Police Cruiser/MPD Collision Sunday 6:30pm

“Dear PoPville,

I was working on a project behind my house Sunday evening at about 6:30 when I heard a loud boom. Soon the sirens of police and other emergency response ensued, and I went to investigate to see a police cruiser had collided with a BMW at 14th and Arkansas. I don’t know which vehicle was coming from where, but four people went to the hospital, including the two officers in the cruiser. I later learned that everyone would be ok, but that they were obviously shaken up.”

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  • andy

    That intersection is right by my house and it is definitely not awesome. Poor sight lines and the angled intersection are a problem.

    In addition, though I don’t think it was related to this accident, crossing the little intersection of Varnum and Arkansas from Varnum to get to 14th is way too risky.

    They put in a red/flashing yellow light for those traveling NE on Arkansas, but nothing for those crossing eastbound from Varnum.

    Which means every time you cross, you hope that the light doesn’t change just as you enter the intersection, or else you’ll be t-boned.

  • I’m the one who sent the photos, and I totally agree with you about that intersection. I was even talking to one of the officers about how awkward it can be, and if you’re not familiar with it, it would be easy to make a mistake and have an accident.

  • That’s the second similar accident recently. A police car t-boned a passenger vehicle at 9th and Upshur one month ago. That’s still a very dangerous intersection, with stop lights in only one direction on Upshur.

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