Popping up at 13th and Otis St, NW

It’ll be interesting to see how the long vacant property at the corner of 13th and Otis St, NW in Columbia Heights turns out. Looks like the whole block is getting fixed up. Note the house next door is also getting popped up but instead of wood framing is using cinder blocks:

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  • I am supremely grateful that the one on the end is getting fixed up. However, they didn’t line up the windows right on the Otis side of the new 3rd floor and that’s going to irk me every time I drive by. But, that’s nit-picking and it’s far, far better than the eyesore it was.

    And I’m glad that the other guy also is finally getting some freaking work done. I wrote to PoP a year ago, maybe, when he’d applied for a variance to turn the building into three or four condos, without parking, and the new owner wrote a scathing reply on here–which I may have partially deserved. Watching that place sit vacant and ugly for so long made me feel a bit vindicated in the end. I still don’t see how he gets three condos out of it, though.

    • Way to judge without knowing any facts!! Just like you did last year. Had you bothered to do even an OUNCE of research, you would have learned that it is NOT 3 condos, the windows DO line up now, and proper construction takes time. But who needs to be bothered with the facts when you can make up your own story!

  • Back in 2002, when I was looking for a place in columbia heights, I called the posted phone number and the guy I talked to told me the place wasn’t for sale… I guess finally sorted it out.

  • I wonder what was structurally different between the two that one needed cinder blocks.

  • Pop ups should be illegal.

  • What does it cost to built this type/size of pop up? I know there are a lot of variables but a range would be good to know.

  • Since both are popping up and the building next to it has a high roof at least they won’t look too warty. Of course some of that may depend on what they ultimately end up looking like. Considering most of the popups aren’t actually designed to blend in but just plopped on top I am sure they will look lame just not as out of place as they usually do.

  • Can’t stop looking at the hideous stone siding on that other building. Retch!

    • I hate Formstone and its equivalents, but the stone siding in this pic actually looks OK to me (though painted brick would be better).

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