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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Hope many of you can make the PoP 5 year anniversary party tonight at Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW). There will be 4 different casks of DC Brau Public. Amarillo, Cascade/Mango, Rakau/Mango, Sorachi Ace!

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  • Congrats! I have really loved this site. I can’t believe it’s all put together by one person.

  • Rant: The severe shortage of doctors in DC. I don’t have any special needs; I just need one for regular checkups and the like. The closest one I’ve been able to find that’s taking new patients is out by American University… and I live in SE. That’s pretty far to go if I have the flu or something.

    • is going to a minute clinic an option? it isn’t ideal but they do basic check-ups and will definitely help you out if you are feeling under the weather.

      • I guess. I’m not sick at the moment but I’d still like to have a regular primary care physician. I’ve been in DC since 2005 and still can’t find one (besides a horrible doctor out by Landmark that I went to out of desperation a couple times).

        • P.S. – If anyone knows of a doctor that has a waitlist or something please let me know!

          • I just got into Mahmoud H Mustafa, MD office. They were excepting new patients a month ago. On 23rd and M st.

            Also there’s a nice urgent care near Cleveland park metro. They don’t take my insurance, but only charge $75 to see a doctor. Good hours.

          • I’ve seen Dr. Lizy Thomas at Capitol Hill Medical Center for over 4 years, and have always liked her. Not sure about her waitlist, I’m afraid. I can say that she does not take Aetna.

          • I’ve tried Lizy Thomas in the past, and unfortunately she’s not taking new patients. Though I guess I could try again since it’s probably been a year or so since I’ve harassed her office. 🙂

          • I second Dr. Moustafa. I started seeing him after a recommendation on this blog a few months ago. I really like the guy.

          • Thanks for the Dr. Mustafa recommendations! 23rd and M is really not bad to get to from Capitol Hill.

    • Maybe I’m missing it, but piggy backing on your rant, there aren’t a lot of urgent care clinics in the city. Minute clinics are great but there are only three as far as I can tell, and their services are limited. It sucks if you’re really sick or break something on off hours you have to consider going to an ER.

      But I could be missing something, and my assessment could be totally wrong.

    • Just call your closest doctor. I did and even though he wasn’t “accepting new patients” he saw me two days later.

      • When I call my closest doctor (and the 50 next-closest) I just get receptionists saying they can’t make an appointment because they can’t take any more patients. How do you manage to get around that?

    • Become a congressman or representative. Free health care for life!

    • Have you tried Washington Primary Care Physicians ((202) 546-4504) (660 PA Ave SE/next to Pitango Gelato)? There are several docs in the practice. Unfortunately, Dr. Osborn is leaving. But they have a replacement for her.

      • Yep, I exhausted that option right off the bat– they’re all booked. It’s a shame because that location would be so convenient for me.

      • One of the doctors there was the one that recommended me to the place by American University. The practice just opened, he said, which is why I can get in if I’m quick enough.

    • Still not very close to you (but better than Friendship Heights), I see a doctor at the Internal Medicine practice at Washington Hospital Center. The practice is in the hospital, but it’s just a regular doctor’s office. I’ve only been once, and found the scheduling and wait times to be reasonable. And I liked the doctor– Abby Miller. It’s not exactly a glowing endorsement, I know, but if you have to identify a PCP and establish baseline for future urgent visits, it’s a workable solution.

  • me

    Rant: My coworker’s daughter has pneumonia, and my coworker is coughing all over me. Others in the office make a joke out of it, saying things like “Oh, I’ll stay over here, then!” Not funny when you’re me, and I have to sit at her desk for most of the day to go over papers with her. I swear, if she gets me sick, I will be so upset.

    Rant: I’ve been nauseated from medicines for the past 2 days. It’s not a fun feeling.

    Rant: My cat didn’t let me sleep at all last night because she wanted attention literally all night.

    Rave: But my cat is super cute and I love that she’s a cuddler. How can I be mad that she keeps me up like that? It’s just too cute to be mad.

    REVEL: A friend is coming back to the states from Afghanistan this weekend, and I’ll get to see him for the first time in over a year.

    • claire

      When I first got my cat, she loved to pounce all over me at night (she wants attention pretty much 24-7), but I found that feeding her a snack right before going to bed helps a lot with this. Cats will typically be a little more lethargic after eating, and it also forms an association: you get this last little bit of attention, and then you have to settle down for the night. Also, if she does any pouncing as I’m trying to fall asleep, I toss blankets over her and rough her up a bit and that’s been enough deterrent that she knows sleeping on the bed is fine but pouncing is not.

      • me

        I just need to find some sort of snack she likes. I swear, if Victoria Beckham were a cat, it’d be my cat. She doesn’t eat much, doesn’t really care for treats, and loves cat grass instead (but is completely healthy). She’s very proper and will only kind of find my hands and then push her head/face into them when she wants attention. Last night was the first time that she woke me up multiple times while doing that. I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          My cat isn’t into normal treats, but she likes donuts, maybe your cat does too.

          • claire

            Cats are strange creatures in this way. My cat loves cheese – and not just mild swiss or cheddar but even the weird stinky cheeses.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes they are! My cat’s favorite toy right now is the stinky dirty dish rag she stole out of the laundry. She has a love for bad smells.

          • I’ve caught one of our cats licking the armpit of my husband’s dirty t-shirts on several occasions. Not just a single lick, but a good five minute tasting, followed by snuggling with the shirt. So weird.

          • houseintherear

            My cat ate a piece of calamari a couple of days ago (sneaky bastard). He meowed at the empty plate on the kitchen counter for like an hour, so I think he liked it.

            Maybe you can try having frozen calamari and microwave one for an evening snack. Or a piece of fish or something.

        • claire

          What a cute mental image of your kitty headbutting your hands! My cat is not nearly so proper; when it’s her breakfast time, she will stare at me until I show any sign of waking and then meow loudly in my face. If I don’t start waking up, she’ll knock things off my end table until I do.

          • My cat totally does the whole knocking things to the floor from my nightstand schtick. Then when I open my eyes and look at her, she pretends it never happened.

            She woke me up this morning by cannonballing onto my stomach from the top of a nearby chair. Ouch!

          • me

            I love cat stories. I don’t care how lame that makes me seem. I never thought I’d be a “cat person” either, as I grew up with a couple of dogs, but I got cats a few years ago because I didn’t have the time to care for a dog. And now I’m enamoured with all of the different personalities they have and their little quirks. So, if you have any more cute/funny stories you’d like to share, I’m all ears! 🙂 (It’ll help my day go by in a better way, anyhow!)

          • houseintherear

            @me, me too! I just got my first cat a year ago, and he’s a hoot. I think having a dog and a cat is the best way to achieve zen. 🙂

            My cat wakes me up for his breakfast with the ol’ slow-paw-to-the-nose routine. He sits right next to my head, reaches one paw waaaay up in the air, and very slowly lowers it until it touches my nose. Then he does it again, then again, then again. Meanwhile, my dog (who doesn’t like to get up in the morning) growls slightly every time the cat’s paw touches my nose. It’s quite a routine they have going… it’s hard to be annoyed, because they are hilarious.

          • While my cat Frida is the designated “breakfast lobbyist” of my cats, if Diego wants attention from me while I’m sleeping he jumps onto the bed, starts nuzzling my cheek, and then BITES IT VERY GINGERLY. When I pull back and yell at him, he just has this look like, “Oh good! You’re awake!” (Siamese cats are very good at feigning innocence.) I love that little jerk.

          • claire

            @dc_chica: My cat is a big fan of using love bites to get my attention (she’s a tortie, and from the sound of it, torties are siamese tend to have similar personalities). Never breaks the skin, just a little nip. Sometimes she’ll do it to the back of one of my legs if she feels I’m not getting her food in the bowl fast enough. In the morning she’ll grab my arm if it’s above the covers, nip it lightly, and then start licking.

        • One cat was a finicky eater, but loved rose petals and duck grain.

          Another would turn her nose up at chicken, but went crazy rubbing herself everywhere when I cleaned things with a bleach-based cleaner (needless to say, I stopped that).

          @me – I hope you stay free of pneumonia, and I love that your cat is so cute you can’t stay angry with her for keeping you awake all night. 🙂

          • I had a cat who would play fetch. Typical cat though she would never do it when there were witnesses.

            She also died (when she was 20) during Thanksgiving dinner. Yes. With a house full of guests. It’s not like I could say “oh the cat just died, hey who wants more turkey?”

          • me

            Holy crap. While my cat fetches (I put a video of him doing it a few weeks ago), I couldn’t imagine having a pet die like that. I’m so sorry!

  • claire

    Rant: Pants.
    Rave: Skirts.
    Rant: Cold weather.
    Rant: Tights.
    Rave: Leggings + thigh high socks.

    Rave: PoP party tonight! Excited to see some of the PoP community – and try all the different DC Brau casks!

  • Rant: 6 am flight from BWI for a one day work trip tomorrow.

    Rant: insane amount of work today – will be here till 10 pm.

    Rave: I’m glad I’m alive and have people to complain to about things like above.

    • Be sure to give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need– I’d recommend leaving the house by 3:30 at the latest. My work made my take a 6am BWI flight out of BWI a couple months ago, and I was expecting the airport to be like DCA or IAD at pre-dawn hours (i.e. dead). Imagine my surprise when I found the place was mobbed! It took over an hour to get through security and I nearly missed the flight.

    • I super shuttle it a lot to bwi. then you can wake up at 3, sleep on the van and then sleep on the plane.

    • On my early morning flights from BWI, I like to use parksleepfly.com. Basically you buy a hotel room at at hotel airport through them, and in the morning, you can take the hotel shuttle to the airport and don’t have to pay for parking. Not sure if this is an option for you, but thought I’d suggest it.

    • Union Station—-> Amtrak ——-> BWI Station. It’s the most painless way to get to BWI, especially for a ridiculously early flight such as yours. 

  • Revel: Also looking forward to the PoP party tonight!

    Revel: I met the most interesting people at a dinner event I went to last night, and now feel all inspired and motivated.

    Rant: Still have to get through 2 boring work days before I can do anything about it…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: going to the Dr for a cough that I’ve had for a month. I hate going to the doctor when I’m sick. (I know makes no sense, b/c the doctor can help).

    Rave: the appointment is tomorrow when I’m off, so I didn’t have to use any precious PTO.

    Rave: tickets to the Mariinsky Ballet have been purchased.

    Rant: Diana Vishneva won’t be performing.

    Rave: Ulyana Lopatkina will be performing!!

  • Rave: Rutgers University is 245 years old! Happy Birthday, Rutgers!

  • Rave: My manager gave me the option of teleworking tomorrow– I might just do it!

  • Revel: I am.
    Rant: I will not always be.

  • Rave: The feel of autumn and being a domestic guru tonight. Ready to grocery shop and clean the apartment. Sometimes I have the urge to do this crap – so weird.

    Rant: So, the company that ‘postponed’ my job offer emailed me asking me to tell them if I would absolutely commit to the job with a lower salary (it’s still more than what I would make if I stayed in my 7th Circle of Hell). I responded with an “Absolutely.” It’s been two days and no word – should I give up hope or be more patient?

    • Be patient! Sounds like they are really going to bat for you with their budget people.

      My sister had a lead on a job after almost a year of unemployment. Great interview, etc. After two months of waiting, the hiring manager told her that it went from “yes, you can hire a full time assistant” to “make do with an intern.” I think this is happening a lot – you think you have the funding for a position, only to see it whittled away by the powers that be. it sounds like they are really really trying to hire you. I have my fingers and toes crossed!

      • Thanks!

        I just wanted to say that I may rant about the same damn thing on this board, but seriously having the support of the PoP readers means a lot to me. Thanks for putting up with this consistent rant and hopefully I can stop ranting about my current job/job situation and start raving about a new and better job!

        Cheers and virtual hugs.

        • don’t bend over too far, though! you’ll start to resent them if you take a job and feel underpaid/underappreciated. let them know you are excited for the opportunity, but believe yourself to be worth quite a bit.

        • Hey, we’ve all been there at some point. I am looking forward to your raves. 🙂

          If you haven’t heard anything by Monday, you might send them a “hope you had a great weekend, do you have any news about the position” email. That’s the worst part about these situations – you want to stay engaged, but you don’t want to be pushy, and it can be so hard to tell where that line is.

  • RANT: Yesterday during rush hour I was driving 30 mph (the speed limit) on Wisconsin when a cab driver decided to pull out of the center lane and into mine (far right) directly in front of me and apparently without even looking and then just stop to drop off his fare. I had to slam on my breaks so hard that everything in my car went flying. Luckily I was able to come to a complete stop in time, but God, I was upset at how close it was. The worst part is the driver looked totally puzzled as to why I was leaning on my horn at him. I know typically when you rear end someone that you are at fault, but if someone pulls into your lane right in front of you while you are driving and then just stops so that you don’t even have time to stop, would you be at fault?

    RANT: Tuesday night I was crossing a well lit crosswalk at a four way stop. As I walked in front of the car that was stopped, she stepped on the accelerator, braked hard as she realized she was about to run me over and then yelled at *me*.

    RAVE: Day off tomorrow.

  • Rant: My boyfriend’s old roommate from college will be in town this weekend and instead of talking to me first, he decides to let the guy crash at our place so they can stay up all night and hang out. I usually don’t care when he has out of town guest crashing at our place, but I HATE this guy! He works for an airhead politician that I hate, he’s a bigot, and he’s rude (especially to service people like waiters and cab drivers). I don’t know what my boyfriend sees in this guy because they’re complete opposite. We’ve been arguing about this upcoming weekend since Monday. Arg!!!

    • When I have guests, I prep my wife my telling her how absolutely terrible they are, so when they actually arrive and turn out to be normal, she is relieved and doesn’t care how drunk we get or how much noise we make.

      • He-he! He tried that at first saying stuff like “Gross he works for blab blab blab” and I usually give people the benefit of the doubt. But after meeting this guy a couple of times his ugliness came out.

    • Take a weekend trip somewhere, you know, to get some time away from all the everyday stuff that bothers you (and be sure to phrase it that way to the bf.)

    • Annoyed… if your boyfriend had talked with you first before inviting his friend to stay at your place, what would have happened? If you had objected to the friend staying, would your boyfriend have been OK with that and asked the friend to find a hotel or something? Or would you have reluctantly agreed, but have been less annoyed about the whole thing because your BF consulted with you first?

      The BF’s friend definitely sounds unpleasant… but is he an OK houseguest, aside from his unpleasantness as a person?

      I think taking a weekend trip, or maybe just heading off to museums (or anywhere else that gets you away from the unpleasant friend and your frustration with your BF for being friends with him) is a good idea.

      Best of luck.

    • Thanks everyone! I think if my boyfriend asked me first, I would have said no and then I would have felt bad for my boyfriend. I really really hate this guy.

      The last time this guy was over, he snapped at me because I asked him if he wanted a refill on his drink!! A week after that he apologized to my boyfriend, but not to me. He’s just a big a-hole.

      I will definitely be out of the house most of the weekend to stay away. I’m more upset with my boyfriend because he knows I don’t like this guy, it’s like he forgot or didn’t think I was serious when I told him that I can’t stand his friend. Or maybe he doesn’t care?!

      • Wow – good luck. Seems like the real question is “how can I love and be living with a man who cultivates a close relationship with a complete a**hole.” Sorry, but I’ve always cut those guys loose at square one, so have no useful advice.

        • I know but I’ve been with him for four years and jerk face didn’t start coming around until last year. I’ve only met him three times. The last two times was when we saw his dark side. Even my boyfriend admitted that something was wrong with the guy, but I think he’s scared of confrontation and won’t say anything. I’m going to give this jerk one more try and if he starts acting like a bitch around me, I’m throwing him out

  • rave: much needed date with the husband tonight! he has been working a ton and simultaneously looking for a job, so i haven’t seen much of him lately.

  • Rave: I have today and tomorrow off!

    Rant: Even though Im on leave I am still working because a project has to be finished by tomorrow.

    Rave: Im taking a break from work for a massage as a birthday gift for myself.

    Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!

  • Rant-turned-almost-Rave: DC Water dropped off a 48 hour notice form last night saying that a test pit would be dug today (about 12 hours from when they gave us the notice). I called the command center as soon as I got home, who said they had no idea. I called back the morning, was shuffled to customer service, who then sent me to someone who knew slightly more. In the end, I flagged down the guys who were digging on the next block – they were great and helped me understand what was going on.

    Super-Rant: When the roofers took the roof off our porch the whole thing started disintegrating. We may have to be one of those houses without a porch until we can save the money to have it rebuilt.

    Rave: Day off tomorrow, although I don’t know if I can stand being at home with my sad, disintegrating porch!

  • Question/Mini-Rant: First, I realize this situation is completely my fault for not paying attention but am wanting to get some clarification on my next steps.

    I got dinged with a $50 ticket by DC parking enforcement for having an outdated inspection sticker (expired 6 November). Sadly, I hadn’t noticed that my inspection sticker was tied to a specific day, which wasn’t the same as my registration; all the states that I have lived in prior to DC just looked at month and year and gave a 30 day grace period. If you were ticketed for not having a valid registration/inspection and you proved it was taken care during the next month, your fine/ticket was expunged.

    Does anyone know if DC has this same lee-way? If so, what actions do I need to take? Furthermore, I see that there is a fee assessed at the inspection place for any vehicles that are past inspection — am I facing a one-two hit to the wallet for the same infringement?

    Rant: Will Graham ever follow through with his bi-annual promise to give residents in Ward 1, who live on non-permit streets, the ability to get a zoned permit?

    • DC Parking Enforcement is merciless. In short, because the city is broke, they’re engaging in bureaucratic muggings.

      My FI updated his registration with 30 days of expiration. He tried to remove the old one, but it didn’t come off so nicely. He left the new registration on the dashboard in plain view, directly adjacent to the old registration.

      He got pinged for ‘failure to adhere registration’. I mean, really!

  • Rant: Did you know that AAA won’t tow a car with expired registration? My broken-down car needs to be towed to a repair shop before I can re-up the registration. But AAA won’t tow it til it’s registered. But it can’t get registered til after it’s fixed, which requires towing. Argh. Now I’m on the hook for a 3-mile tow, which you know is going to cost $50-80. But I pay AAA for this service! Argh x2.

    • Why did you tell them the car had no reg. Not like to tow truck guy would notice, or care. After all, you pay for you to be covered, not your car.

    • That’s quite a catch-22! Is it a AAA policy or could it be a policy of the towing company?

      I hate AAA, because it lobbies against mass transit. I’ve been a member of the Better World Club (www.betterworldclub.com) for years and it’s worked great for me (granted, I’ve been fortunate not to have had many car problems). BWC supports mass transit and environmental causes. Its website doesn’t say anything about refusing to tow vehicles with expired tags, but you might want to check first.

      • Yes, it’s apparently a AAA policy. Quite inflexible.

        I had never heard of the Better World Club. Looks right up my alley, though. Thanks for the tip! I would be very happy to switch to them, for philosophical reasons alone. Anyone else have experience with their actual services?

        • I’d like to hear from others who have used their towing/repair services, too.

          But, just so you know, I’ve used them twice in 10 years (go Honda!). Once was when my battery died and the other time was when I locked my keys in my car. Both incidents happened near my house, both times, someone came within 30 minutes, and both times I got charged nothing. So my admittedly limited experience with them has been excellent.

          Good luck!

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I had a car and thus car insurance I had roadside something or other that meant they would pay to tow my car if it broke down. Check your car insurance and see if they do it.

  • Rave: My male co-workers are perfect gentleman. They open doors, carry heavy boxes and pick-up crazy glue when my poor heel snapped.

    Rave 2: Just got a second job as a freelance writer.

    Rave 3: Moving into my dream apartment in 3 weeks.

  • Rave: My horrible neighbors were evicted yesterday! I think property values on the block just went up 100k!

  • Rave: Shophouse for lunch!

    Rant: Spicy!

  • …(still) Penn State!

    Rant: Having a difficult time with the PSU scandal.
    Rave: Still a proud Penn Stater!

  • rant: I don’t feel well and I can’t make it to Meridian Pint tonight.
    rave: PoP, congrats on 5 years – you’ve created a beautiful thing with this blog, and it makes me happy to see that it’s become so successful!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Feel better!

      And thanks for the kind words. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces tonight!

  • Rave: Love starting the weekend a day earlier. Let’s do this every week!

    Rant: Oh, I know what I’m stepping in but here goes…the Cult of the Bicycle. Many of you sound like rabid adherents of a fanatic cult.

  • Rant – seduced into buying a bag of kettle corn in Harris Teeter today and it was vastly disappointing!(G.H.Cretors.) I didn’t even have a craving until I saw the bag there on the special display shelf – all “family owned” etc. I thought it would be good. But really, just reminded me that “family” often makes crappy food!

    Rave – Angie’s kettle corn or the guys at Eastern Market – the best!

    Rantish – Now I have to go to Costco or Eastern market to satisfy my craving!

  • Rave: Had a job interview at a restaurant in Friendship Heights today but couldn’t stop staring into the interviewers baby blue, sexy piercing eyes. He told me I had a nice smile. I wonder if we were flirting? I wonder if what just occurred was even legal? May be I WANTED him to be flirting.
    Rant: The weather sucked today. I was soaking wet during the entire interview.

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