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  • I am so excited for this! Piola was one of the best things ever when I lived in Courthouse.

  • PDleftMtP

    What’s the style (NY, Chicago, Midwest medium, other)? Do they deliver?

    I’d kill for a good, solid, medium crusted delivery place. (Think Domino’s thickness, but not crappy.) I love Pete’s and Radius, but those are almost a different food from what I’ll call regular pizza and from deep dish. (For that matter, delivery deep dish is a little lacking too – Alberto’s has gone downhill and is inconsistent about delivering to MtP; District of Pi is good in its cornmealy way but is way across town.)

    Open my eyes to the pizza delivery goodness I’m missing.

  • Soon I will have to walk even less to grab a drink! yay.

  • I’d say it’s a lot thinner than Domino’s. About 12″ diameter. And I’d call it Italian style…

  • Pasta’s good too. Yum.

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