PoP Pho Patrol: Young Chow Chen Asian Restaurant

The folks inside said they had a grand opening 2 weeks ago but I think there was previously an Asian restaurant in this space at 312 Pennsylvania Ave SE. At any rate – they’ve got Pho. You can see their full menu here.

Ah cool, looks like they are related to the folks from North Sea in Adams Morgan. Their Web site says:

“With North Sea Restaurant’s 25 years Chinese & Japanese culinary experience in Adams Morgan, owner Annie now brings her food and service to Capitol Hill. Come and enjoy our authentic Asian food.

Japanese cuisine will be available in Oct 3rd.”

Anyone try the Pho?

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  • isn’t this like a colombian restaurant offering feijoada? or a french restaurant pierogis?

  • I haven’t had their Pho but I did have some of the worst chinese food of my life there once…..and only once….ugh

  • I haven’t been to this particular restaurant, but used to go to the one which was at that location when I worked on the Hill some years back. The food was fine I guess but I was always disappointed that the interior doesn’t look at all bank-like – it would have been cool if they’d kept the teller cages or the vault or something like that. Not a rant, just a what-if.

  • Prior to the change the food was good (better than Hunan across the street) with out of town Chinese always stopping by. But I have heard since they reworked their space/menu that it might not be as good. Don’t want to thumbs down the news before I go.

    • It’s true. It’s reworked and nowhere as good as the old Young Chow was. Disappointing, it’s just mediocre now.

  • They do not have PHO! I work across the street. I went for lunch and asked for Pho. They said “we don’t have Pho but something like it called Vietnamese noodle soup”. I went against my instinct and ordered it. The worst soup I have ever had in my life. Horrible broth, horrible noodles horrible cuts of beef. It did not even come with thai basil, jalapenos, or even lime. It came out with some lemon. They need to take the word Pho off the doors of the restaurant because it is not even on the menu.

  • I wish fewer Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai/etc restaurants in DC felt like they had to serve food from every single country in Asia. Its like they’re afraid Americans are going to mix up their countries and end up disappointed when they realize that they can’t order General Tso’s chicken at a Korean joint (unfortunately, that actually probably happens…).

    Just pick what you do best, and do it well!

    • austindc

      I once saw a Chinese restaurant (somewhere in MD I think) that had a sign out front that said something like “We sell the same food as other Chinese restaurants at about the same price.”

  • This was my go to chinese food delivery (it has always been called Young Chow), I hope they didn’t screw it up too bad.

  • I went there a few days ago. My SO had the noodle soup and it was okay, not great, we are not pho conoisseurs. I had sushi and it was decent. There’s a huge lack of sushi on Capitol Hill and this would do if I had a serious craving and didn’t want to go far, but I wasn’t blown away.

    I hadn’t been there before the switch so I can’t compare…

  • SouthwestDC

    I live 5 blocks away and didn’t even know about this, but it sounds like it’s not worth trying anyway.

    Have you heard any updates on the Pho.licious that’s coming to Barracks Row? No signs of progress from what I can see.

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