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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Great night trick or treating with the kids.

    Rant: I can’t trick or treat with my kids in my own neighborhood because the local children like to shoot up the place. Glad there are at least a couple safe neighborhoods in DC where gunplay isn’t the norm.

  • Rant: Anyone else keep hearing this insane banging noise coming from near the Columbia Heights metro? I live around the corner and the sound kept me up all night. I think it is from those metal panels on 14th Street. I hope it stops…

    Revel: Coffee is helping me power through…

    • YES! It is from those awful metal plates on the ground. It kept waking me up all night. It sounded like a fright train coming through my apartment. This better not continue. This is my rant today as well.

    • hispanicandproud

      It was loud as heck! My brother said he thought he was in Iraq. Anyone know if this will be fixed today?

      • I saw a construction crew putting up barriers around it on my way to the metro this morning. Lets hope they are fixing it!

        • It eased overnight but started up again this morning at 6:00 a.m. I thought it was construction (dropping gravel down giant metal chutes into great metal bins.) But then ebbed again by around 8, so hopefully barriers have solved it!

  • That Ronald McDonald is seriously freaking me out.

  • Rant: My dad saw a schnauzer twice yesterday. Once at his office but before he could go grab some food to catch it the dog had already wondered off. The second time was on his way home from work several miles from his office. In the few seconds it took for him to turn around to pick it up the dog had been run over and killed. He picked it up and buried it but he is very bummed about it. I feel bad for him.

    Rant: Gave the teenagers next door some candy because they came and knocked on my door last night. I sat and watched them out the window as they ate it and threw all of the wrappers on the ground. I sure do wish I could get some neighbors that were productive, job holding citizens instead of living off the government, selling crack, littering (crack baggies everywhere, etc), and teaching their young children how to cuss. At least I know I’ll be a better parent than that someday. I’m seriously considering asking them to pick up the trash.

    • Oh and I had all of like 5 trick-or-treaters so if anybody needs candy then come on by!

    • I saw a large dog (appeared to be a Rottie) sprint through Logan Circle and continue down P Street across 12th at around 715 this morning. I’ve been worried about it ever since, and I hope its owner found it safe and unharmed.

    • I’m really sorry about your dad’s experience. I’ve seen animals get hit, and it’s an awful image that sticks with you. So sorry.

    • SouthwestDC

      That’s so sad– I would be devastated as well. I’m going to give my Schanuzers extra love when I get home today.

  • Rant: Tired

    Rave: Excited for the Metropolitan Cooking Show this weekend. Actually, kind of pumped for it!

    Rant: I don’t know if this counts as a rant, but that picture from Pablo.Raw is super creepy. THAT Ronald McDonald scares the beejezus out of me.

  • Rant: I’m more disturbed by the Lululemon murder than I probably should be, mostly because of the Apple Store employees. I can understand one person acting on primitive instinct by not getting involved, but a group of people agreeing to not do anything just sickens me. I hope it weighs heavily on their conscience for the rest of their lives.

    • I haven’t been following the trial. What did they hear and when did they hear it?

    • Agreed. This is a very disturbing case. I partly explain it to people living in the city and having the habit of “not wanting to get involved.” However, I’m not sure what else explains it except a weakness of character and plain old human nature. When I took a CPR class at the Red Cross, they said you should always point directly at a person before you provided assistance and say, “YOU, call 911.” If people are not specifically directed to do things, sometimes no one does it. A very disconcerting situation all around.

      • It just makes me sad for this world. That should any one of of us be in danger and screaming for help, that others would just not act.

        • Well, I’m hoping this is a fairly isolated case. While there are examples out there in the media of people doing nothing, there are also stories of heroes, risking life and limb, to help others. You never know.

          • I guess it’s the fact that you never know that bothers me. But still, yes, you’re right. There are heroes out there.

        • unfortunately, I think this is the norm because people are scared to get involved. look at the guy that was killed earlier this year at Florida Ave and N. Cap. because he was trying to help a woman. he was doing the right thing and paid for it with his life. I think those are the kinds of situations that make people hestiate to get involved.

          however, these is ZERO excuse for the behavior of the apple employees. none. they were separated by a wall and in no danger themselves…instead they chose to do nothing and someone was killed.

      • Yeah, I think it is hard to judge exactly how you would react in that situation. We all like to think that we would of course do the right thing and help, but time and time again cases like this happen–ordinary, generally decent people do not step in to help when they hear someone in trouble. It’s kind of scary and sad, and definitely a part of human nature we should be aware of so we can avoid doing the same thing ourselves.

        • Normally I’d agree with you, but in this case, if I was behind another wall and could safely make a call without alerting whoever was next door that I was doing so, I would absolutely call. No doubt. And I’m the type of person that has sympathy of those in moments of panic who don’t necessarily act appropriately.

          • Agreed. In this situation, there was no risk to their safety for calling 911. I just do not understand how they couldn’t have done something, anything. They heard “high pitched screams” and pleading and still did nothing.

        • We also don’t know if Jayna Murray would have survived even if the employees had made the call. She was brutalized pretty badly, and I don’t think it took that long. However, they still should have called.

        • it’s also a product of a desensitized society… i really think so.. when a fight breaks out, everyone turns around and watches instead of calling someone to do something about it… i had no idea the apple group collectively agreed not to do anything, that makes my stomach turn. you’d think it would be the opposite… that if there was a group of people, they’d all feel comfortable calling 911… together… so sad.

    • I agree – I just don’t understand how the Apple employees could do NOTHING. What were they thinking?

      The indifference to what they heard taking place next door is heartbreaking. If just ONE of them had taken 30 seconds to call 911, Jayna might have survived.

      • I don’t understand how they could have just gone on with their evening knowing what they are hearing next door.


      • I know nothing about how the law would pertain to this sort of behavior, but is there any chance the victim’s family could take these Apple Store employees to civil court for this?

        • Not sure what the law is in Maryland, but a New York Times article about a “bystander effect” case said:

          “In New York, as in most other states, there is no legal obligation for a bystander to help someone in distress, said Harold Takooshian, a psychology professor at Fordham University who has also studied the subject.”

          Questions Surround a Delay in Help for a Dying Man
          Published: April 25, 2010

    • I have to admit, I usually don’t do anything when I hear screaming because so many people scream for non-serious reasons. I used to have neighbors whose kids would scream bloody murder 24/7, and I would have had no idea if they were actually being murdered. Even adults (usually women) do it all the time. I think some people are reluctant to deal with the police, as well, because they can be downright nasty to you if it’s a false alarm.

      • Screaming is one thing. But if someone was screaming “God help me,” you wouldn’t do anything? Especially if it was accompanied by the sounds of things being thrown around and a scuffle?

      • This case may be different in that they heard pleading and banging and what not but in general I agree with you.

        My Ex-GF was good at this. I would be cooking dinner and she would be watching Law and Order. She would start screaming at the top of her lungs as I run out with a pan of boiling hot food spilling all over the floor. After nearly breaking my neck and burning myself she’s all like, “OMG look at this!” *rewinds TiVo*

        Rave: Another reason why she is an EX…..

  • Rave: Kids trick or treating in Park View. Been here for several years and this is the first where I saw a significant number of kids out on Halloween and neighbors offering candy. Very welcome development.

    Rant: Six shootings across the City, including one in Petworth.

    • Two in Petworth (Georgia & Decatur, 9th & Crittenden.)

      Three if you’re counting the actual number of people who were shot.

      • One block from me. I thought it might be gunshots, but then second guessed that it was firecrackers from kids trick or treating.

        I call the cops when I hear gunshots, but I’m surprisingly blase about them being outside my house. Not sure what that says about me…

    • We must be neighbors! The kids were out in full-force in Park View and were well behaved (for kids). Some handfull grabs and snotty noses but hey…they are kids! We ran out of candy and had to close up shop a little early but it was great to see such a jump in kiddos at the door.

      It also made my night!

      • Ditto! Turnout was so much better than last year – cute kids and nice parents (and only one group of interns clearly too old to be out and only one pair of adults sans kids). It made me happy!

    • I had my first Halloween in Park View last night.

      The turnout was lower than I expected, but of course I had no real basis for comparison. From what I’d read in PoP, I was expected huge numbers of trick-or-treaters, many of them teenagers or young adults not even bothering to wear costumes.

      I did get some un-costumed preteens and teens… but there were also a lot of kids, many of whom were accompanied by their parents and seemed very excited and enthusiastic.

      Overall, a good night!


      Rave: A good first Halloween in Park View.

      Rant/Rave: Leftover candy is both a blessing and a curse for candy-lovers like me with little willpower. Wondering if maybe it can be returned to the store.

  • On the metro, a girl sitting across the aisle from me hogging two seats so she can have a place for her purse. If you see this, I think you’re rude. Put your purse on your lap like everyone else!

  • Rant: Anyone over 13 who trick or treats, Parents who also have candy bags, kids not dressed up, kids that expect more than one piece of candy and wait for you to give them more “I want those nerds too”, Kids that trick or treat in your neighborhood and then litter in your neighborhood, 19-20 year olds that mock you when you say their too old to trick or treat, impolite kids, treat or treaters after 8:45.

    Rave: Treat or treaters that do none of the above.

    • Do you live in Capitol Hill? That was going on in my hood last night too.

        • Parents from across the bridge or Maryland bring their kids to Capitol Hill for trick or treating. Which is kind of awesome- better that the parents are involved and think “safer,fun,etc” than parents who do nothing..and some houses really get into Hilloween-so its an experience. I am excited to see these kids-but I did not spend 50 dollars on candy to hand to adults, people not dressed up, teenagers, or rude kids. Be polite, it goes a long way.

        • Ditto. I now understand how mob scenes get started… 400 kids. I am not kidding. FOUR HUNDRED KIDS. From 5:30-7:00pm. I am thinking about giving raisins next year to the no costume/adults/overage/”for the baby in the stroller” trick-or-treaters and saving the good candy for those that make an effort to get into the spirit. My husband closed the door after we ran out of candy, turns to me, and bewilderedly says “I feel violated.”

          • 400 – try more like 800. And going to 8:10 pm.

          • I ran out of candy in about 20 minutes. cleaned OUT. it was madness…. I give sh*t to the 14 year olds on the phone with the nerve of saying “trick or treat”… trick for you, dearest, it’s over…

          • We used to give parents and teenagers tea bags. It was funny because they didn’t know how to respond.

          • Sounds like the same people that came to our house! Getting raisins next year for those not in costume/over 14 yrs old! (not that those are cheaper than candy!)

    • Sounds very similar to my experience last night!

    • Oh man. I’d become the mean neighbor nobody wanted to visit on Halloween in 2.5 seconds.

    • i think the key is to hand out the candy early and shut it down by 8 p.m. that way you get to see the little kids in costume, who haven’t learned to be surly yet, and avoid the ungrateful tweens and older crowd.

    • Ugh. Fellow Capitol Hiller. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. Every single one of your points.

      Also ran into a lot of sidewalk hogging. Had to walk in the grass and ended up stepping in dog mess 🙁

    • SouthwestDC

      I live in SE Capitol Hill and didn’t really encounter any of those problems. All the kids and their parents were very polite (we got tons of compliments on our house), I only saw one or two older teenagers and they were with younger siblings, and almost all the kids had on at lesat a mask or something. No litter this morning either. I sat outside from 6:30-9 giving out candy and it was a lot of fun. My only rant is that I still have a lot left!

      • Also in SE Capitol Hill, also tons of compliments on the house. I thought it was a nice touch…didn’t really have any rude kids, though there were so many I had to go out and buy more halfway through the night.

  • anon. gardener

    rave: trick-or-treaters who say “happy halloween!” and “thank you!” We have lots of well behaved, polite children in our neighborhood.

    rant: all the others. teach your kids some manners!

  • Rant: Trick or treaters jumping out of cars with non-DC tags at every house on my block they saw the porch light on. Since when do kids get driven around to get a huge haul?

    Rant: Full on adults (not in costume) thinking they deserve candy. Kids trying to dictate what kind of candy they should get when they didn’t like the piece I was giving them and kids not saying thank-you.

    Rave: After getting frustrated with the trick or treaters I shut my porch light off at 8pm and enjoyed some of the leftover candy.

    Rave: I won’t be in DC next year for Halloween!

    • After having similiar experiences over the last few years, I’ve stopped giving out candy. I’ve had parents ask me to refill their water bottles (three times by the same group of people in one night!), barge in to my house to look at the hardwood floors, use my bathroom (ok for little kids but adults too?), & teenagers grabbing fists full of candy. Now I lock up the house, turn the lights out and go out to eat instead.

      • You let strangers into your home on Halloween?

        You can’t be serious.

        • No adults have come into the house other than the one lady who nearly knocked me over when she saw we were in process of having wood floors installed. I had to lean against the door to try to keep her out. It was after that visit that I stopped giving out candy. I’ve let little kids use the bathroom though. Probably because I once watched my friend wet her pants on my neighbor’s porch one year when we were trick or treating. She thought we didn’t notice. She took off her peed-on tights in the bathroom and put them in her candy bag and then complained when we got home that some of her candy was wet. Ick!

          • Ha Ha! I think I peed myself on halloween growing up! You just brought back some repressed memories! I was dracula that year.

            OK, I understand. You’re off the hook- and a much nicer person than I am.

            Only for little kids though.

      • i don’t care if a kid has to use the bathroom. hold it until you get home, you can’t be too far away.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Woke up with a headache and my hand hurts.

    Rant: Weird ass dream about a PoP party. There were mice and rats everywhere! Luckily there were also snakes to eat the rodents, but the snakes were freaking guests out. Clearly I read this blog way too much.

    Rave: My Grandpa told the rest of the family what great correspondents my sister and I are. Suck on that cousins! We ware the favorites! (I kid.)

  • Rave: cute kids trick or treating in park view last night. At least 30 or so came around but we ran out of candy.

    Rant: kids banging on our door at 9pm looking for candy when our light is off. Don’t they know the rules of halloween? And its sad that adults don’t seem to bother to teach their kids to say “thank you” anymore. I guess home training is old fashioned.

    Major Rant: a-holes on crotch rockets racing up and down Warder Street last night. its a miracle no kids were hit. I called police and they did a drive through but lost the guy when he cut through alley. This racing went on for hours cause I called the cops again at 1am. if there was a ever a reason for a speen bump on Warder, this is it.

  • Rant: My head was seriously somewhere else this morning- Bike chain falls off, I nearly run into a dog’s stream of piss while staring at bike chain and walking my bike forward, get on bike, still staring at chain- almost run into parked car, pick my head up in time but then lose my shoe in the middle of R Street and run over it with my bike.

    Rave: Crossing guard at R and New Hampshire who pretended I was a perfectly graceful young woman, smiled at me, and wished me a good day. 😀

  • Rave: Good crowd of kids this year. Good costumes (some just thrown together, but still…), polite kids (lots of please’s and thank you’s) and good-natured parents and neighbors.

    rave #2: We got good mileage out of the fake bloody arm we had sticking out the front door. Scared all the kids, especially when they didn’t see it at first, strode up to the door for candy, then jumped back about 3 feet!

    • That was my experience also on Webster St. Really cute, sweet kids, and VERY polite. I felt happy about that.

      On one sorta downside, two cute little kids accompanied by moms dressed as nurses, seeking candy. I said, “but you’re real nurses, and I’m only giving candy to little kids.” I said told a few adults I was only giving candy to little kids. Not like I have an endless supply.

      I was out of my three bags of candy by 8. I kept the lights on and pumpkins out and put a sign on the door that said I was out of candy. People left me alone.

      All in all, a nice Halloween.

      Rave: Smashing Pumpkin ale from D’Vinos! Yum. Might account for my good mood.

    • sweet! I’m glad you were the funhouse.. I used to love the ones who really got into it.. maybe next year i’ll try something out of the box

  • Rave: Looks like Jonesy was right about that Kardashian chick and her “marriage.” I think some of you owe her an apology 🙂

    Rant: Does anyone really think a marriage which only lasts for 10 days was entered into by people who really intended to stay married in the first place?

    • I giggled last night when I was flipping through the channels and saw E was airing her wedding special (again) on the day she filed for divorce.

      People like that cheapen marriage.

    • agreed on the jonesy thing…. this is why catholics get counseling first, however this debacle is a sh*t show for the cameras… it’s embarrassing

    • Gay people can’t get married because it “ruins the sanctity of marriage” but yet we allow Karadashians to marry, multiple times! WTH?

  • claire

    Rant: Similar to others, had lots of teenagers come by for trick or treating last night – and they weren’t wearing costumes, sometimes had *two* bags for candy each (seriously??), and barely even said a word! I definitely still went trick or treating as a teenager (I was a candy fiend), but I at least wore a costume and thanked people!

    Rave: Ladies of PoP happy hour tonight!
    Rant: Still not sure if I can make it, and if I can, probably can’t get there before seven.

  • rant: husband’s workplace is a mess, and makes husband a real pain in the ass to be around.
    rant: it’s only tuesday.
    rave: made lots of yummy treats over the weekend!

  • Rave: Polite trick-or treaters said thank you and Happy Halloween! And very little candy litter this morning.

    Rave II: No shootings in Trinidad last night!!!

  • Rave: My first Halloween in SE Capitol Hill. We gave out 40 pounds of Halloween and had a great time.

    Rave: Shout out the kid dressed as Run from Run DMC

    Rave: Lots and lots of polite kids, and lots of parents directing their littler children to thank me and my fiancee.

    Rave: My neighborhood – the home owners all came outside, we hung out for hours giving out candy and drinking and then went to someone’s house for food afterwards.

    Rant: a 9:30 conference call is still going strong an hour and 15 minutes later.

  • That’s a good way to describe the noise. It did sound like a battle zone. I thought it was a bomb the first time I heard the noise and then I realized the noise is not stopping. I wonder if there is someone to call to inquire about what’s going on and the time frame of this project? I’m sure there is, I am just not sure who exactly.

  • Rave: Met the most polite trick-or-treaters ever yesterday! Two adult women walking with them stayed on the sidewalk and let the 5ish year old boy and his younger sister come up to the door by themselves. When I tried to put two pieces of candy in the little boy’s bag he said, “No, just one.” The women only spoke to the kids in Chinese, and this may have been their first Halloween, but I was just so amazed by how not greedy he was. As a 5 year old I know I would have wanted two pieces, but clearly the adults were using this experience as a lesson in values for the kids, which I thought was really nice.

    Rant: Adults that don’t have any sense of values themselves and come to your door without costumes demanding candy.

  • Rant: People who use work e-mail to send out a mass e-mail about whatever shit their kid is selling at school.

    Rave: Just booked a trip to NYC for a weekend in December to catch up with some old friends.

  • Rave: Lots of ADORABLE trick-or-treaters in Brookland last night. I think pretty much everyone said “Happy Halloween!” and thanked us for the candy.

    Rant: We had so many trick-or-treaters, we ran out of candy.

    Rant: Saw lots of litter (candy wrappers) on the way to work this morning. Not cool, kids.

  • Rant: The Virginia GOP’s horrible image of Zombie Obama. Not cool at all!

  • Rant: The restaurant down the block billows smoke from their grill every morning, it makes the entire block smell like smoked chicken, its fine during cetain hours, but I can’t help thinking that its as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes, and it attracts rodents I’m sure, they should get a higher smoke stack.

  • rant: work. when you put me in charge of something, let me handle it. if you still want to micromanage me and dictate how this project should be done, then don’t tell me that it’s my project and that I should handle it how I see fit. oh and when something just isn’t working out, sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and move on rather than continue an exercise in futility that will inevitably make you and the firm look stupid.

  • Rant: Surly teenagers trick or treating without bothering to wear a costume.

    Rave: Hiding carryout packages of soy sauce or ketchup under the Kit Kat bars to drop in their goody bags.

  • Rave: Mostly great, super polite trick or treaters in Rosedale last night.

    Rant: The girls who dressed as “college students” but had no textbooks; the guy dressed as a “skateboarder” but had no skateboard; the few parents shoving their plastic bags over the heads of their children when they saw the candy bowl

  • Rave: Trick-or-treaters! Cute, polite, and lots of them on Sherman!

    Rant: The car crash early last night. My heart jumped into my throat when I heard it and I was so, so happy to rush out to the front porch and not see smooshed little kid all over the sidewalk. If there is just one night a year that you don’t speed, can’t you make it Halloween?

  • Rave: Had quite a few trick-or-treaters but managed to supply enough candy. Hearing the little ones say ‘thank you’ in their Chipmunks voices was the best.

    Rant: Didn’t see as many people on the block trick-or-treating or handing out candy this year.

  • Rave: Halloween in Mt. Pleasant. Thanks to the two gentlemen who gave me wine, the woman who handed me a hot dog and the little kid dressed as Spiderman who offered me some of his candy because I looked tired.

    Rant: Being treated to my next door neighbor’s decibel busting leaf blower for three hours this morning.

  • Yes, dcdude I did. Spent a lot of time at the marshmallow roast. I know it was for the kiddies but Lordy it was fun and so good.

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