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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

If anyone lost an iPod touch on the S1 Northbound yesterday around 5:00 pm a reader has it – if you think it’s yours and can identify some details the reader will gladly get it back to you. Email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail

“Dear PoP,

My bike was stolen tonight, between 6:30 and 7pm, outside the KIPP school in the area that is maybe Shaw/Truxton Circle. I’ve filed a police report, but I know the police have other things to worry about; I was wondering if there is any way you’d be able to ask your readers to keep an eye out?

It’s a Univega bike from the mid-90s; the make is called Activa Country. It’s a sort of dark silver-gray; it may even have been black at one point.

I’m carless and poor (and I live a longish trek from the Metro!), so the loss of my bike is a huge, huge blow to me. I’d really appreciate it if you could share this info with your readers, just in case.”

Unfortunately we don’t have too much luck finding stolen bikes but if anyone happens to spot it – I’ll pass on the info.

Hope many of you can make the PoP 5 year anniversary party this Thurs. Nov. 10 at Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW). There will be 4 different casks of DC Brau Public. Amarillo, Cascade/Mango, Rakau/Mango, Sorachi Ace!

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  • Rant: neighbors have continued their new habit of loudly playing video games at 7am.

    Rant: subjected to yet another round of the warring iPods this morning as 2 commuters competed to see who could annoy most their fellow train riders with excessively loud music. Why do people do this? Are they really so oblivious about how rude it is to other people? Are their earbuds very cheap?

    Rant: predisposed to be in a grumpy mood today. Planned activity of writing a grant is not helping the matter.

    Rave: Friday off!

    • You should be happy that you only contend with music from people’s earbuds. It is not uncommon for me to encounter people who think it’s socially acceptable to play music over their speakerphone. THE WORST!

      • andy

        Just sidle up to them with a boombox and some Wagner on casette tape. Press play and see what happens.

      • When I’m feeling particularly uncharitable, I think people who do that know it’s NOT acceptable, and revel in the fact that they do it anyway. Maybe they think they’re badass. Maybe they enjoy knowing they annoy other people who are too chicken to speak up. Or maybe they’re grumpy from writing a grant all day. 🙂

    • I’m considering asking someone if they could please turn their music down the next time I get stuck next to someone playing it way too loud on their headphones. I am just that annoying in the morning…

    • These idiots have to play it loud because they’ve already experienced severe hearing loss by playing it too loud in the first place.

      • soooooo, playing music loudly automatically makes you an idiot? maybe they want to share their good taste in music with you?

        • only when you play it so loud that you risk hearing impairment. Yeah, I think intentionally and permanently damaging one’s hearing would classify that person as an idiot.

        • I second Soozles response, and add that anyone who plays their iPod so loudly that it can be heard across the train is so inconsiderate that they qualify as an idiot.

  • Rant: Pumpkin pie. Seriously, it is so disgusting.

    Rave: Apple pie

    Rant: Why are there Christmas commercials on TV? I love Christmas, but I hate hearing about it for 2 solid months.

    RAVE: My husband has a job interview today!

  • It’s Brussels Sprouts. I have no idea wtf a Brussel is.

  • Rave: Last week a friend offered me free tickets to the Thurs. 11/10 performance of “Lucia di Lammermoor” at the Kennedy Center.

    Rant: I realized yesterday that that’s the same day as the PoP 5-year anniversary party, so I won’t be able to attend the party.

  • Rant: Jet lag

    Rave: Had a great trip in Iceland, despite the rainy cold weather!

    Rant: School and work are getting overwhelming.. at the same time.

    Rave: Trombone Shorty concert tonight!

    RANT: I haven’t posted a comment in a WEEK. How the hell am I posting comments too quickly?!

  • Rave: Train filled with Hill interns today on their way to K Street. Conversations were priceless. Wanted to follow them to see where exactly they were going!

    Rant: Had one of those glazed-over days at work yesterday and didn’t get as much done as I could have.

    Rave: Heading out of town to seegood friends and family this weekend! Huzzah!

    Rant: Travel plans = no PoP Anniversary Party for me 🙁 Really enjoy being part of the PoP community, and would like to say thanks to the Prince in person! (PiP?)

  • Regarding the bike – don’t think it is the same one, but there was a bike with a flat tire outside of my house on the 2400 block of Ontario this morning at around 8:20. Had a DC registration tag on it.

  • Rant: I don’t really want to get a TV and cable/satellite when there is only one thing (almost literally one channel) that I ever want to watch. Our holiday guests will probably burn the place down if they can’t watch football though, so I gotta get on that. First world problems, I know.

    • do you have playstation? I think you can buy NFL Sunday Ticket on it. at least you could at the beginning of the season. they may have prorated packages, so that’s something to look into.

    • saf

      You don’t need cable/satellite to watch Thanksgiving football.

    • I struggle with that same issue every fall. I’m completely addicted to football, but can’t watch the Monday night game (ESPN) or the Thursday night games (NFL Network). But I can watch all the rest in HD because that’s what the antenna picks up! Not having cable/sat is a non-issue for me the rest of the year.

      • saf

        We struggle with this during baseball season. We listen to a lot of radio baseball because SO many games are cable only.


        • We used to love listening to the Orioles games every night when they were broadcast on WTOP. Hated that they quit doing that. Of course, that was back when they were good and had Cal Ripken and gang.

      • Yeah, for me the only thing I really want to watch is soccer, which is pretty much only available on cable channels. Apart from that my occasional viewing needs are more than covered by Hulu, etc, so it hasn’t bothered me not having TV.

        But now, it’s not just my own viewing needs in the equation so I feel I’m at a tipping point. And I sure would like to watch a lot more soccer than I do now.

  • andy

    Rant: recently-planted bulbs under attack from voracious woodland creatures.

    Rave: Friday off to go all Bill-Murray-in-Caddyshack on those varmints! Anyone know how to get a hold of some plastic explosive?

  • Rant: Adults who lack basic skills to contribute productively to conversations – a simple thing, I swear! For example, if you find a conversation devolving into a petty verbal jousting match, try one of the following:

    a) “I understand that you’re saying A. However, I feel B and would like to ask for your help to…”
    b) “I like how you addressed C, but what do you think about trying to approach it like D…”
    c) “Your point E is excellent, for F and G reasons. However, I suggest that we take H and I into account…”

    Double-Rant: The fact that I’ve been stewing over a 60-year-old male lawyer’s inability to be a productive member of a collaborative meeting.

    No offense to the lawyers out there in PoPville (and there are many that I love dearly and enjoy working with each day), but sometimes I sincerely wish that law school graduation included the installation of an on/off switch. There are times when all that training is incredibly valuable, but there are other times when you need to switch your frame of mind and make the effort to be a decent partner to the person sitting across the table from you.

    • yes, but think about how much time you get to bill by keeping the on switch on and continuing to butt heads with someone!

      sorry, I’m jaded from working at a law firm…

  • bfinpetworth

    RAVE: The abandoned house next door at 4403 5th St. was finally sold and renovations began yesterday. This house has been a huge worry for me and I will now begin to sleep better!

    Rant: Joe Paterno and all the other morally culpable coaches and staff that allowed those crimes to occur without any effort to punish or prevent them in the future.

    • Rant: People who are hating on Joe Paterno without reading the court documents. No, I don’t condone Sandusky’s alleged actions and I’m not a Penn State fan — my team is further down south. But after reading the filings, Paterno did what any other coach in Division I football would have done by reporting the only alleged incident he was aware of to the higher ups. [My rant could go on, but..]

      Rave: Now that Paterno has announced his retirement, Frank Beamer is on track to become the winningest coach in D1 college football.

      • What I don’t understand about this is why didn’t ANYONE go to the police? Why did each person just report it to someone else in a higher position at the university? When you see or hear about a 10 yr old kid getting molested you don’t tell your boss, you tell the authorities. ESPECIALLY when you see the perv returning to work. Isn’t that a red flag that perhaps your supervisor didn’t do anything about it? This goes for Joe and everyone else who knew about the allegations.

        • You must be from some other country. Do you realize how much money Penn State’s FB program generated? Basically, some boys got cornholed for a few billion dollars to the school.

        • This.

          You hear about something like that and you immediately call the police.

          Everyone who knew about this and did not call the cops is going straight to hell. As they should.

      • andy

        I know that this is graphic, so sorry for those who don’t want to think about this.

        According to the Paterno parts of the Grand Jury report, Paterno appears to have told his nominal bosses that one of his grad student assistants had seen one of his former assistant coaches involved in inappropriate sexual contact with a child.

        It appears that he believes saying as much was a sufficient response to that grad student assistant telling him directly that he had witnessed a child rape by the former assistant coach.

        Tell me: would you have told your boss if your assistant told you that he directly witnessed a former employee raping a child at the office? How many would have called the cops instead, or done both? How many of you would have watered down the statement by your assistant to say some inappropriate action or fondling might have happened?

        Well, Paterno appears to have chosen “tell my nominal bosses” as his only response and then watered down the statement reported to him by his graduate assistant.

        Paterno certainly isn’t the only one who could have prevented this insane pattern of recurring abuse, but he certainly was one of them.

        • If I saw this happening, I would have stepped into the room, pulled the kid away, and called the police right then. NO QUESTION.

          Any limp assertions that reporting child molesting to “higher ups” is an acceptable response is morally bankrupt. A graduate student is an adult, the line of culpability starts with him and continues up the chain of command.

          • Totally agree with you. Anyone who doesn’t immediately call the police and report something like this has failed in life morally. Period. It is a child.

          • I don’t think anyone would suggest otherwise. My problem with what you say is that had you asked the graduate student the day before they witnessed anything “What would you do?” they would say the same thing you suggested.

            It is easy to declare you’d do the right thing without thinking when putting yourself in a hypothetical situation. But, honestly, there is a part of me that thinks seeing something like that would be so shocking I might turn away confused and then try to convince myself that there is no way I just saw that.

          • @ yeah – I don’t grant you that point, but I’ll sidestep it and ask whether you would at some point later be able to pull yourself together and alert the police? Maybe you failed the boy in the moment, but would you continue to fail him and other potential victims by saying nothing?

            Because if you would, I hope to God you never have kids.

          • for real. if laws are being broken, call the police.
            don’t just tell your boss.

            damn simple and easy.

          • I’m not saying the cops shouldn’t be called, obviously they should have and charges should be pressed against those that didn’t. So yes, I would call the cops even if it took me a minute. Or at least I would confide in a friend about what I saw who, based on my group of friends, would push me to call the police.

            But these are all hypothetical situations and mean nothing.

            My point was only in regards to the first sentence, that if they saw it right away, without question, they would do the right thing. Who doesn’t think that? And yet we constantly read storied like this.

          • Exactly. Something weird/wrong is going on with adults you don’t always know. If there is a child on the scene – you definitely know. Take the child away – call the police. Right away. No questions.

      • Well, there is still enough crime at VT that gets swept under the rug it’s only a matter of time before that program goes down. They are notorious for their players very unsettling off field behavior.

        • bfinpetworth

          You can keep hoping, but that’s not happening. Frank runs a high-character operation there now, particularly since the Marcus Vick debacle.

          • and ernest green, and michael vick…list goes on and on…It is nice to hear they have cleaned it up though and I hope thats true.

      • bfinpetworth

        MK – although we disagree on Paterno, we are in full agreement on Coach Frank Beamer. Go Hokies!

  • Rant: That was my bike, and I’m devastated by its loss; I used it constantly. It was very securely locked, and I didn’t leave it long; I don’t know how someone managed to steal it so quickly. Affording another bike will be very difficult, and I *can’t* afford not to have one.

    Rave: PoP posted about it (!!!) right away, the police were swift and sympathetic in their response, and the KIPP school is even combing through their security footage in case they captured anything useful. Thank you and thank you and THANK YOU.

    • Not sure how much you can afford, but I’d recommend ordering a bike off Amazon. They come mostly finished, but a friend can help you put the rest of it together. I paid $178 for a bike, and ended up paying my local bike shop another $100 to put the thing together and add some special things to it. This still was A LOT cheaper than buying their cheapest bikes, which usually run $400 or more. Otherwise, buying second hand makes it even cheaper!! Sorry to hear about your bike. I use mine all the time, too, so I can appreciate what a bummer it would be to have it stolen!

      • Thanks for the tip! I got my just-stolen bike from the nice folks who are at Courthouse Square on the weekends (I don’t know the name) for under $200 (used, obviously; I was not nearly tall enough to ride it back when it must have been built!), so that’ll probably be my first stop. I’d definitely recommend the place to others, if only I knew what it was called…

        • I love them too! Got my bike there, and when both of my wheels got stolen, they put some uglier ones on for me.

        • was this a flea market?

        • “I got my just-stolen bike…”

          When I first read that sentence it sounded like those nice folks at Courthouse Square sold you a bike that had just been stolen. But I got it eventually.

          • Yeah, I tried to figure out a better way to phrase that and gave up because I’m tired and sad and forgot to eat breakfast. I agree with your criticism, though. Oh, well.

    • what about craigslist?

    • Bikesdirect.com

      A much better bet than Amazon.

    • I’ve a got a bike you can use – and/or buy if you want I suppose. It is just sitting in my friend’s basement in Arlington, (about a mile from Balston metro.) A 1985ish Bianchi 12 speed – in good shape, don’t know about the tires. If you want it, have PoP hook us up – (thanks PoP!)

  • Rave: Will be moving back to a neighborhood I really like in a couple months.

    Rant: Move will be my second in four months. I hate moving.

    Rave: It will be nice to be settled somewhere again and actually unpack all of our boxes, hang pictures, etc.

    Query: Does anyone have recommendations for good local movers?

    • I used a Groupon for 2 Marines Moving about a year ago. They were AWESOME!

      • I also used 2 Marines about two years ago. I didn’t have the Groupon, but full price was still a good price (it was comparable to, or slightly better than, the other companies I checked with). The service was good leading up to the move and I was happy with the movers themselves. I’d defintiely recommend them!

    • HaulZing was awesome for us when we moved a month or two ago. I would highly recommend checking them out.

    • I used BestWay Moving for my last two moves. I thought they were reasonably priced, and none of my stuff was broken. You can reach them through their website or at 1-800-675-7470.

    • They’re not listed in the previous POP thread, but I used 495 Movers (http://495movers.com) when moving from Silver Spring to Adams Morgan and they did a great job. Relatively inexpensive, no broken items, and the entire move took only about two hours.

    • I feel ya. We couldn’t find a place to buy in time to make a smooth transition from apartment to house. We are moving to a short term rental for now, and could be there one month or a whole year – who knows. I hate that we have to move twice.

      • That was basically our situation. We didn’t want to sign another one-year lease on our previous place because we wanted to look to buy, so we moved into a short-term rental. Fast forward a few months and we’ve realized that we’d rather keep renting and save some more money so that we can afford what we really want. But that means moving again into a longer-term rental situation. I wouldn’t change it because it freed us up to consider buying, but I absolutely loath moving.

    • I just used Great Scott Movers and they were AMAZING, affordable, and stuck to their time/budget.

    • If you have a small place (2 bedrooms or less, I think) My Truck Buddy is great. Excellent move and really reasonably priced.

  • Thanks for the recommendations. I should have known this was a previous question on PoP!

  • Rave: Surprise dinner last night turned out to be a whole roasted DUCK, full of stuffing and WRAPPED IN BACON. Yay boyfriend.

    Rant: Guess I am that girl who raves about her significant other on here…

    Rant: Apparently I am going to be sick forever with this cold.

    • claire

      Damn, duck wrapped in bacon?? That is an amazing surprise dinner – I’d be raving about it too! Hmm, now to figure out how I can subtly suggest this to my boyfriend…

  • Bear

    Rant: Work. I was so excited to move into my new division a few months ago, and thought that the issues I had previously experienced with inequity and mismanagement would improve with my transfer. I was really, really wrong, and it’s hugely disappointing.

    Double rant: The fact that I was up until 4:00 AM finishing a grant proposal is not helping matters.

    Rave: Coffee?

  • claire

    Rave: Made a really delicious chili con carne last night! And some tasty cornbread to go with it too.
    Rant: Totally underestimated how long I’d have to let it simmer for and was up until nearly 1am as a result.
    Rave: Leftovers for lunch so I don’t even care how tired I am!

  • Rant: Someone keeps putting empty booze bottles under my truck for me to run over in the morning. Not just under the truck, but the tires. . .
    Rave: Neighbor apparently not clear on how huge knobby tires work. That or they do and are hoping to flatten someone else’s tires.I thought it was silly at first to have a truck in P’Worth, but between construction of my house and the roads dummies it has paid off.

  • Rant: watching my diet
    Rant: everything on me jiggles – need to exercise, HATE exercising!
    Rave: Have the next 4 days off!

    • I hear you on the hating exercise. I try to walk a lot, but that doesn’t do much for my muscle or cardio, it just burns calories. sigh. someone needs to develop a better way to workout other than strapping yourself to a machine in a weird public space for an hour and fighting with all the jerks who don’t know how to use weights.

      • try pilates. better work out than yoga, and creates long lean muscles. I hate running or using machines, but i love pilates.

      • That’s because going to the gym/using a treadmill is naturally horrible.

        There are 2983743247 other ways to exercise: biking? swimming? dance classes? running? basketball or soccer team? doing a silly exercise video in the privacy of your own home? walk home from work a few days a week?

        Exercise in no way has to involve going to a gym.

        • Hmmmm… yeah I kinda hate all of the things you listed. Its not the gym I hate, its the exertion. I am lazy, very very lazy. 🙂
          But I am trying some new things- Pole dancing @ Pole Pressure (its harder than it sounds!) and I just signed up for Pilates after reading Maria’s comment.

        • I love playing team sports, but can’t anymore, partly because I can’t make it out of work on time for games/practice. I don’t have a bike, I can’t afford a gym/pool, I hate hate hate running. I do exercise videos every now and then but after a month I can’t take it anymore. I do already walk a ton, but I want to be fit, not just slender. sigh. I’d love to work on a farm or something.

  • (new poster here, just moved to DC two months ago)

    RANT: My other half’s car got broken into two nights in a row on New Hampshire Ave NW by Georgia. Passenger side window smashed both times. First night they took his cheap old gps from the compartment, second night they took nothing.

    Extra obnoxious because it was $150 each time to get it replaced and there’s really nothing of value in the car. Happened right in front of our place and the second time I actually heard the window smash, ran to the window and some some dude leaning in. By the time we got down to the front door he was gone of course and two other cars had smashed windows too.

    Nothing really to be done about it but report it and replace the windows, but really annoying to think such a well-travelled and reasonably well-lit street isn’t safe to park on.

    • saf

      It’s those kids who live/hang out on 9th Street behind the new building.

      Those little brats make me so angry – we all know it’s them. The cops know it’s them. How is it that they only rarely CATCH the brats breaking into cars?!

    • I was walking by a car yesterday and noticed the glove compartment was open and the center console was up. I thought someone had broken in. I then looked at the vehicle and realized that it HAD been broken into, 2 weeks ago. I think this was the preventative “I have nothing in here” measure the owner had taken so people wouldn’t break in again.

      I also noticed a couple of other cars that park on the street with the same type of thing (glove compartments open and/or center consoles up). So this may be a common way to prevent busted windows. Maybe you might want to try it.

      Hope it doesn’t happen again, for sure!

      • The guy I saw with his hand in the car was grown, for what its worth.

        Interesting idea of keeping all the console/glov compartments open …

  • Rant/Rave: Was called a “cracker” today on the metro.

    I think it was meant to be a slur of some sort but I just laughed and laughed. And I actually just laughed while typing this.

  • Yeah, cracker doesn’t rank too high for me as far as insults go, no matter how much they mean it. I like blue-eyed devil more though.The thinks people will say to you at Safeway are surprising.

    • Yeah. To me, blue-eyed devil just sounds like the least offensive, sexiest “slur” ever.

    • We had this discussion a few weeks ago. I’m a Florida native, and we always referred to native Floridians as Crackers. I know up here it’s supposed to be an insult when coming from a non-caucasion, but I just ain’t feelin’ it. I would probably laugh too.

      • Honestly, people may laugh at the term and think it’s funny, but I concentrate more on the spirit of the insult than the exact word. I think it is perfectly normal to be upset when someone insults you, regardless of the term used. If someone doesn’t get that they are directing hate at you, then he or she probably needs a refresher in interpersonal skills and learning how to read other people. Nothing is funny about hateful comments.

        • I think I’d be upset if it were founded on something. It’s not, so cracker is funny. Megan is right too, Blue-eyed devil sounds pretty damned sexy. Red-headed step child, not so much . . .

  • Rave: The citizens of Mississippi voted against the Personhood amendment. The thought of that amendment scared the bejesus out of me.

    Rant: Have to go to court tomorrow on my day off.

    Rave: Will be making all overtime while sitting down there.

    Rave: Holiday weekend. Thank you to all the Veterans out there.

  • I like to think that I would be the buttery tastiness of a Ritz. I’ve been called cracker, honkey, white German nazi devil, white devil, honkey, faggot, punk, and other stuff I forgot. All for the simple act of sitting or standing on a train. Something about blond hair also seems to set certain people off.

  • Rant: People who use “like” every third word

    Rave: I will hopefully beat them out in job interviews

  • I work in cubicle land and have been with an agency for over a year. After arriving, I discovered that there is one guy who plays R&B on a stereo in his cube every day and all day. It is loud enough where his music can be heard by many of the cubes all around him. Does anyone think this is bad behavior? Nowadays, people use iPods, and headphones were developed decades ago. What’s up with this? Plus, I hate R&B, and being subject to it is just short of torture.

  • Rant: home with a cold and missing the chance to enjoy the lovely weather and colors.

    Rave: have a job that provides sick leave.

    Rave: cuddling with kitties and catching up on my reading (finally reading The Help).

  • Rant – Steel Plates: Zombies of the road, they’re out to eat my car I tell you!

    Rant – DCRA: I’m trying to get a construction permit approved, can’t afford to hire an architect. I’ve taken off 3 days now to go there and each time I go they tell me there’s something I need to do, now I truly understand why most people don’t do major renovations on their houses, or do it without permits. Even though there’s a pretty new building, the mentality of giving people the “run around” are still in place.

    • saf

      DCRA – just thinking about them makes me so mad that I can barely type.

    • Are you going through the Homeowners Center there? I made the mistake of going the regular route at first–then went via Homeowners and it was a breeze.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Props to the cops:

    “RT @DCPoliceDept Bank Robbery: 1400 B/O U St NW: Suspect in custody/2820”

  • Hire a permit expediter. Much easier. We used one when we did our kitchen 10 years ago, so I don’t know if she’s still around. It costs $250-$350, I think.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the anorexic women who bring nasty baked goods to work and try to force them on me.

    Rave: long weekend coming up.

  • Luv the permit process. can’t get a red card unless you have 2 blue cards, can’t get a blue card unless you have a yellow and green card, etc.

  • Did there ever end up being a ladies of PoP hh last week? How’d it go and are there plans for another?

    • From the comments I read on this website the following day, they had a great turn out and will plan another one soon. I hope to make it to the next one!

    • Yeah, it took place Tues. 11/1 at Tonic. It was fun!

      I don’t think there are concrete plans for a second one yet, but I imagine there will be before too long.

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