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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • did I miss the winner of the last caption contest? I was hopingthis was my week!!

  • Rave: Found a dog at an adoption event that is an absolute doll…Filled out an application for him! 🙂

    • great news for the dog you found,and good for you!
      Thank you for not supporting a breeder.

      • “thank you for not supporting a breeder”

        why is that exactly? is your explanation going to be filled with generalizations, prejudice, and bad information?

        • “filled with generalization, prejudice, and bad information”

          Anon- so the fact that millions of homeless dogs are being killed annually makes his comment generalized, prejudiced, and based on bad information? Even if you find a good breeder (they are not very easy to find- good breeder means more than just feeding and caring for the dog properly, they need to have their breeding program concentrate on preventing genetic defects and breed issues), you are encouraging more animals to be bred rather than adopting one that is in need of a home. Anon, I believe you are the one here with bad information. Please, look into the issue before you try to chastise someone online.

        • I think it’s great that you adopted a rescue dog. There’s so many dogs in shelters that need good homes.

        • because there are so many dogs out there already that need homes.

        • Ok, so what would happen if no dogs were ever bred and everyone adopted dogs from a shelter?

          • “Purebreds” would eventually peter out, and all dogs would by hybrids. The shelters would still be full of “oops” puppies.

            Reminds me of a great newspaper ad from years ago: “Puppies free to good home. Half dalmation, half sneaky neighbor dog.”

          • Well, they’d have to change the breed requirements for AKC and the like or those fancy dog shows would end forever… But seriously? I think it would mean that the millions of dogs in shleters that will be euthanized each year would have a much better chance of finding a home instead.

          • *shelters* Oops.

          • No, the supply of available dogs would reach 0. In approximately 10-15 years.

            That is, of course, excluding feral dog populations, which would flourish, but they’re as adoptable as a wolverine.

            Obviously, there is an oversupply of dogs. However, this disdain for purebreds/breeders is misplaced. Pretty much every dog I’ve ever seen in shelters are mixed. I spend a lot of time on petfinder and its rare that dogs are not mutts. This would indicate to me that dogs sourced, even from puppy mills, are less likely to end up in shelters than accidental litters from irresponsible owners who dont neuter/spay.

            So the answer, really, is neuter/spay your dog. Adopt from a shelter if you want to, but there is no shame in buying from a breeder if you prefer it. Just make sure you buy from someone who is responsible.

            One thing is for sure, do NOT buy from a puppy mill/pet store – as the plague of puppy mills can be ended and they are terrible things. But breeders and puppy mills arent the same thing. Even the much maligned “back yard breeder” isnt necessarily bad – the reason that they’ve been given the black spot is because the AKC doesnt like them. But, backyard breeders have a higher chance of being irresponsible – but there’s nothing certain.

            Anyway, I’m really turned off by the prejudice against all breeders. If it werent for breeders, we wouldnt have any domesticated dogs. But, with anything, there are good breeders and bad ones. Its not hard to tell the difference if you have 1 ounce of sense.

          • I love how this argument applies to humans breeding. heh.

          • There are definitely a lot of irresponsible owners who don’t spay/neuter… but at least in the shelters I’ve been to, most of the dogs in shelters are adults, not puppies. (Although part of that might be that puppies are considered more adoptable.)

            Isn’t a big part of the reason that there are dogs in shelters is that people don’t realize that having a dog (and training a dog) is more difficult than they anticipated, and they give up the dog rather than work on resolving behavioral issues?

          • And on there being more mutts in shelters than purebreds… part of that is because of breed rescue organizations that seek out shelter dogs of their breed and place them in foster homes.

            I’d imagine that even without the breed rescue organizations, the shelters would still be majority-mutt, though. Dogs that end up in shelters are likely to have had owners that are less “invested” in them — both emotionally and financially — and for that reason, it seems logical that they’re more likely to be mutts (even though obviously there are plenty of people who are very much invested in their pets who have mutts and/or shelter dogs).

          • I’m not sure that petfinder is an accurate representation of the entire population of adoptable dogs, and while many of the dogs in shelters are mixed there’s also rescue organizations that specialize in specific breeds… so maybe that’s why you haven’t seen more of them in your tours of shelters (although the general estimate is that 25-30% of the dogs in shelters are purebred). I have no disdain for purebred dogs and I’m sure there are many responsible breeders out there. But I am heartbroken seeing the huge numbers of dogs in shelters, and I will always adopt my pets out of shelters rahter than buy from a breeder. To each his/her own.

          • Petfinder isnt an accurate representation? It searches hundreds of shelters nationwide. Probably the best representation available.

          • You’re right, what I meant was that I’m not sure that Anon @ 11:26’s anecdotal “lots of time spent” experience on Petfinder would be an accurate representation of the entire population of adoptable dogs.

          • I think you misunderstand how much time I’ve spent on petfinder over the past several years. Not to mention the multiple shelters I’ve visited during the times in my life I’ve wanted to find a dog.

          • There’s currently over 350,000 dogs and cats on Petfinder. The Humane Society estimates that there are 6-8 million dogs and cats that go through shelters each year. You’ve seen them all? Good work.

    • Awesome! I’m really happy with my rescue mutt, even though she can sometimes be stubborn bitch!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Which event? WARL had the new adoption van at Dog Days of Silver Spring and we had lots of apps for our pups!

      PS I heart responsible breeders. Breeders do breed rescue. Great Danes and Grand Pyrennes at Dog Days.

  • Rant: boss starts b*tching at me, via e-mail, starting at 7:00 this morning, before I’ve even had a shower. I swear, life should not be like this.

    Rave: nothing comes to mind.

  • A beautiful tree I spotted: bright yellow ginko, with a scarlet virginia creeper growing up it, alongside a green ivy vine. I slow down every time I pass it…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Nice! I also some great ones in Rock Creek Church cemetery this weekend.

    • My fave fall tree is the dark-red one next to the corral in RCP. Love gingko-lined streets this time of year. Rest of the year, not so much. I guess that’s a rave, with a minor rant tossed in at the end.

    • There’s an awesome red, red, red maple at 17th and Webster. It practically glows in the dark. I also enjoyed a nice drive through the arboretum on Friday! Very beautiful and peaceful.

  • Rave: had an awesome 4-day weekend in New Orleans!

    Rave: only 6 more work days until I’m off for Thanksgiving.

  • claire

    Rave: Great weekend, got some errands off my plate, made some extra money working Saturday, finally went to HR-57 (and very much enjoyed it!), and spent some time relaxing too!

    Rave: Thanksgiving just around the corner – I’m excited for some family time and some tasty food!

    Rant: Need to start thinking up some holiday presents for friends & family…

  • me

    Rant: Manager on this project that treats me like crap. I’m fairly new, and she is upset when I ask her for information that I just do not have on the project because she “has too much going on”, yet berates me when I say don’t fully understand my role because of lack of information. Or, when a Partner asks me for an update on what I’ve been doing, I give him a 30 second spiel about it and she is upset that I told him before I told her (even though she wasn’t even in the office yet). Those are mudane examples that happen every day and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what she says to me, most of which are quite hurtful. But, I am told “That’s just the way she is and I have to get used to it.” I dread having to come into work and I often leave the office in tears. It’ll be a couple of years before I can crawl out from under her/this project because I’m so new. And I have literally had thoughts of just ending it all, this has made me THAT depressed. Because I can’t quit- I need the money desperately. And no other offers on the horizon, especially because I just found THIS position. I’m hoping ranting here helps me. (No need to post the Help Line number here, as I’m just ranting. But thanks.)

    Rave: Um… I’m thinking….

    • I’ve had supervisors like this. You just have to tough it out, and eventually you’ll get a feel for her style and anticipate her every move so that you can be two steps ahead of her. Then she’ll have trouble coming up with things to complain about.

      Hang in there, and keep your perspective. Also, keep your resume updated 🙂

    • Hang in there! That sounds like a really shitty situation, but hopefully as you adjust and settle in it will get better, or you can find ways to ignore her or ways to pre-empt her behavior.

      Until then, try to focus on the fact that this behavior is ridiculous, and she is a miserable person who just wants the people around her to be miserable, too. So kill her with kindness, maybe? Or try to make a joke about it–what kind of asshair acts this way??? Focus on why her behavior is insane instead of mean (easier said than done, I realize), and then you can just laugh AT HER instead of feeling bad for yourself. Also, at the end of the day, you have a job when a lot of people don’t and you are physically OK–for sure doesn’t mean you should have to put up with this, but could be worse and you’ll come out on the other end at some point.

      You got this!

    • Agree with all the other commenters. Your boss is an idiot and she has issues. People who are content in their lives do not act this way. Just know (and i say this from personal experience dealing with a similarly mentally imbalanced manager)that it is not personal. It’s not about you, so try not to internalize it – you’ll only make yourself miserable.

    • I’m so sorry. It may be difficult, but one way I’ve found to deal with these situations is to view it with complete detachment. To make yourself an observer of her awful behavior rather than the recipient. I’ve found that when you don’t talk much, people assume you know everything and become intimidated. Or you could be perpetually happy. The key is to not react to the abuse. By controlling your side of the interaction, you can start to take control of the situation. Or at least make it less one-sided.

      I once had a boss who brought all her personal problems to work and took it out on me. Once I figured out what was going on, i was able to get ahead of it – I would hear the tense personal call and know to prepare for a bad day. she was a control freak, but i was able to manage it and stay sane.

    • I feel your pain. I have worked for way too many vindictive and mentally unbalanced supervisors. I think it’s important to find someone you can confide in at your company. I am sure that you are not alone in the way you are treated. This person might have advice on strategies how to deal with this person. If the situation is bad in the ‘honeymoon’ phase, it’s only going to get worse, so keep you eyes open, ears to the ground, and keep that resume updated. There is no harm or shame about having a short tenure at a job due to a hostile environment.

      • I would NOT talk about this with someone at work. That could come back to bite you later.

        • I agree. And don’t necessarily agree that this is the “honeymoon” phase and this will only get worse. That may be true, certainly, and I hope it isn’t. But I have also had situations where people are much stricter/meaner earlier on. You have to just let them freak out, try to be perfect so they have nothing to bitch about, and then once they realize you can handle it and will get your shit done they just calm down. Not saying this is every case, but maybe it will get better once the boss can trust you and everyone settles in.

  • Rave: First Fall in DC, and happy that the colors last so much longer than where I came from in the cold Midwest!

    Rave2: Started grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Feels good to get that started!

    Rave3: Got a headstart on Christmas shopping as well.

    Rant: Babysat my 3 month old niece on Saturday and she cried for eight hours straight, and nothing but walking her around (which, at 7 months pregnant, I’ve got difficulty doing). Frustrating more because we didn’t know what we could do to help her. Poor thing.

    • For the 3-month-old, (and for your own baby when the time comes) I recommend gripe water. We bought it at Walgreens, but there are also “organic” versions you can order online, I think. I don’t think it does anything for the colic, but it tastes nice. We used to dip our baby’s pacifier in it, kind of like a less-unhealthy version of the old-fashioned sugar tit.

      • Is that like the mylecin (sp?)? We think she was maybe a little gassy.

        • No, it’s ginger and fennel extract. Both traditional remedies for upset stomach. It’s sweet, which I think is what helps. I don’t have a lot of faith in any of the anti-gas remedies for babies. Just have to distract ’em from their troubles.

      • And I will just add that your own baby is probably going to have days like that, too. Sometimes the only thing you can do is hold him/her. We didn’t have any luck with gripe water or anything other than putting him in the Ergo carrier (best $120 I ever spent; well, that and the Fisher Price My Little Lamb baby swing that goes side-to-side) and walking and walking and walking. My husband used to walk down to Rumberos, before it was Alero, and have two or three mojitos while standing at the bar eating dinner (and I blissfully slept at home). I strongly recommend that approach–pretty much any bar would work. 🙂

        • When I told my sister, she was surprised and felt so bad about giving us “advanced level baby,” especially since she’d never behaved that way before. Then we had them over last night, and the baby did the same thing, so I felt a bit vindicated. 🙂 Although, maybe it’s our house she doesn’t like that. That’s not cool.

    • When I moved here (from NJ) I was disappointed by the Autumns in DC. Usually the season here is really brief, with hot humid weather stretching through October and then plunging almost immediately into cold. But this year has been fantastic!

      • You mean this is unusual? Boooo….

      • autumn in new jersey is spectacular! sadly, i think, only people from new jersey know this. ; )

        • Agreed! Autumn in NJ is absolutely priceless 🙂 DC’s autumn has been quite lovely–thankfully those massive fall rainstorms that ruin the fall foliage have been kept at bay!

          • as a kid i remember biking through the great swamp. hiking in hacklebarney and jockey hollow and fishing on lake hopatcong and spruce run in the fall. so gorgeous.

          • andy

            lake hopatcong? my wife is from around there. it’s pretty nice. when people like me talk smack about NJ, places like that are a good comeback.

  • Bear

    Rant: My boyfriend moved back to Tunisia this weekend. Without saying goodbye or even telling me he was leaving.

    Rave: After hearing his reasons for doing so, I realized that I dodged a major bullet on this one.

    Rant: It still hurts, a lot.

  • Rant: I moved to DC to start a career in policy and I think I may be in the wrong field. I love the work that I do but the expectations are too high. Too much to learn in terms of history of policies, the main players, how to strategize, it’s exhausting. and I know it’s only gonna get worse further up the ladder. It’s been two years and I still feel like a novice. I’m expected to know everything it seems like. Idk what to do. I’m worried this is just the DC way of life.

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Rave: going home in a couple of days to see family!

    Rave: Black Friday is soon upon us!

    • Yes, I think that’s a very common feeling around DC– that you just can’t learn enough, fast enough, to feel truly expert at anything. Long experience around “experts” has led me to believe that the ones who appear the most knowledgeable and successful are the ones who are the most skilled at BS. The true masters in this town are old, socially-awkward, quietly-alcoholic dudes (and a few ladies) who have been around for decades and who go to meetings with the Secretary of State with food stains on their ties. If you have one of those around, make friends. You’ll learn some amazing stuff.

      • Long experience around “experts” has led me to believe that the ones who appear the most knowledgeable and successful are the ones who are the most skilled at BS.

        This is so true, especially in the IT field(s). I can’t tell you how many “consultants” I’ve come across that are “experts” in various fields that can talk a good game but crumble after you ask even the most simple of technical questions. It’s usually an answer like “Well it depends on the situation” or “I have a whole whitepaper on that I can send to you about this topic”. No thanks, I want you to tell me what YOU know, not scurry off and plagiarize an executive overview written by RSA. That’s defintely not worth your “market rate” of $250 an hour plus travel and lodging. Next.

    • I’m not in policy, but in the tech field, and there’s always something new to learn. It does get exhausting, but you do end up specializing in a certain area, and then your knowledge just grows and grows. In the scheme of things, two years is not very long, and every time you do learn something, that is one less thing you need to learn, and the next thing will be easier to learn because you have more foundation. Keep at it; I think this is just life.

  • Rave: Decided for Christmas that I would research the history of our home on Capitol Hill and put together a book to give my husband. Though time consuming, I know he will enjoy it.

    Rave: Already found some awesome old photographs on The Historical Society of Washington DC’s online catalog.

    Rant: The library that houses the photos is temporarily closed due to funding issues so I can’t get the photographs reproduced.

    Unrelated rant: UPS and USPS. Since when did UPS starting handing off their packages to USPS who then claims they can deliver it?

    • Was it to a PO box? I know that USPS is the only service that can deliver to one.

      • Both UPS and FedEx have started doing this. The last mile of service is the most expensive, so they save money by passing it off to the USPS. I’ve had pretty good luck with it, especially when I lived in a building UPS and FedEx couldn’t get into. It meant that USPS could leave the package inside, whereas UPS or FedEx had to leave a notice that they tried to deliver the package. I’ve never had USPS say they couldn’t deliver one of those packages, though. That’s weird.

        • I was in the same situation with a building that UPS and FedEx couldn’t always get into, so I didn’t mind at all when I ordered something from Target.com or wherever and the last stage of delivery was handled by USPS.

      • No it is not. Just my regular row house. USPS said it was undeliverable Saturday and have already returned it to sender thought they could give me no reason as to why it wasn’t delivered.

        And the company I bought the item from said they would not resend the package to me when it was returned. Instead they will only refund the purchase. Grrr.

        • Well isn’t that a bitch…can you have it delivered to work? Would that be easier?

          • I’ve never had a problem getting things delivered to my house before. My guess is there was some sort of error on the shipping label on the part of the merchant. Plus, I ordered the item from a sample sale so they can only let me repurchase the item if they still have it in stock which is unlikely.

            While many people in my office get things delivered at work, I prefer not to. I always feel weird about it.

    • +1 to the rant on the UPS and Fedex handoff to USPS. I can see why they are doing (savings for commercial guys, work for USPS) but this has greatly reduced the value of free shipping from online vendors. This adds at least two or three days to delivery and it makes it harder to track packages from end to end.

    • Re: Rave
      That’s a great idea. As the recipient of one of those research efforts, it was a great gift. One place to check out is the Washingtoniana division of the MLK library – you can access newspapers from the time which may have records of buildings/block developments. I believe District real estate records may be there too.

  • Rave: Finally got my building permit from DCRA! Now I just need to make $500k overnight.

    Rant: Tired of having to pull weight for others who don’t communicate at work, especially when it involves a Microsoft Project Plan. I hate that program with a passion.

  • Rant: I hope I will never have to take a flight from BWI at 6 am again. I thought i was going to die from exhaustion and it totally ruined my friday night.

    Rave: new (for me) apt is looking amazing! makes it hard to go to work. just want to sit at home and ooh and ahh at it.

  • austindc

    Rave: Tweed Ride was fantastic! I had so much fun, and the ride was beautiful. I can’t believe how many people showed up! Definitely doing it again next year.

    Rant: This beard is getting out of control.

  • Rave: baby ducks!
    Rant: love triangles

  • Rave: being married to my husband. It’s kind of amazing how life works out sometimes.

    • Careful, or that other poster will start saying you’re rubbing this in her face.

      • me

        I haven’t seen her around for awhile now…

      • Bah. If that woman knew me or my life she’d take it as a sign of hope. Though there’s a reason I said “to my husband”… because being married in and of itself isn’t great. And if I had married any one of my last boyfriends I’d be a miserable wretch.

  • Rave: love this weather!

    Rave: Thanks to the two folks who offered up their euro electronics last week (hairdryer, straightener, phone). If you’re on this week, would love to get in touch. I’ll post an email address if you don’t mind confirming first that you’re still up for an exchange (I bake some pretty great cookies)…

    Rant: Gonna really miss fall in DC next year. Moving from a place you like is so sad!

  • rave: I have the best cats ever
    not a rave: one of my cats needs at least one tooth pulled and a teeth cleaning, has anyone had this done or know how much it should cost?

    • We had this done for our cat this year. I don’t remember the exact cost, but I think it was under $200.

    • I went to Union Vet. It cost about $600, but that was for many many teeth, plus a checkup to see if she could tolerate anaestisa, and medication afterward. I had pet insurance that paid part of it (but generally doesn’t pay for routine cleanings). I don’t know if I got ripped off; I use a home-visiting vet for everything else. But I will say that they were very kind and would recommend them.

    • Dupont Vet Clinic does discount dental months, where dental procedures are something like 20% off. I think they do it twice a year, and I know February was one of them. I’m not sure if it applies to tooth pulling, but I know it applies to teeth cleaning.

    • dc_chica, you stole my cats?! 🙂

    • houseintherear

      My cat had a cleaning and 4 teeth pulled- about $350 total with the meds for after surgery.

    • Thanks for the info – fortunately I can afford to pay whatever it costs (Merry Christmas to me!), I just wanted to get a feel for how much it should cost and given the range of what people have mentioned here, it looks like that may depend on the particulars of what the vet does (he might pull back teeth also, if after the cleaning he sees they aren’t doing well). My vet says that Siamese have notoriously bad teeth, I had no idea! He also told me that indoor cats don’t really need their teeth, which makes me feel less bad about Frida losing one of her front fangs (although she’ll be lopsided, poor girl!)

  • Rant: Returning home to a (hopefully temporarily) bald, ugly house after an affordable porch roof repair turned into a major undertaking when we found out that our porch roof has rotted from the inside-out due to decades of previous neglect.

    Given the imminent risk of squishing passers-by in the event of a heavy rain or strong wind and the fact that we can’t afford to rebuild it right now, we’re having it demolished, the masonry repaired, and the whole face of the house painted. Hopefully the patches and a sharp paint job will distract from the fact that our house sticks out like a sore thumb on the block.

    This is one of those days when I fight feelings of envy towards people who can fork over tens of thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat.

    Rave: If I need to find a happy side of the whole thing, at least we manage our finances well enough so that we can afford to take the porch down before it causes any more damage.

    Extra Rave: Found out yesterday that I’ve lost about five pounds since the last time I weighed myself (and pudgy kitty #2 even lost a pound or so on her new diet)! Small victories.

  • Rant: Last year in a moment of weakness/stupidity, I cosigned for my then boyfriend’s (now ex) car. He promised to refinance and get me off the loan at the earliest opportunity but still has not done it. He’s also on my insurance (he promised to find new insurance ASAP but hahaha that still hasn’t happened), and just informed me that he got pulled over and had his license taken away and the was car towed. He jokingly asked me if I want the car and now I’m having a minor panic attack about my potentially soon to be ruined credit and likely increase on my insurance.

    Rave: He’s my ex.

    • houseintherear

      yuck, I’m sorry. I was in a similar boat a few years ago but was luckily able to sneak my way off the loan (and get my money out of our joint checking account) right before the big breakup.

  • Rave: fall weather, beautiful trees!

    Rave: my company just opened a free snack pantry with every kind of snack and drink imaginable (no vodka, unfortunately) as a way to get employees talking and networking with each other.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Couldn’t find my lunch bag this morning which means it’s probably under some piece of furniture growing stink and grossness in the dirty plastic containers.

    Rant: Them mother fucking fruit flies that have taken over the office are making me insane!

    Rave: Made some black bean soup that is very close to Taqueria Corona’s though not as tasty.

  • Rant: Boyfriend of three years decides he wants his independence. I know I have not been the best girlfriend lately, but I figured we were just in a “rut” we’d soon get out of. He’s been overly stressed with balancing law school, intenrship, and a demanding clinic and probably felt like I was only an added weight on top of that. But I see that now, and am ready to change.

    Rant: Trying to convince him we can get through this. So far, to no avail. Advice?

    Rave: …At least it’s nice outside?

    • There’s not a whole lot you can do if someone unilaterally wants to break up with you. Would he be interested in relationship counseling, or has he already decided it’s over?

      Even if he’s decided it’s over, maybe counseling on your own would be beneficial to help you work through this?

      Granted, I’m a total outsider here… but if he really sees you as “only an added weight” on top of his professional demands, then quite possibly you’re better off without him. The phrasing of “wants his independence” rather than “wants to break up with me” makes me think of a guy who’s self-centered, self-important, etc. and has been making you see yourself as a hindrance to his demanding schedule and supposed awesomeness.

      In what way have you “not been the best girlfriend lately”?

      • Well, my professional demands have really hindered my ability to be a positive enforcement overall. He never said anything about “added weight”, that is something I surmised. He did clearly say he wants his independence. But then for the past two days he’s been so wishy washy about being affectionate with me, and getting affection from me (in a non-sexual way) so it really has got me twisted. He says he still loves me and cares about me but doesn’t want to be with me right now. So I really have to resist the urge to hold him or hug him, hold his hand, etc.

        I have a Pandora’s box full of issues of my own that I know have gotten in the way of our relationship. I’ve been in therapy and that has helped some with my individual issues– but couple’s therapy has never been something I think he would agree to.

        We live together. With two other roomates/mutual friends. Therein lies the problem.

        • Anonymous 54, can you move out?

          I don’t know you or your situation, obviously, but I just get the feeling that you’re unnecessarily blaming yourself.

          And he actually said “I want my independence”? Not “I want to break up” or “I don’t think this relationship is working” or whatever, but “I want my independence”?? Is this an indirect way of asking for carte blanche to sleep around or something??

  • Rant–Co workers already decorating for Christmas!
    Rave–It’s almost 70 degrees outside!

  • If you had to drive from Capitol Hill to Falls Church (and get there by 8:45) what route would you take?

  • Southeast Freeway, across the 14th St. bridge, North on GW Parkway, exit onto 50 West, Lee Highway or Spout Run depending on where you’re going in FC might be an option.

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