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  • Yea. This is so nice for it to be close to a metro stop again.

  • God I hated that K & Cap location.

  • Who actually uses these buses? Judging from how unreliable and generally nasty they sound after hearing so many complaints, I’d just as soon go out drinking three less nights per week, and have the money for Amtrak.

    • I’ll be using Megabus for a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving. By the time I finalized my travel plans, Bolt Bus was sold out and the train was $122 at the cheapest, more for anytime between 7am and 11pm. I understand that some people can save a lot by “going out drinking three less nights per week”, but $100 is my going out budget for a whole month…

    • As far as I can tell, Megabus has routes to more places (Durham, Toronto, etc.) than Bolt Bus does.

      Amtrak is pretty good in the Northeast, but is often way behind schedule south of D.C.

  • It’s too funny to hear all the complaints about the North Cpitol & K Sts location – I went to high school right there. The way people yak about it, it’s the most dangerous spot in America AND it’s the furthest spot from a Metro station imaginable. Sure Union Station just makes more sense, but the old spot wasn’t that bad.

    • +1

      If you can’t see the metro stop from your window in this town it’s appaently too far. Unless you live in Georgetown, Adams Morgan or North Dupont….then it’s okay to be that far away.

      • Is North Cap and K that far from a metro station? No. But if you’re carrying luggage (which most people taking Megabus are), I’d say it is. I think that’s what most of the complaints stem from.

  • $30 round trip to Philly for a comfortable bus with wifi and electrical outlet. Two and a half to four times as much for amtrak that often has problems (delays) of its own. The drop-off points for each can factor into the decision too.

    Until you’ve taken the chinatown bus complaints about any form of transportation cannot be taken seriously..

    • amtrak has outlets and wifi, and is not that much more expensive if you plan 2 weeks in advance. it is almost never delayed to philly (i use it twice a month)

  • P-P on ole Amtrak if you will but from the dawn of industrial revolution to last week going up to see a Broadway show, the venerable train is still the best way to go…bloated fair and weird breakdowns included. So me and Joe Biden will see you later. We’re going to get onboard and have us a microwaved cheese danish…

  • hate megabus – taken countless trips back and forth between DC and NY over the past few years. I will NEVER ride megabus. DC2NY is my favorite and if I can’t get a ticket, boltbus will do.

  • haha, wish I had known this before I schlepped all my stuff for a two week trip to Ireland from Union Station to the old location on K this evening, only to realize I had to turn around and head back in the other direction…very happy for the change in location though again, wish I had been aware before, maybe next time I’ll read when purchasing tickets.

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