Logan Tavern Gets New Chef

Photo via LoganTavern.com

From a press release:

“The owners of Logan Tavern have announced the appointment of Alexander Zeppos as the restaurant’s new Chef de Cuisine. In this role he will oversee the culinary operations for the Logan Circle eatery.

Most recently, Chef Zeppos was the Executive Chef and Director of Operations for Growlers of Gaithersburg, Maryland where he oversaw the culinary and business operations for the historic restaurant. Under his management, Growlers received numerous awards from the Brewers Association of Maryland as well as Zagat.

Prior to his position at Growlers, Chef Zeppos was the Executive Chef at Local 16 in Washington, DC from 2004-2006. In addition, he’s held a variety of local culinary positions including Executive Sous Chef at Zaytinya, Jaleo, and Ardeo.

Chef Zeppos brings unique culinary skills from his experience at these different concepts, ranging from American, Greek and Spanish. His years in cooking for both casual and more upscale dining rooms make him an ideal fit for the popular Logan Circle restaurant. His breadth of knowledge and strong personal commitment to local farmers and ingredients will build upon Logan Tavern’s excellent reputation of supporting sustainable farming and the purchasing of ethically raised animals.”

Logan Tavern is located at 1423 P St, NW.

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  • Did they ever get draft lines at that overpriced, underwhelming establishment?

  • Bet it’s still overpriced and bad.

  • Second on overpriced and underwhelming. I used to live down the street from Growlers…not a fan.

  • Praise G-d!! they needed a new one…. so very badly.

  • I am thrilled by this news. I have had Alex’s food on many occasions, and he is an amazing chef and will do wonders at this location. Please don’t judge his food on Growlers alone, as that was a huge place with a much different mission.

  • I wonder if this will lead to a revamp of the menu up at the Heights, too. Fingers crossed!

  • I ate here once. A roach fell from the ceiling and into my friend’s water dish. Never went back.

  • It was decent when it first opened. Now, much like their other restaurants, everything is overcooked and not worth it. Only plus is the customizable bloody mary menu.

  • I won’t go there as long as they’re using that awful font on their signage. Honestly, it’s offensive, and almost as bad as Papyrus or Comic Sans.

  • The press release should include a statement that all entres will incease by $1.00 now! I agree with CoHiGuy!

  • “Chef de cuisine”?! What’s happening to this neighborhood? I could live with “jefe de la kocina”, maybe, but — “chef de cuisine”? Talk about pretentious!

  • Hopefully things improve with the food…don’t touch the buffalo shrimp or the bloodies…the only two reasons I return regularly.

  • Seriously, this place is too expensive for what it offers.

    And a chef from Gaithersburg? Ain’t gonna fix it. Take me to Shelley’s any day.

    • I don’t think that it is fair to write off Alex as “a chef from Gaithersburg.” Yes, that is where he has been for the past few years as he was trying to stay close to his growing family, but he was also the opening sous chef for Zaytinya, and people loved his food then. If given the right support, he will do wonders here.

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