Lane’s Luggage Loses Lease on Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. Lane’s Luggage was located at M and Connecticut Ave, NW (1146 Connecticut Ave, NW) From their Web site:

“Lane’s Luggage has just celebrated our 50th. year spanning 3-generations as a family owned business. We carry great product lines and give our customers excellent service. With complimentary monogramming on all leather purchases and free gift wrapping you can see that Lane’s is customer oriented.”

This follows the loss of Drilling Golf and Tennis that had been located at 1040 17th St, NW for 36 years.

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  • well isn’t that crappy. what does “lost our lease” mean exactly? was it too high? did the owner just decided they didn’t want to renew it anymore? can they do that?
    just wondering. it’s a real shame.

    any word on a new location?

    • you’re being facetious, right? who on earth thought this was a real gem of a store to have in such a prime location? I can’t wait until all those old school Talbots, Riziks, Lara’s Shoes, and other crap stores give way to better retail.

      • Wrong! Lara’s Shoes is awesome, their selection is pretty good and the prices are way better if you compare the same exact shoes and other nearby boutiques.

        • But anyway that luggage store was a ripoff. You could get a matching set at Filene’s for 1/4 the price. Of course Filene’s is going bankrupt too, uh oh.

      • I never shopped there, but Talbots has been closed for at least a year. And the storefront is still empty. Better to have a closed store than a “crap” store? I disagree, even if the “crap” store did nothing for me personally.

        • Yes. Better to have an empty storefront than a company pumping crap out into the world. it’s not like that empty store has become a crack house.

      • What exactly is the type of retail that you would prefer? The cookie cutter stores that are in every mall across the world? There are less and less individual stores existing today. Good luck trying to buy everything cheaper on line. You won’t even have a post office to be able to go to for returning the merchandise that doesn’t work. Be thankful that there still are a few specialty stores left on Conn. Ave. Remember they are employing local people.

  • Their lease term probably ended and the landlord upped the rent by a billion dollars. Same old, same old. Probably will turn into a CVS or something. Maybe a cool new bar.

  • It could mean a lot of things. Maybe they didn’t want to exercise a new lease because they didn’t like the terms–e.g. maybe they couldn’t afford to mark their renewal to market, as is typical.

    Or, maybe they are late with the rent and the landlord wants someone else in their place.

    Maybe the landlord just wants something else in their building.

    Could be any number of things. Most likely one is that the rent is going up, but that is not a bad thing–landlords renegotiate leases at market rates. Can’t pay that rate/don’t want to pay that rate? Then you can look elsewhere. But let’s not pretend that this is a socialist experiment, because it’s not.

  • Unless they are selling very high-end or unusual merchandise, luggage stores constitute a retail segment that is having particular difficulty dealing with mass merchandisers and online retailers. In the early 1990s there were perhaps a dozen luggage stores downtown; Lane’s may have been the last surviving independent store. Part of the reason: almost every time I went in the store in recent years, I would emerge empty-handed because found both the selection and price inferior to what was available online.

  • PoP, did you (a) take secret joy in the alliteration in the headline or (b) not realize you’d done that?

    • Probably a), but in any case I think it would have been harder to write the headline without alliteration than with it. 🙂

  • I vote for Comfort One to replace it.

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