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  • Less a protest than an REI add.

  • Losers

  • I don’t agree at all. I support them completely. Why are they losers when the electoral and legislative processes have failed to result in sound regulation on the financial system? If demonstration, even extended, occupied demonstration is more effective in achieving attention, then so be it and I admire them for it.

  • anon. gardener

    Losers. When I walked past Tuesday morning, one of them had nailed a sign to a tree. Specifically, about a 5 foot by 3 foot piece of plywood. To a poor tree. Bad enough that they’ve destroyed the grass, after the park service spent who knows how much to rehab the park last winter – now the trees are next? I was happy to see it was gone by the afternoon – someone must have told them off. These people are clearly not environmentalists.

    • seriously, do you eat broccoli, consume maple syrup, or use paper? the tree’ll be just fine; i’m less convinced about prospects for the labor market or equitable economic growth in the u.s.

  • I support them and their constitutional right to protest and make their voice heard.

  • anon. gardener

    They certainly have the right. What bothers me is the thoughtlessness.

  • I think most of the people down there are the types that just enjoy a good ol’ fassioned protest…no matter what the issue. Plus, who has the money that they can afford to spend a month down there without income or trying to find a job? Not people with student loan payments…

  • Meanwhile corporate CEOs, lobbyists and the business elite use our tax dollars to pay for conferences at luxury 5 star resorts with dinner, golf, etc and people are calling peaceful protesters “losers” for fighting against corporate greed and poverty?

    For those of you who think the protesters are “losers”, do you care that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening? Does it bother you that so many children live in poverty in this country?

    Some people on this list are haters and jump at the chance to put down everyone.

    • Stop counting other people’s money. Focus on your own efforts to be successful. What a sorry bunch of losers!

      • It amazes me to see a comment like this on here, although given your weak argument that anyone unhappy with the current status is an envious loser proves your own lack of knowledge.

        Unemployment is around 9% right now, U6 is above 16%. This is because of the depressed economy caused by the financial crisis. Which makes it funny when people sya htey should get a job, the lack of jobs is part of the problem here.

        Although this didn’t occur in a vacuum, corporate greed largely exacerbated it. Banks, investors, economists and their salespeople sold these convoluted over-engineered financial derivatives knowing that the underlying assets might fail and knowing that the AAA rating was inaccurate (this is assuming they even understood what they were pushing). They didn’t care and in some cases after they sold it they even bet against it and made more money when it imploded. When the system did collapse taxpayer money was used with no strings (or criminal charges) attached. In return, the 99% received high unemployment, home values plummeted with high foreclosure rates, a loss of retirement funds (both the drop in the stock market and pension funds were wiped out), saving accounts are now drawing 0.5% interest, credit is tighter and the average income has actually been decreasing since 2001. And now, after it is all said and done, austerity measures are being pushed on the very people hurting the most. How does anyone expect this to turn out?

        The OWS crowd is a mixed lot and I don’t agree with all the signs and articles that I read but I am sympathetic with the cause. I’m not against income inequality but I fail to see how the very large and ever growing gap is a good thing.

      • uhhh, looks like goalie was counting our money–you know, from, like, tarp and stuff…

  • It pains me to see the stress on the park too, but I am behind the protesters 100%.

  • I enjoy the fact that (likely much to their bewilderment) their permit application to stay in the park was approved through March…now they are forced to stay there throught which will (hopefully) be a long and cold winter to prove they are “down for the cause”…though my guess is mommy and daddy will be sending them warm winter clothes along with their rent checks.

    By the way, saw a few of them heading into the McPherson Starbucks to use the restroom…guess they aren’t above corporations when it comes to relieving themselves.

    I think it is a bunch of crap, I am the 1% and proud…I worked my way into a well paying job and I didn’t just sit around and b*tch about things, I worked hard to get where I am…and I hate seeing their tent city every morning that I have to walk into work, and their composte pile is starting to reek. Never thought I would say this but, I wish the homeless would reclaim their land.

    • we all must look mighty small from up on that high horse.

      dude/chick, give people a break. the protests aren’t perfect, and there’s always a group of anarchists and marxists at just about any left-wing protest. however, to lob accusations about bitching, mommy and daddy, and people not trying? maybe if there aren’t jobs, people should start creating them! oh right, the private capital, no small portion of which was donated by the u.s. taxpayer, is hostage in a system that’s too chicken shit of slow growth and low demand. these are the same groups that were balls-out a few years ago, rolling the dice on credit default swaps, mortgage-backed securities (backed by reverse red-lined properties), and additional, insane “financial instruments.”

      try having an iota of sympathy, anon. and, yes, i realize i’m the one being judgmental now.

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