ish) neighbor in Rosedale, and although we had some trouble as white young professionals moving in at first, being a presence in the neighborhood (as simple as saying hi on the sidewalk, or at Safeway, or at the bus stop) has really helped, and most if not all of the people in our neighborhood are friendly.

    • When we moved down here in May, the neighbors were very funny. They said very welcoming comments like “Damn white people” and “See, I told u’ze they movin’ in”!

      Don’t feel bad, people do not like change, or people who aren’t exact clones of themselves.

      Now be good neighbor and pass the limoncello this way!!

      • Wow, First Street, that’s terrible. Did it get better with time?

        I did have one neighbor tell me he was happy to have me move in instead of some white person. I was confused (as far as I know Italian is in fact white). When I told him where I was from he responded, “Italian is like Mexican, right?”.

        That made me chuckle.

    • Some people are just stupid. My neighbor was outside cleaning the sidewalk in front of our condo building one day. He was sweeping, picking up trash etc. 2 black guys in their early 30’s or so walk by. One leans to the other and says, loud enough so my neighbor can hear, “Fu**ing white people. They move into the neighborhood and start cleaning up.”


      Stupid people are just going to be stupid.

    • umm, where do you live? can i come? southern italian fare sounds divine! congrats on the house

  • Rant: My apparently failure to help colleagues get past small hang-ups in order to get actual things done. I feel like this project in particular is practically moving backwards.

    Rave: Pinterest. I’m sort of obsessed with it and all the beautiful images, and it’s given me a push to get more creative again – furniture refinishing project here I come, then maybe a metal casting or stained glass class in my near future?

  • Rant: My stepdad is going senile, perhaps Alzheimers, and my mom is struggling to cope. He almost killed them in a near-head-on collision he almost caused recently and then had some intense road rage at some old lady for no reason at all. Telling mom she has demons and even I, her loving son, think she’s nuts. She refuses to tell his kids and asked me not to. What a huge challenge for the family. Ugh.

    • Whoa. She should probably seek out a doctor or counselor ASAP and ask for help. I’m not even sure where to begin. At the very least, you should make sure your mom is not in the same car the stepdad is driving- ever. This sounds like it could be a potentially very dangerous situation.

    • Your stepdad wouldn’t have been the only one nearly killed. My sister was permanently disabled by a head on collision. For Chrissakes, do something. If your mother is incapable of doing it, then you’ve got to step up. Her wishes to protect him are infinity less important than the safety of an innocent party.

      I’m sure it’s hard to hear, but absolutely true nonetheless. Best of luck.

      • –> A head on collision caused by the other party, to clarify. Please don’t let this happen to another 25 year old driving home from work because the folks in your family don’t know how to acknowledge that there’s a problem.

    • I’m so sorry about your family situation. My dad died of dementia 9 months ago after a very long battle (10 years). The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the car keys from him in 2003. Believe me, your step dad knows he’s not well but he’s very scared, upset confused. If there is someone who can talk him into going to see a dr at a Alz Disease Research Center (ADRC), they are required by law (I pray in all states, but my dad was in PA) to take away drivers license. The ADRC for our family became a safe haven for my dad to embrace his illness and get the tools to fight back and my mother got some caregiving help she needed. Takes awhile to get appts there so start now, please. My heart goes out you and your family. I’m here to chat offline if you need it and PoP connects us. Good luck.

  • Rant: Union protesters. Paying homeless people to bang drums outside of my office for 6 hours will only ensure that I will never be sympathetic to your cause.

  • Rave: Just received my first paycheck after being unemployed for ten months! No longer a drain on the government and it feels pretty good.

    Rant: Paycheck is not quite enough to get me through seeing as all my savings are used up.

    Rave1: Nothing to do for the next three hours !

    Rant1: Nothing to do for the next three hours !

  • Question: Some guy just knocked on my door saying he was from Capital City Meats and asked if I wanted some fresh meat or chicken. Apparently he was selling it out of the back of a truck but I couldn’t make out any signage. Of course he never got past the security door and I said no thanks. Has anyone run into this “business”?

  • Bear

    Rave: Got paid a visit by HR today. They finally recognize that I’ve been performing in a new job for over 6 months–even though I was never given a promotion or salary increase–and they are working to rectify the situation. And once the proper salary grade/title is in place, changes will be retroactive!

    Rant: I know too much about other people in this organization getting screwed over, so I’m not holding my breath–will continue to look for other options until the change is in effect.

  • Rant: Sepp Blatter, current FIFA chairman, a genuinely terrible (not to mention sexist, racist, etc.) guy. I started a petition calling for his resignation and would definitely appreciate your support!

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  • Rant: My coworker is such a douche. He cannot even respond to a simple email without being snarky, or saying that he ‘had no problems’ with new software when he evidently left a bunch of people off the distribution list. We are supposed to cooperate at work but sometimes I just want to punch him in the mouth.

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