New Gym, Crossfit Praxis, Coming to 14th and Florida Ave, NW

Just as we were talking about new gym options on the horizon comes this great news. According to their Web site:

“CrossFit Praxis is located at 2217 14th Street NW Washington, D.C 20009 – a 6400 sq. foot CrossFit facility in the heart of the District. Our elite group of coaches lead group and individual training sessions that focus on the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. Praxis coaches consistently develop focused and scalable workout regimens designed to motivate you in your pursuit of fitness.”

Though still not clear who will be filling the old Mercadito Ramos space…

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  • That’s great, and it’s nice to see so many new small yoga studios and fitness places opening up in the area. However, Columbia Heights still needs a large, big-chain gym facility to compete with WSC. WSC is overwhelmed, come on Gold’s, Fitness First, Bally’s, etc.

    • agreed – the crossfit gyms are great for a niche audience, and are generally pretty small.

      columbia heights rental rates have probably skyrocketed since WSC signed its lease, making it less profitable for a new gym to open than it may have once been. i’d think further up into petworth would probably be more viable – one of the big/underused lots off of GA ave.

      • Hint hint. They should convert the abandoned Bacon Funeral Home cinder-block structure!

        But seriously a proper gym is needed father up North.

        Crossfit is great if you live or work over there- and if you have to have a trainer/nutritionist/motivator but for everyone else…

    • VIDA Fitness ti easily accessible to Columbia Heights on the Green line at the Verizon Center and the new location at 16th and U Street.

  • Interesting. In other news, a personal injury lawyer and a sports medicine group announced that they will soon be inhabiting the old Mercadito Ramos space.

  • What DC as a whole needs is a 24-hour gym. The two chains in the area that have specialized in this is Lifetime Fitness and X-Sport. I would love to have one of these come into the district to really expand our options.

    If there is some 24-hour gym in the city that I am not aware of, please let me know!

  • I just looked at their website. Their pricing seems crazy expensive! I get that you are paying for classes, but the “pre-opening membership deal” is $199/month! Aren’t those basically Vida prices?

    • the prices are on the high end of top of the line crossfit facilities. meaning places with excellent reputations and great facilities sometimes charge this much.

      I don’t know how justified these guys are in their pricing, especially considering that they are new, but i guess time will show.

    • $199 is cheap for personal training, dude

  • Yeah, I think $200-$249 a month is kinda pricey for a bare bones gym. Maybe they will do a groupon or living social deal? <–not so subtle hint, right there.

  • xfit prices are more expensive than gyms because they are not regular gyms. crossfit is a very intense, demanding and intense program that requires a lot of one on one and group coaching. Their rates are more expensive, in part because of higher franchise fees as well. I have never known anyone who got into crossfit complain about the value for the money, however.

  • a crossfit gym in petworth is easily doable. all you need is highly trained, qualified coaches and open space/warehouse type space. District Crossfit on NY Ave is a good example of the type of property someone in CF world could easily find in petworth and make a killing.

    I agree with everyone else though that a big box, 24 hour full service gym desperately needs to get up to C Hghts to compete with WSC.

  • Some enterprising gym folks should buy out “Bestworld” in Mt Pleasant and put a gym there. There’s too much competition amongst the five or so small grocery stores on Mt Pleasant street anyway. Time to put a business in there that people would actually use. Another possibility: turn the paint store into a gym.

    • Or: how about a gym in the theater on Columbia Road? Plenty of space in there… They could show movies in the background or something.

    • I’d love a gym in any of those locations (though the Bestway space would be the easiest to get to and centrally located).

    • Major disagree – I use Bestworld! It has good quality, extremely cheap produce and great ethnic food ingredients, a rarity in this city. You should try it out before you send in the demolition crew.

      PS: the other four kinda suck. Fire at will.

      • I admit, you’re totally right about Bestworld and its niche. But they do have a huge space there that could be used for even more. Maybe they could displace one of the other ten small markets…

      • agreed! this is actually a great store for the stuff i want for it…and clearly has a lot of the community’s interest. go find somewhere else to pick on, yuppie gringo.

  • On a separate note does anyone know where the Mercadito Ramos folks moved to? I miss their tamales, beef (really) and fresh avocados.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They have a Hyattsville location but won’t be opening up a 2nd in DC:

      8000 New Hampshire Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20783

  • Does anyone know the latest on the martial arts studio that’s supposed to be opening in View14? I haven’t noticed any progress.

  • crossfit has all the trappings of a cult. look into it. very creepy.

  • Is Crossfit a good fit for someone who is just getting into exercising?

  • What hours aren’t covered?

    Like now….it is 3:25 am and I am up for some reason so I would love to go to the gym now and get my workout out of the way for the day!

  • What, no Star Trek jokes? For shame! 🙂

  • I think you have noted some very interesting details , thanks for the post.

  • I’ve been going to Crossfit Praxis since it opened and it is great. Huge space and and at $199 a lot cheaper than other places — less than you’d pay for two hours of personal training.

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