PoP T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – China

“Nice day in Beijing, at the Temple of Heaven.

Rant: PoP is blocked in China.
Revel: The subway in Beijing rocks!

The shot with the print says ” Happy Birthday Prince of Petworth. Congratulations on 5 years.”

Ed. Note: The sign is very cool, thanks! A few other readers have told me that PoP is blocked in China and it always cracks me up.

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  • Pop, rest assured that your influence extends to the very gates of the Forbidden City: you have at least one daily reader in China. (Amazing what you can do with a VPN…) Let me know If you want to set up an embassy here or you need a trade rep or anything like that. I would be proud to represent the realm.

    And thanks for helping us exiles to keep up on things back home during our protracted sojourns out of Popville. I’d wager I’m not the only daily reader from the far side of the world.

  • Right on brother! PoPville for World Peace and Friendship. Toasting you now from Beijing after a great spicy Hunan dinner with a fine young lady from Chongqing, and a bunch of whacky fun loving Americans. Blog on…

  • ah

    I could swear I’ve gotten on PoP, at least the mobile version, in China.

    The facebook links may be what does it in.

    BTW, I love that a “nice” day is a smog filled sky.

  • Hahaha Why does it say “Happy Birthday”? is it your B-day PoP?

  • The temple shot was taken by a random young lady, out with her friends, all visiting China from different parts of Ireland. Would love to meet up with them at a pub in Dublin!

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