Metro News – New Station Names, Some Stations Closed, and Extra Hour of Service Sat.

Photo by PoPville flickr user thisisbossi

New names announced here:

“In accordance with Board-adopted guidelines limiting primary station names to 19 characters (13 characters for transfer stations), the Board approved the following for the June 2012 map:

Navy Yard becomes Navy Yard-Ballpark.
King Street becomes King St-Old Town.
Waterfront-SEU will drop “SEU,” because the university no longer exists.
Forest Glen will be shown on the map with the universal “H” symbol to indicate the location of Holy Cross Hospital. Foggy Bottom, Shaw-Howard and Medical Center will also be shown with “H” symbols reflecting proximity of hospitals.
New York Ave-Florida Ave-Gallaudet U will be renamed “NoMa-Gallaudet U.” “New York Ave” will be shown as a secondary name for one-year to assist customers during the transition.”

This weekend’s major track work:

“Buses will replace Red Line trains between Glenmont and Fort Totten, and five stations — Takoma, Silver Spring, Forest Glen, Wheaton and Glenmont — will be closed as Metro rebuilds track, installs ties and insulators, replaces communications cables and renovates station platforms. In addition, trains will single track on the Blue/Orange lines between Foggy Bottom and McPherson Square to allow for rail renewal work.”

Extra hour of service on Sat. due to clocks pushed back:

“This Saturday, Nov. 5, Metro will operate on its normal weekend schedule until 3 a.m, even though the clocks are turned back an hour to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time.”

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  • I think Columbia Heights should be changed to CoHi/MtP/16thStHt. But really, I don’t think that. I’m trying to restrain myself about the name NOMA and open floor plans on GDONs!

    • I don’t like NoMa as a metro stop name. Then again, maybe it will be just the boost the neighborhood needs to be neighborhood-y. I am slow to adopt change.

      • I basically agree with you. Maybe the neighborhood will evolve into its very hipster name, if it hasn’t already. I drove through there last weekend and was quite impressed by how much it has changed.

        • no, it will never be hip. nor is that it’s intent. it’s for young urban professionals, not the hip kids.

          it’s name is not hipster, it’s yuppie. come on now, you knew that.

  • No need for restraint, Soozles, I’m not getting the ‘NoMa’ name either (though I like Gallaudet U). NoMa doesn’t sound authentic when they could’ve gone with a name with more history. At least they didn’t rename Columbia Heights, CoHi.
    I wonder what PoPville thinks about keeping it Georgia Ave/Petworth (as opposed to just Petworth)?

    • I don’t think naming it “Georgia Ave.” in the first place was such a smart idea. It’s a very long arterial road, and I don’t think people associate the stretch by the Metro more with the name “Georgia Ave.” than with any other stretch of Georgia Avenue.

      (I believe this is why they’re getting rid of “New York Ave.” [after a one-year transition period] and “Florida Ave.” in the station now to be known as “NoMa-Gallaudet U.”)

      My understanding was that WMATA was looking into dropping only “Petworth,” and that dropping “Georgia Ave.” was never on the table.

      Personally, I’d like to see the station renamed “Petworth-Park View.” (Disclosure: I live in Park View.)

      I don’t see that the “Georgia Ave.” portion of the name conveys a sense of place, and it seems a little unfair for Petworth to get all the exposure, considering that the station is basically at the Petworth-Park View border.

    • What name would have more history? “Near NE”? Swampoodle actually referred to a nearby area, but not the area where the Metro station is. Nobody really lived within the boundaries of NoMa (I’ll admit I don’t love the capital-M) before the developers got together and started building and calling it NoMa.

      • developers naming dc neighborhoods is an age old practice. the thing is someone names the area, all names are made up.

      • I thought Swampoodle was in that area. If it were close enough, I’d like to see it on the metro sign.
        That would be an awesome name (although it would consume 10 of the 19 characters that it has to share with Gallaudet). Maybe Swampoodle-Gallu U?

        • Union Station was built on top of the Swampoodle neighborhood. It didn’t go North of K. The people living in NoMa at 1st & M NE are probably the the first residents there ever on that site.

  • Maybe they should call it Petworth/Crappy Safeway since everyone knows where that Safeway is and it has a bit of history. (Sorry, I’ll get back to work now. Good thing it’s Friday. I like the Petworth/Park View idea BTW.)

  • This explains what I heard someone say this morning on the street: “So, by this system, Woodley Park/Adams Morgan would be WooPa AdMo?”

    Personally I vote for changing Georgia Avenue/Petworth to GeorPet, although it’s not as catchy as WooPa AdMo.

  • I think it should have been just called Petworth. The Georgia Ave part tells one virtually nothing – Georgia is along. No one’s ever heard of Park View other than those of us who live in the area, so I don’t see why we would add it.

    • i agree. simple names are the best.

    • I hadn’t heard the name “Park View” until AFTER I got a place there… but on the other hand, I’d never heard of Petworth either until its name was incorporated into the Metro station name.

      Come to think of it, I hadn’t heard of Columbia Heights until the Metro station was opened there; at first I thought “Columbia Heights” was some kind of made-up Metro-speak for Mount Pleasant.

    • Absolutely right! Just call it Petworth. As a compromise, perhaps leave Georgia Ave as the subtitle or whatever, as some folks seem really attached to it:
      (Georgia Ave.)

  • What will be done with the stop titled “U Street / African-American Civil War Memorial / Cardozo?” By the time the conductor says the station name, we’re already moving on to Columbia Heights.

    • I believe they’re going to call it just “U Street,” with the other stuff relegated to the “secondary name” in small print.

      That’s a mercy, at least.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the name “NoMa” is dumb. It seems like it was thought-up by a drunk Red Sox fan pining for the early 2000’s or someone trying to copy New York.

  • I remember long ago reading a DC travel guide (when “hipster” referred to Kerouac), that said when cabbies heard someone tell them to drive to “NoMa”, they knew it was tourists that they could rip off

  • WMATA: Just because there’s a 19 character limit, you don’t have to make all the station names actually 19 characters! Why rename King St and Navy Yard to be longer??

    We should ditch all hyphenated station names. Just use one word (or a short phrase). The locals will be happier, and the tourists are using a map anyway.

  • austindc

    Ditch the names altogether and get emoticons for each stop. Problem solved.

  • I still don’t understand why Gallery Place takes precedence over Chinatown in that stop’s name. Does anyone ever refer to the area (other than the retail) as Gallery Place?

  • As a NoMa resident (over in Flats 130) – and not much in the way of hipster nor yuppie – I personally would have preferred the older neighborhood name “Near Northeast” to appear in the station name somewhere, but I understand why Gallaudet also wanted to be on there.

    Perhaps after a year, they can change the subtitle from “New York Avenue” to “Near Northeast”.

  • I like “Near Northeast.” That’s at least descriptive and unpretentious. Can’t STAND NoMa.

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