Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 2400 16th St NW at Cresent St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“We have just the studio for you it is about 400 sq feet; you don’t have to look anymore. . .
Currently available for anyone that is interested in moving December 9, 2011
This great studio has plenty of closet space, it’s is wall to wall carpet, central a/c and heat, dishwasher, garbage disposal, full size appliances

If interested in applying there is a $45.00 application and $500.00 move in fee, no security deposit.

Sorry NO pet policy”

I like the fact it’s located right across the street from the park. This studio is going for $1299.

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  • We used to live in one of the two top floor 1b1b apts with a balcony facing 16th st and the park (the views were amazing, you could faintly see the wilson bridge from it). that was a year ago, and we only paid $1600 for it. only 300 dollars difference.

  • Thumbs down (n) to the $500 move-in fee… would actually prefer a deposit so I can get my money back.

    Otherwise a nice location.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Totally agree. Move in fees are a ripoff, but the rent sounds good for the apartment.

    • The deposit would be an extra $800 though, and most landlords don’t give it back. I’d rather do the move-in fee myself.

      • Interesting. At first thought I would have wanted to do a deposit and no move in fee but maybe you are right. Just pay a smaller move in fee up front and then not have to stress over getting your deposit back years later.

        • Exactly. Psychologically, a security deposit sounds nicer than a move-in free, but I think you lose more money with the deposit.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve always gotten my deposits back except 1 time when I broke the lease.

        If landlords in DC keep deposits, then I’m glad my current deposit was only $300. And they can keep it because I plan on leaving my apartment feet first.

      • As long as you have a lease which clearly outlines the terms by which you receive your security deposit back, you can sue your landlord if they do not return it (with interest). I’ve lived in four apartments in the past five years and never had a problem getting a deposit back, but I only rent from people who are property managers or who own multiple units and have their sh** together.

      • I’ve always gotten my deposit back.

  • You’d better hope you’re not on the 16th St side or you will never sleep.

  • I stayed in the Envoy for almost a year. When I had to leave DC for a period of time, I requested to be let out of my lease so that I could avoid finding a subletter. My lease termination was approved by the building management, although I was told that I was going to lose my security deposit. Over a year and a half later I was contacted by a collection agency. Borger Management was coming after me for the REMAINDER OF MY RENT. Ridiculous. Thankfully a close friend of mine is a lawyer and threatened legal action if they didn’t revoke the collection request or if my credit was damaged. AVOID BORGER at all costs.

    Also … the Envoy sucks.

  • I sublet a bigger studio here for two months in 2008. The renter was moving to Petworth because apparently even though she had been in the unit for four years and was paying $900 per month, they were raising her rent to $1200 for the fifth year.

    The unit was quiet and nice enough for $900 but not upgraded to justify a $300/mo price hike. It was on the side facing Kalorama, which was also convenient because the Harris Teeter there had just opened. Overall I liked it, though the basement where you needed to bring down recycling and do laundry was kind of skeevy, and there was a roach problem in the elevators (looked down to find a big one taking the ride with me at least once a week). No bugs in the unit itself though, even though it was next to the trash room.

    The location is great though – across from the park but for the whole time I lived there the entrance across the street was either locked (even during daylight hours) or horribly reeking of urine and/or had feces in it). I usually walked down to the W Street entrances. I also used the S buses a lot – they run quite often even late at night.

  • i lived in an envoy studio for 2007-2008. the bathroom was as big as the living space and we had mice.

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