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  • I went with a few friends about a month after they opened. I was a bit surprised to see them still scrambling to get everything in order. They got my order wrong (forgot to add the fried egg) and told us the sweet potato fries were “not in a condition that you would want to eat them”. Apparently they couldn’t get the fryer to the right temperature. Also the sliced gouda looks like the packaged lucerne cheese from Safeway.

    The worst part was that the big board wasn’t even working due to a software glitch (that the owner wrote himself apparently). Almost as important is that “big” board is actually a 30ish inch screen on the far end of the restaurant so it seems like it would be hard to read from one end.

    Despite this the food and service was very good and the owner came and spoke to us personally about the issues we experienced. Hopefully they’ve got their act together by now!

    • I was also there when the Big Board, which the owner programmed, was suffering from a glitch, which the owner also probably programmed, albeit unintentionally.

      Anyway, the bartender informed me that the system is supposed to be attached to the kegs of beer on tap, and as the kegs empty, the price will fall to encourage customers to finish off the keg. That means the prices are inverse-market-based – the more demand, the lower the price – which is kind of silly.

  • Went for the first time on Friday evening (place was packed, tho we didn’t go upstairs). My burger was excellent. They were either out of sweet potato fries or were just refusing to serve them. In any case, the regular fries were rock-hard.

    The beer-pricing gimmick is baffling and should just be scrapped. I thought the pale ale I ordered would only be $5.50, as it said on one column of the screen, but it was $7 on the check. Didn’t want to bother our harried waitress about it so we just paid the tab and left.

  • Seems to me that a NYSE stock exchange-insprired pricing system isn’t appropriate during a moment of national disgust about banks and Wall Street (particularly among the H street crowd). But I hope it works, because it’s ways nice to have a new place to eat in DC.

    • National disgust? I wouldnt be so quick to assume the whole country agrees with you.

      • Well polling shows pretty conclusively that the public currently hates the disgusting bankers who ruined our economy while paying themselves big bonuses – and still are living the good life while the rest of us scrape by. The question the public is divided on is which political party to blame more for collaborating with the parasitical bankers.

      • I don’t, so there. But, a whole bunch of people agree with me.

  • Best dive bar? THE PUG – hands down. Generous pours, excellent albeit occasionally surly service, and always a friendly/welcoming atmosphere. Thank you tonyt!!

  • I think the gimmick would work better if they had more and different tap selections. In a neighborhood where there are some bars with pretty decent craft brew selections, why would anyone bother with this place?

  • We went on Friday for dinner and the two burgers I tried were great. The fries were okay. The “tobacco” onions were great but punished me later. I don’t generally eat fried food so that was my fault.

    The big board was down while we were there, so all drafts were 1 dollar off. Which I think was a fair way to handle it.

    We will definitely go back to try their other burgers.

  • I live a couple blocks from it, and it’s been pretty busy since day 1. I tried the Irish burger, which was pretty good, but my wife’s bacon cheeseburger beat it out by a mile. Both were cooked perfectly at med-rare.

    I was a skeptic, but I dig the place. The ingredients are locally sourced, the beer selection decent (but I agree could be better), and the staff friendly.

    The “big board” aspect doesn’t really matter at all to me, as long as the food quality stays high.

  • The burgers are really good, but the beer gimmick is pretty stupid. I was there on a tuesday night and the prices were all at base, but the waitress said prices were changing during happy hour.

    I studied abroad in London, and one night the student union had a stock market night. Prices were listed on a board, and liquor prices would go up or down 10 pence. If one went down 50p, everyone went crazy and ordered it. I think this would be a better way of handling it instead of the inverse demand thing. That probably just leads to the shitty beers on their list being cheaper, and that doesn’t appeal to the snob in me.

  • We went last week, and had high hopes. Unfortunately, the burger I had (au poivre) was nothing special– a 5 Guys burger is twice as good and $4 cheaper. She had the black bean burger, which was disgusting mush (she finished a quarter of it, asked the waiter if this was “how it should be.” He said, “Yes, sorry the other veg burger is better.” and then left her to sit with it). They were out of sweet potato fries and the regular fries were nothing special.

    The big board concept was a joke (actually what appears to be a 32″ flat screen on the far end of the bar, impossible to see from half the restaurant). Only one beer was a reduced price– Ranger IPA– and it came flat and warm, and with the normal price on the bill. “Normal” price beers at this place are $7, which is obviously at least $1 more expensive than you would pay anywhere else in town, so the market changes just seem like a gimmick to make you think you’re getting a good deal.

    I wish them luck, but unless they make some big changes the initial rush of patrons will slow to a trickle and I don’t see them hanging around for long, especially with so many other options slated to open in the next year.

  • I’ve gone there three times. So far, the Memphis burger is my favorite. Don’t care for beer so I don’t hassle with the board. I have to agree about the fries. They need to work on that. Service has been ok. The place is kid friendly and Friday night seems to be dad’s night with the kids. I’m going back.

  • I went earlier this week. The food was good (I had the vegetarian burger, roommate had the meaty Big Apple burger). Service was a bit off, but acceptable. One of the owners was actually waiting on us. I would go back.

  • $5 for a Yuengling? GTFO

  • Not bad but nothing special. The big board is not actually very big, and as people have said the gimmick doesn’t make much sense. I also noticed that a bunch of their earliest Yelp reviews were spam. Lame.

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