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  • The house was restored with someone living in it – had a fire around Halloween. See:

    October 27, 2011: Story & Photos By Elliot J. Goodman

    Shortly after the Montana Avenue fire, units were again dispatched for the report of a house on fire at 1128 G Street N.E.

    Squad 1 and Engine 13 (now first due) had just finished fueling at West Virginia Avenue and were only a few blocks away at the dispatch of the call. Truck 13 also close by arrived first on the scene with heavy fire showing from the top floor and roof. Units quickly got lines in place to prevent the heavy fire conditions from extending , this prevented a second alarm from being sounded.

    Truck companies had saws working which also prevented any additional extension, Squad 1 made their searches, and with the usual great DCFD teamwork , kept the fire to the house of origin and was under control within 30 minutes.

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