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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Awesome evening weather last night. It’s great to take a stroll after work.

    Rave: Pete’s Apizza. Thank you for providing options for a delicious meal under $10 at a sit-down restaurant.

  • rant: insane people who don’t stop at stop signs, especially in Glover Park which is like little kid ground zero

    70 degree weather the week before thanksgiving.

  • Rave: I noticed the city or somebody was cutting tree boxes in the brick paved sidewalk on 4th and Rhode Island today. I have heard several people ask about getting them installed so I guess this is proof that they will do it.

    Rant: DC Bicyclers……… I am glad you like to ride bikes but can’t ya be a little more responsible? Why do you have to run up on people and slam on brakes for them to notice you are behind them. Why don’t you just yell ” Bike coming up on your Left” like sensible riders? I have this same problem with all classes of bikers nobody announces themselves, I can’t see you coming from behind, speak up peeps and keep on rolling. : )

    • I think legally they have to have a bell of some sort on their bike.

    • Giving people a warning – either by bell or verbally – doesn’t do much good when so many people are on their phone or listening to music.

      I do it anyway but the warning usually isn’t heard.

      • Thank you for doing it, even still. If the pedestrian isn’t paying attention, that’s their own problem.

        • Um, it’s actually not the pedestrian’s problem if they’re on the sidewalk. Does that mean you can run over the hearing impaired?

          • Well if it’s legal to be on a bike on the sidewalk (which has been argued several times here), and the bicyclist is warning at a fair distance and fair volume, then I think there’s some aspect of fairness. And no, I’m not advocating the cyclist plowing into the pedestrian, but saying everyone should do their part.

            And I’m a pedestrian.

          • Meg, I’m glad you feel generous towards bikers (wish everyone could be so understanding), but I’m a biker and I personally hate it when a biker expects pedestrians to move for them. Bikes may be allowed on the sidewalk, but I don’t think they should have priority.

            In the rare instances when I feel I have to ride on the sidewalk (very rare)I will get off my bike and walk vs telling pedestrians to move for me. It just seems rude to do otherwise.

        • SouthwestDC

          “In the rare instances when I feel I have to ride on the sidewalk (very rare)I will get off my bike and walk vs telling pedestrians to move for me. It just seems rude to do otherwise.”

          I do the same thing. Usually whenever a biker comes up from behind shouting “on your left!” it startles me to death, so I wouldn’t want to do that to someone else.

      • If you pass by with a quick “on your left” or something like that, you’ll get me to move over, as well as a nice and cheerful “thank you!” from me 🙂

        Other cyclists mentioned by Bloomingdale? They get some under-my-breath heckling or a “an ‘on your left’ would have been nice!” — Seriously, those people are twits. Shouldn’t they be in the street anyway (I’m talking to you, 16th Street by Meridian Hill Park cyclists)

        • I usually bike on the street but will take to the sidewalks in a few places – for example, going north on 16th St. I keep up with the flow of traffic going south, but uphill is a different story.

          If I pass you on the sidewalk, I’m only going a little bit faster than you. And if you don’t have earphones on, you’ll hear me coming.

          • Oh will I? That’s quite an assumption. So is it now illegal to walk with an ipod on? You are passing me so it is your obligation to make sure I notice you before you go barrelling by.

          • Anon @ 11:48, you missed the point. I will not be barreling by you going uphill on 16th St. If you don’t have your earphones on, you may well hear my noisy bike.

            And if you have your earphones on, you’ll neither hear my bike nor my bell nor my verbal warning.

            I give pedestrians a wide berth anyway so unless you leap into my path you’re safe from a little old lady and her old creaky bike.

          • There is a one-way, single lane road, with TWO bike lanes on it just one block east of this point. I’d recommend trying it out.

          • The 15th St and 13th St hills are the worst. I, too, go up the east sidewalk on 16th st. You can’t ride in the street there, esp. during rush hour, because you’ll get run over. I usually am slower than pedestrians there, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem. : )

          • I had the same problem, going up from U st to Adams Morgan was impossible. 13th and 15th st are useless on a heavy bike. I usually ended up going up 14th st but after someone yelled “I’LL KILL YOU” from their car – I stopped doing that as well. My new way, way way slower, is to car over on V on the bike lane all the way to 17th st and go up that hill.

          • and by “car” i mean “cut”.

          • sure would be nice if that nice gradual incline that is 18th street wasn’t so torn up. That used to be my daily commute until I popped 3 tubes in a two month span.

          • Ha! Maria, I thought you meant you just gave up, threw your bike in the car and drove it over. Funny. That 14th St hill isn’t so horrible; it’s just really long. Mostly, I wimp out at 14th and U and throw my bike on a bus and ride IT up the hill. My 50-year-old legs can do it, but they just don’t want to.

          • Yes, there is a bike lane on 15th St but the hill there is very steep.

            The bike lane on 14th ends at U St so bikers are back in the roadway or on the sidewalk.

    • DDOT clearly states that cyclists must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks…Generally speaking ringing a bell, honking a horn, yelling, blowing a whistle, slamming on brakes are all very annoying. Just keep on your jolly way and let them wait for an opening to go by you.

      If on a road there was a sign that said “Yield to Pedestrians” and you were crossing, would you appreciate a cyclist yelling at you to let you know he’s coming or a car honking at you for the same reason?

  • Rant (ish): does anyone know why the gorgeous huge tree was cut down yesterday on the corner of Euclid and 16th st? It was in the courtyard of that big apartment building. So sad to see it go.

    Rave: nothing for today yet.

  • claire

    Rave: The weather! Actually, now that I think on it, all of November so far has been unseasonably nice. Yesterday just took the cake though and this morning was surprisingly warm as well.

    Rave: Tasty dinner at Zengo last night to celebrate a friend’s birthday and he loved the present we got him (group of friends have a tradition of going in together to get something really nice).

    Rant: Not even hump day yet and I already want another weekend… lots of errands to do.

  • Rave: Wearing short sleeves and NO jacket today! I would be perfectly happy if the weather stayed like this until March.
    Rave: I’m wearing a new outfit today!

  • Rant: 259 emails in my inbox

    Rave: My office has a door, which I can close to keep people (especially my attention-hungry boss) out of my hair while I go through 259 emails in my inbox.

  • me

    Rave: Thanks to those of you that helped me feel better about my manager rant yesterday. It helped.

    Rant: People with no sense of civility and/or appropriate behavior in public.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Heard a runner and her pooch come up behind me as a walked home last night, so I moved over to give them room. The runner said thanks.

    Rant: Bronchitis doesn’t seem to want to go away even with expensive meds.

    Rave: Going to South Florida to see grandparents next week!

    • Have you tried supplementing the expensive meds (I assume you’re taking antibiotics) with Mucinex? I used to get Bronchitis every year and that’s the one thing that really helped me feel better.

      • I was born in South Florida, and my mother used to take us to the beach and toss us in the ocean when we got sick. She said the salt water would cure it. Don’t recall if it did or not, but that was her remedy, and I lived to share it. So maybe you should try it. Feel better soon!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve got an inhaler from the Doc which should clear things up nicely, they just haven’t had enough time to work and I’m whiny.

    • GiantSquid

      Make sure your bronchitis isn’t something worse like pneumonia. Co-worker had a horrible cough for several weeks and turned out it was the latter.

      • andy

        or the consumption. lord knows, you might have the consumption.

        • We veered off onto the Oregon Trail. Next up: Dysentery

          • People in my office currently have SCARLET FEVER. No joke! Now I’m worried I’m going to get cholera or scurvy…

          • Elza, wow! That’s, like, straight outta “Little House on the Prairie.”

            It sounds like it’s not as scary now as it was in the pre-antibiotics era:


            “Patients should no longer be infectious after taking antibiotics for 24 hours. People who have been exposed to scarlet fever should be watched carefully for a full week for symptoms, especially if aged 3 to young adult.”

          • me

            Scarlet Fever? Really? Wow. When my uncle was really young, he got Scarlet Fever, and living in the boondocks, he didn’t really get proper medical care. My grandma likes to say that it “kind of cooked his brain”, and so he has been mentally handicapped for 98% of his life. Scarlet Fever is no joke.

        • Don’t ford the river! You won’t make it!!

        • Actually that’s a serious point. I know two thirty somethings that have gotten pneumonia this fall. Seems very odd. (yes, I’m aware that it is not statistially significant, but worth pointing out that pneumonia ain’t just for Grandma)

        • Emmaleigh504


        • “or the consumption. lord knows, you might have the consumption.”

          Hasn’t tuberculosis — and especially worryingly, drug-resistant tuberculosis — been increasing in recent years?

      • Rant: Co-worked in my office has bronchial pneumonia. Sounds like she’s coughing up all of her internal organs. She’s on antibiotics, so won’t go home. The rest of us are all on sick-watch. IF YOU ARE SICK, WORK FROM HOME OR TAKE A SICK DAY.

    • grandma love will chase the bronchitis away, just watch.

    • Ugh, I’ve got the Bronch, too. Z-Pack is great, but takes 10 days to fully work and I’m only on day 6. Mucinex didn’t get me very far. I feel your pain – feel better, Emmaleigh!

  • Rave: making it home from a week-long business trip and getting to pick up my sweet baby girl from daycare. She smiled and laughed hysterically when she saw me.

    Rant: people who hold up lines (especially the security ones at the airport) by not paying attention and not moving up.

    • me

      Speaking of your rant, what is the deal with some drivers ALWAYS leaving a space of about a carlength-and-a-half in front of them when they are stopped in traffic or at a light? That infuriates me.

      • Wow. Both y’all sound like you need to relax. Neither of these things slow anything down. Are you the people who don’t understand personal space and are always itching to get within an inch of the person in front of them in line, bumping them, not realizing how rude this is? Doesn’t make it go any faster, people, I promise.

        • andy

          Yeah, you know, I complain to myself sometimes when people don’t move up to fill in space when I’m at a light. But it’s irrational. It’s not like that helps me get somewhere. It’s just something about being in the driver’s seat.

          • I drive a stick shift and dislike someone moving up right on my rear bumper.

            I leave space because I need a bit of space, especially on a hill.

          • saf

            Yes anon – sitting on my bumper is WAY more annoying that leaving too much room between cars!

            (Yes, I also drive a stick.)

        • me

          Well, imagine me at a stop sign, wanting to make a left. THe traffic lane I want to get into is stopped by a red light about 8 cars up. But almost 3 car lengths is taken up by one car alone. And so I just sit there, blocking traffic. It happened just last weekend, and I felt like a jackass sitting there while everyone honked at me. I just don’t understand it.

        • OP here – nope, I understand personal space and am not the person bumping into others. I actually leave a bit of space between myself and the car in front of me at lights (not a car and a half, though) just in case I need to get around them – stalled or what have you.

          But when there’s a line gap about 30 feet because someone is too busy looking at their phone or staring into space? That does slow things down.

        • agreed. you’re actually supposed to be able to see the bumper of the car in front of you. and you’d appreciate this if someone rearended you… you might avoid hitting the person in front.

          • me

            I am fully able to see the bumper on the car in front of me without being 20 feet behind it.

          • That reminds me of a rant. People who adjust their driving based on traffic behind them. I understand the urge, but you can’t change the way people behind you are driving – if they’re a-holes there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t slow down, speed up, tap the brakes, gesture, or anything along those lines – just make sure that you are driving properly, that’s all you can do.

        • That’s not necessarily true. If people need to get into a turning lane but it’s blocked by cars because they aren’t moving up, it slows down several lanes of traffic!

  • Rant: People who think it being this warm in November is a good thing.

    • andy

      Come on, man. Climate change means I end up with waterfront property!

    • Lighten up. Weather is not the same thing as climate.

        • me

          I went out last night to get the mail in a tank top and was fine. It was WONDERFUL.

          • My daughter is in a “I do it myself!!” phase, which includes choosing her own clothes. So we went to the store last night in pink sweats and a pink sleeveless top. (I carried the jacket.) You should have seen the looks we got. “Bad mother! Kid in a summery top in the middle of November!”)

          • me

            I used to do that when I was little, too. Just remember to take photos of the more ridiculous outfits she puts together for blackmail during her teens. 🙂

    • Argh. Climate change is different than it being warm. Some places are actually going to get colder, or drier, or wetter, or stay about the same. Roar.

      • I’m the one who posted the rant about people liking warmth in November. And while a discussion on climate change is all well and good, actually I was ranting, because its too effin hot….I prefer the highs in Nonmember to be around 55 and the lows 35, not because I’m afraid of the planet melting, but because I prefer cool to colder weather, and we have enough hot days around here already. I prefer a sweatshirt and jeans to shorts and a t-shirt, and its still too hot for sweatshirts, and I don’t like it. End rant.

  • Rave – The new Bacio Pizzeria in Bloomingdale. Had it twice already, super delicious. Fresh. Fast. A block from my house. I do prefer the hand tossed to thin crust (which had a little trouble holding any form).

    Rant – clueless pedestrians standing dead center in curb cuts at intersections yapping on their cell phones while I wait patiently behind them with my stroller until they get the hell out of the way.

  • rave: only one in the office today

    rant: only one in the office today

    *tumbleweed rolls by*

    who is going to keep me entertained?! 🙁

  • Rant: Got a fairly bad, but not horrible injury a month ago (didn’t lose consciousness, but got a minor concussion, chipped a few teeth, needed stitches on my scalp, face, and inside my mouth) and I’m still not feeling great, even though I look better. I know it will take up to a year for the injuries to my face to fully heal and that, even with a minor concussion, the effects can be felt for months afterwards, I just want to feel better now!

    Rave: For the first time since I’ve lived in DC, my family is coming to visit me for Thanksgiving instead of me going to visit them! I am excited to see them and to show them my apartment and neighborhood (only my mom has seen it).

  • Rave: I have been cooking at home more to save money and to pad my little nest egg with some cash every two weeks.

    Rant: Still no word back from the job I applied to (where they asked if I would absolutely accept the position with a lower salary, to which I responded ‘Absolutely.’) Haven’t heard anything since that moment and it’s been almost a week. I am going to email them tomorrow.

    Rant: My health. I feel listless and completely unmotivated which is unlike me. Not sure what to do or how to feel. Need a pickmeup!

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: New boss at work!

    Rant: Co-workers still behaving as if you don’t have a boss.

    Rave: Things are totally looking up at work because of boss.

    Rant: (not related to work) Missing 1/2 of crosswalk and stop line at intersection by my house. Because there’s only the far line, folks don’t stop far enough back and I’ve almost been hit several times. Put in work request with 311 & told it takes 90 days to have someone come out and evaluate. In one day, I can go to the hardware store, buy white spray paint, a tape measure, and painter’s tape to put the lines back. There should be the ability to expedite a request due to safety concerns, before someone or someone’s pet get run over.

  • Rant: Work

    Rave: It’s almost Thanksgiving! And I get to spend it with my boyfriend for the first time in three years.

    Rant: Did I mention work?

  • Rave: Reasonably priced contractors! Finally! They do exist in DC!

    Rant: The person who previously flipped my house, who obviously had his head up his a**.

    • me

      The people who lived in my house for 6 years prior to me moving in did a lot of upgrades… all halfassedly. My husband still complains about how the guy must have been a crappy Marine (my husband is in the military) for him to have done such a poor job on everything. Even “upgrades” that they made a year ago are now being redone by us and contractors. Such is the life, I guess.

      • Exactly our experience. I feel your pain.

        Although it is rewarding to rip out the old work and do it right, there have been way too many “What the…” moments when taking out old work and seeing what was done behind the pretty facade.

  • Rant: being home sick yesterday to arrive to the disaster zone that is my office. everyone says the place won’t burn down if you stay home sick for one day, but everyone sure makes you think it has…

    Rave 1: hmmm, let’s see… ummmm… the above reminder to check out Bacio tonight
    Rave 2: ummmmm, I’m blanking…. Boundary Stone is clearly my new favourite haunt and after today I may need to go by and say hello to the fabulous guys behind the bar there…
    Rave 3: I forgot. oops….

  • Swapped my Verizon MiFi in favor of using my iPhone Personal Hotspot (AT&T) for laptop Internet. Now MS Media Player wont’t work – anyone experience this?

  • Rave – I love my hairdresser

    Rant – I REALLY REALLY don’t want to spend $175 for a cut and touch up my highlights. WHY is this city SO freaking $$$ when it comes to hair?

    • No clue. I paid $75 for a root touch up a few weeks ago and I’m STILL upset about it!

      • Where did you go? It’s like the majority of salons in DC charge an arm and a leg, and don’t even do a good job.

    • Check out Luna Hair Salon in Dupont. I’ve paid some ridiculously sky-high prices for a simple hair cut back when I first moved here because I thought it was the norm (I moved here 5 years ago from Boston, where salons also charged absurd prices). I found Luna Hair Salon and keep going back–plus, you don’t have to wait a month for am appointment!

    • they should charge extra extra for highlights anyway, lolzzzz

  • Rave: LOVE LOVE LOVE Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale and being less than a block from it!

    Rant: Drunk people at 2am on the sidewalk outside of Boundary Stone who talk WAY LOUDER THAN THEY REALIZE while waiting for a cab and inevitably wake up the neighbors who have bedrooms in the front of their houses.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: Coming home from weekend trip on Sunday to find that someone had tried to break in to our house by using a pry bar to get through the newly installed security door.

    Rave: The security door worked! They tried hard but they couldn’t get through the door.

    Rant: The door no longer functioned and we could not enter/exit the house through that door.

    Rave: The fellow who fabricated the door was out first thing yesterday morning to fix the door, replace the lock, and apply touch-up paint. Johnnie Kee, you are the man! Thanks to PoPville for directing me to J&L Ornamental Iron Works for those doors!

  • Rant #2: I’m hyperventilating here. Did Food and Wine remove the advance recipe search function??? HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE NOW????

  • Rave: Sister is in town visiting and we got to go on an early morning run.
    Rave: DC fixed all the broken sidewalks on McAurthur Blvd.
    Rant: Missing the cool fall weather I’m craving.

  • rant: dc bikers, whether it be going in the wrong direction (ie seemingly speeding towards my car) or biking on the side of a lane that’s hardly big enough for a single automobile alone, leaving me feeling like i’m being forced into oncoming traffic to accomodate them.

    rave: dc bikers, one of whom stopped, smiled and politely let me hobble across the street last night, and a great amount of whom are generally responsible people. also bonmi, church and state, the kimchi ramen from toki.

  • Rave: biked to work today! (wore shorts; hit most of the lights on 14th St. green; stopped on red, but proceeded through when it was clear; yelled at a jaywalker who walked right out in front of me on the 14th St. hill; admired workers on the Washington monument; took a picture by the Jefferson; got to work in 50 minutes)

    Rant: probably won’t be able to ride home (possible rain and the Va. bike path is really dark even with a bike light)

    • So you ran a red light and yelled at a jaywalker? Wow.

      • Sounds like those were two separate events. And before people jump in to say “breaking the law is bad no matter what,” I would argue there is a world of difference between proceeding through an empty intersection after stopping at a red light and a pedestrian stepping out in front of oncoming traffic.

        • I don’t think it matters whether they were separate incidents or not. I would argue that people who would justify breaking the law by saying it’s not as bad as how other people breaking the law should not try to justify breaking the law. If you’re going to do it, fine – just do it quietly and don’t try to justify it.

          • Well, I yelled at the jaywalker because I was going pretty fast down a hill, and she walked out in front of me without looking. I almost hit her, so it was mostly to alert her to that fact. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have cared as—ok, here goes—I confess—I have jaywalked myself. There, I said it. Now all the superior people can chime in with “you yelled at a jaywalker and you ADMIT you have actually jaywlked? Wow.”

            Mostly, I just wanted to have another bike-hater conversation because it’s been a few days. : )

            Peace neighbors!

          • Haha! I knew it!

            Actually though, my comment wasn’t directed at you but at Anonymous 12:41. You didn’t try to say that your law-breaking was somehow more acceptable than the jaywalker’s. 🙂

          • Oh, but I certainly meant to imply that. We should all think our lawbreaking is superior to others. : )

    • HUH?
      double standard eh?

  • Rantish: Seem to have lost zeal for pretty much anything and everything these days. I have opinions and beliefs, but feel no desire to convince anyone of anything bring anything to fruition. Used to get upset that my perspective was ignored, that I felt lost, now I really don’t give a shit about not givig a shit. No goals, no plan. Neither happy nor sad, but everything just feels like nothing.

    • Have you been screened for depression?

      If it’s solely a matter of losing energy to argue on PoP, that’s one thing… but if it’s a wider loss of energy and a general blah-ness, it could be depression.

      • I was just about to say this. AI, please think about getting yourself checked out! The longer you wait, the harder it is to treat.

    • stop masturbating so much.

  • Rave: The comfiest mattress we’ve ever owned was delivered on Saturday. FYI – MattressLand in Falls Church is worth the drive if you’re in the market for a new bed. The owner/salesperson was so helpful and so ready to bargain!

    Rant: Super comfortable bed makes getting up in the morning so hard. It’s like a warm, cozy cloud! Who in their right mind would want to leave that on a dreary morning?

  • RANT: There are two people who I’m fond of, but don’t know very well, who I know things about but can’t say anything. These things involve their significant others messing around on them and other general crappiness. I’m just waiting to hear about the fallout 6 months to a year from now. Ugh.

    • Why can’t you say anything?

      • I don’t know these people well enough — it would be weird for me to even email them. I would also potentially be getting a mutual friend into trouble by spilling it. Besides, I guess it’s not my place to get in their business, it just bums me to know this while they’re totally unaware. And in the case of one, it would seem like my motives are suspect. Having been dicked around by one of these people before anyway, I guess the person’s partner should’ve seen it coming, but it gets my goat that this person isn’t punished for being an immature ass.

        • If you witnessed a hook up, don’t mention it. If you witnessed an affair, tell them. Withholding that info will get you pegged as a jerk, too, so you really can’t win. You’ll be giving the innocents a year of their life not lived in deception… unless they have an open relationship.

          • don’t say a word. stay out of it. seriously, friends always say they want to be told until you do. then YOU end up being the bad guy and they end up staying with the jerk.

        • What’s the mutual friend’s take on it? Is the mutual friend is tight with the straying parties, but not with the betrayed parties? Shouldn’t he/she be the one pondering whether to tell the betrayed parties, rather than spreading the information further (i.e., to you)??

          I think Carolyn Hax’s advice in these situations is usually for the friend or whoever to tell the straying party, “Hey, you need to tell the betrayed party within x period of time. If you don’t, I will.”

          • that hardly ever works either. it’s a bad situation all around

          • Sigh.

            Well, the mutual friend is tighter with the jerk. And I guess it seemed like a somewhat isolated incident, but the thing is, that said jerk has been jerking the innocent party around for a while and innocent party is getting themselves deeper into it with jerk, but it will only end badly because jerk is not going to give innocent party what they want. Jerk is stringing innocent party along because jerk refuses to grow up. I really like innocent party and think they deserve better and would like them to be happy. But I think staying out of it is best because I wouldn’t want to hear such horrible news from an acquaintance. Friend yes, acquaintance no.

            Mutual friend has tried to talk to jerk, but jerk is caught up in own existential bulls***. Maybe my motives are bad because I want jerk to lose nice, loving innocent party because jerk doesn’t deserve innocent party.

          • So yeah, every time I see this lovely innocent party I just want to scream “RUN!!! You deserve so much better than jerk!!! These are years you’ll never have back!!!!”

          • Anonymous OP, do you have any romantic interest in the innocent party yourself?

            Or do you just feel that in an overall the-world-should-be-righteous sense, the jerk doesn’t deserve the innocent party?

          • nope. I’m the same sex as innocent party and hetero. it just breaks my heart that jerk didn’t grow after jerk did same thing to me.

    • I would stay as far away from it as possible. While your heart is in the right place, it is not your place to break the news to these people, and you can’t rule out people framing this whole thing to make you look bad to your social circle.

      However, the innocent party will certainly need your support and friendship in the aftermath of the inevitable.

      But yeah, it’s never pleasant to be privy to things like that.

      • To the “knowing the jerk and innocent party” person – (I kinda lost track of the various anons ) you are really in the best position to inform. And if you are 100% certain – it is a kindness to inform, and sometimes easier for this news to come from a less close associate. Contact the person, meet for coffee, explain only exactly what you know. Reassure s/he is not an idiot etc. then back away and resist all drama.

  • Rave: Men
    Rant: Guys

  • Has anyone’s alarms been going off in the Brookland area lately? Ours has twice over the past three weeks with little evidence of an attempted break in.

  • Rave: Praise be to Movember tonight at The Queen Vic! $10 donation to The Movember Foundation for $1 off all beers, wine, and rail drinks. 5pm to close, Caps game at 8!


  • Rant: Hit by a car this morning. I wish drivers would use blinkers.
    Rave: Came away with only scratches, and my bike was sitting at home unscathed.
    Rant: Dealing with the aftermath of a damaged CaBi bike.

  • houseintherear

    Is there really not going to be a rant about the Ward 5 redistricting meeting last night?

    • Maybe people complained on here beforehand but didn’t attend the meeting?

      (Is Ward 5 the one where there’s a proposal for the ANCs to be redistricted in such a way as for Bloomingdale to be split between two ANCs?)

      • no, there were lots of people there. it was their largest redistricting meeting. and virtually nothing was accomplished.

    • it was pathetic. what’s there to really rant about though?

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