Maple – Italian Restaurant Coming to Columbia Heights

“Dear PoPville,

What is going in on 11th St in the space next door to Columbia Heights Coffee? I’ve seen someone working on the space but cannot determine from the work orders posted who is developing the space or for what purpose.”

This has been an enduring mystery for 11th Street in Columbia Heights. First Columbia Heights Coffee was going to expand, then it was going to become a furniture store, then it was going to become a tapas restaurant then…

Well, lots of folks have noticed renewed construction in the space at 3418 11th St, NW. A new building permit was issued at the end of October and I was finally able to briefly catch one of the managers at the space. By the by, the space is starting to look pretty sweet with exposed brick walls. I hope to grab some photos when the buildout gets a bit closer to finish. Anyway, not a lot of details but I was told it is going to be an Italian restaurant called Maple. They hope to open in about a month. Stay tuned for more updates.

Like others, I love Italian so I’m psyched for this and I’m psyched this long vacant storefront is finally coming back to life.

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  • Fantastic news. I really hope they keep the menu simple, focusing on a handful of well-priced, freshly-made interesting pasta dishes. If that is the case, I, and I’m sure many others, will be regulars. Any word if they are planning to pursue a liquor license? The exterior work is already a bit upgrade and the space looks like it will be very cozy and warm.

    11th Street is really hopping right now … the tan building on the corner has been repainted, and hopefully those apartments will FINALLY be finished / occupied soon. The condos on 11th and Monroe look close to finished, and the lobby is nearly constructed as well — noticed a new sign above the main corner entrance as well this morning. I see tons of construction workers busy on the future diner space. The park is really coming together now — the new brick cladding is a big upgrade, and it looks like the new foundation and interior fencing is proceeding well. I’ve been hearing a lot of banging at the future Jackie’s space, I believe they are working now on exterior / roof-deck. By the end of 2011, I think the entire stretch will be looking really great, and by spring time, we should have a brand new park and three new eateries open. Quite an amazing transformation …

  • One half block from my house. Score!

  • great news! 11th street is really shaping up. there’s a couple more empty buildings that could use retail, but I’m really happy about the good options on 11th so far. (Room 11, Meridian Pint and Red Rocks). Any news on the mexican restaurant under construction?

  • That is excellent news. I really like the unique variety and neighborhood feel of the 11th street strip. Go NE Columbia Heights! 🙂

  • OMG will it have seating for one-tenth of 1,000 people? The neighborhood is doomed.

  • Does anybody know what is going in on the SW corner of Sherman and Park? There are obviously condos atop but the ground floor looks like a fairly large enclosed patio that screams commercial of some sort….a new bar/restaurant?!?

  • Awesome news! I heard a lot of construction noise going on yesterday while I was studying at Columbia Heights Coffee. I have no idea at which price point or what atmosphere it will be, but I am imagining a cozy, delicious italian joint like you’d find in NYC.

    We’ll see what happens, but I think it will be a welcome addition to 11th Street.

    If they don’t secure a liquor license before opening, what are the rules for it being BYOB?

    • I think they’ve had a liquor license for quite some time. I think the folks who were gonna open the tapas place (Ayoubi, who owns Local 16) secured it way back when. I think they got almost full hours (til at least 2). Given that, I’m surprised they aren’t opening a bar.

      • Yeah, def. a good point. It will be a tiny space for sure. There isn’t much space to do both. I am interested to see what they do with the space.

        • I’ve peeked inside, and they are building what looks to be a very small bar, maybe fits around 8 people. I’m not great at estimating, but I’d imagine they could probably seat around 20-30 people, 40 tops, in the surrounding restaurant space. Kitchen looks very small as well.

          • Oh no! 1/30th of 1000 people, with 1/120th of 1000 people sitting at the bar!

            Seriously, as someone who lives around the corner, I’m very excited about this and the other development coming to the neighborhood.

  • It’s great that 11th Street is making so much progress. It balances the 14th Street development perfectly. I lurves me some Target, WSC, etc., but it’s nice to have 11 Street providing what 14th is missing.

  • An Italian restaurant would be a perfect addition to the neighborhood. There still aren’t a lot of great Italian places in DC, let alone Columbia Heights.

    Just hope they don’t have small plates only. I am getting sick of that trend.

  • What a warm inviting looking spot – at least from the outside, in the wintry dusk light. Yay 11th Street! The 64 bus line keeps on delivering the goods.

  • hope it’s a reasonably priced neighborhood spot so i can go often

  • Italian in columbia is way over due.

  • i might be an italian snob, or perhaps just a food snob in general, coming from ny. but i truly hope this place can do italian food some justice. i don’t see the point in spending $15 on crappy pasta when i can make the real deal at home. room 11 is bland at best, red rocks is mediocre, meridian pint is hit or miss.. CH’s food options suck! the only thing going for the heights is its bloody mary menu. please, someone, bring some quality food to this hood!!!

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