Koons Roofing Company Building For Lease at 10th and V St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that this long vacant building at 10th and V St, NW (between the old church and American Ice Co.) finally has a for lease sign up:

Unfortunately doesn’t look like there’s been lots of progress at the great old church next door:

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  • 10:30 Club?

  • Actually there has been some progress at that church.

    I walk by with my dog everyday and have noticed people working on that place daily. They were working on it regularly for like 2-3 months but I haven’t seen the workers around in maybe a month.

  • Ditto. In fact, I think the reason koons is for lease is because the architects that own that space intend to move into the Church once it’s built out.

  • There has been LOTS of work done on the church. I’m no fan of Sork (it took some pretty meticulous sleuthing to find enough on them to convince them they HAD to do something) and that building could easily have come down in the earthquake, so good thing, too. So they may be stalled, but in this economy, at least they were finally convinced to live up to minimum requirements for preservation and safety. They left their overflowing dumpsters for a few months, so I called the office and left a message about them. They were gone THAT NIGHT. I guess they know their 10th street neighbors mean business.

    • With the terrible manner in which they’ve handled things thus far, I can’t imagine Sork is going to be a good neighbor to the community after they move in.

      • Awful, arrogant, and yes, TERRIBLE neighbors. So it’s up to the rest of us to stay on top of them and use all means available to encourage them to do the right thing.

        • I agree. We need to organize together to stay on top of them – but we don’t know each other. How do we organize and get acquainted? Also, we don’t want a noisy bar with outdoor patio to occupy the rental space. American Ice sneaked in when nobody was checking daily for posted liquor permits on vacant buildings. – not a fair process. Now we have to deal with noise, public urination, loud patrons exiting bar etc in neighborhood that was residential when we invested. KEEP BARS ON U STREET.

  • Does anyone know how much they are trying to lease it for?

  • finally I can open my carpentry-themed nightclub

  • Anyone know how much a space like this in that neighborhood leases for?

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