Maranon Cafe Coming to Old Tegeste Space in Columbia Heights

Back in early Oct. ’11 we learned that a Latino restaurant would be coming to the former Tegeste restaurant space at 3521 14th St, NW. A recent liquor license application sheds a few more details. It will be called Maranon Cafe and will be a:

“Full service restaurant serving American, Mexican, Salvadorian, and Dominican food.”

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  • Yup, we sure need another one of those.

  • That was the original name when that place started years ago and the clown of Gladis Mendez (the owner)was running it.

  • 1 step forward, 3 steps back. So goes the story of CH.

    • Columbia Heights still must be in positive distance territory. DC USA counted for at least a few steps, or perhaps even a modest leap.

  • DC USA is the worst part of CH. I would rather have a big empty hole in the ground.

    • Without DC USA, CH would still be the wasteland it was for 30 years. DC USA was the anchor that brought everyone else in. And DC USA is also where everyone from CH meets, old, young, black, white, Latino, gay, straight. Everyone uses those businesses. (And I suspect you do too.) Sure, I would prefer more independent businesses, but I am so glad to have Target and Washington Sports Club. I was here when it was a big patch of dirt, and it is infinitely better now.

    • Cue the big box stores are the root of all evil and destroy the neighborhood character in 3, 2, 1 … I absolutely agree with those that say that DC USA has been a huge win for Columbia Heights. I have about 700 reasons why if you want to hear them.

  • Uh, no thanks, Sunsquashed, I go to DCUSA just about every day, for the gym, Target, etc. The parking garage certainly shouldn’t have been so large and it could use more independent tenants, but it’s fine by me otherwise.

    Regarding this new restaurant, sounds pretty superfluous, given the numbers of similar establishments in the area. Would have preferred it to remain an Ethiopian restaurant.

  • andy

    I hope they serve batidos de marañon!

  • I don’t understand how there is demand for all these places that just duplicate the same style of food. We must have a dozen mexican / el-salvadorean places in CH, while we still lack a single Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese (non-fast-food-variety), Japanese / Sushi, or French (soon to change on that front at least) place, among others. I still think a good sushi place would KILL in the neighborhood … too bad about whatever happened to drive Tegeste away.

    • andy

      You may have noticed the ratio between Salvadorans and South Asian, Chinese, Japanese or French people in Columbia Heights. Perhaps this is one source of the disparity in food offerings.

      • Well, I am neither French nor Japanese nor South Asian nor Chinese. I just like variety in the food I eat. I would think that sentiment applies to other people as well … otherwise, every restaurant would be McDonald’s. Actually, we are pretty damn close to that in this country, so maybe I stand corrected …

    • Also, these are not all legitimate businesses. I mean they can’t be. There are about 12 hair and nail salons on the block too that rarely have customers in them. I’d like to examine the books.

  • People don’t lament new Ethiopian restaurants opening in Little Ethiopia. There’s nothing wrong with new Latino restaurants in upper Columbia Heights, especially considering, you know, all the Latinos who live there.

    Besides, those of you who say that there are too many of these places probably haven’t eaten at them all. Some are wanting, to say the least. Also, as far as I know, there are no Dominican restaurants in the area, aside from that place on Park Road. Could be wrong.

    Hooray that this space will be occupied. I hope the restaurant is good.

  • I’d rather Tegeste rise from the grave then another Pupusa emporium.

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