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  • SO AWESOME! One of my favorite restaurants. The staff is the nicest, the house cocktails are better than anything in the neighborhood (I love the lychee punch and strawberry-basil mojito). Really great pan-asian fusion.

  • What are “red bits?” and “green bits?” What is apple eel? Lots of their selection sounds great.

  • Went there shortly after it opened and found it very disappointing. The roof deck is nice, as it has always been, but the food is really unremarkable. I wont be going back. I wonder why that space never seems to launch a good restaurant? Over the years I have never seen a place amount to anything more than a catch-all for folks who tire of waiting for a table at Lauriol across the street.

  • I loved the one in Manassas, if it is same owner it should be great.

  • Their Crunchy Salsa sushi roll is fantastic. Their signature cocktails are awesome. It’s a great place for happy hour. Sit on the deck upstairs, order one of the cocktails, and a sushi roll. The cocktails are a bit pricey at $10 (but they’re pretty big and well-poured).

    The other signature sushi rolls are good, but nothing to shout about. Their regular dinner entrees are good, but on par with the other nearby Asian or Asian-fusion style joints (Raku, Shophouse, Regent Thai).

  • good food in really big portions. but nothing can replace the hole straits of malaya left in my heart.

  • have been to this restaurant multiple times this past summer, really great spot for people watching and happy hour, drinks, or dinner. have never been able to sit on the roof because it’s been crowded but the front patio area is very nice. the staff seems friendly and have never had any complaints about the food!

  • One of the best places for Sushi in DC, I can tell you. The Rooftop patio is awesome as well in the warmer months, the dining area is over top asia in your face, Love it. The bar area is a little small the staff is nice and the bathroom are clean. I come here all the time, great food and people.

  • The roof deck is really nice, but the food is mediocre and overpriced. I don’t recommend it.

  • I used to rent office space in the basement of Straits of Malaya in early 1990s. Before then I didn’t realize that MSG came in giant tubs–literally.

    • Wasn’t it an African restaurant then? I have been here since 2000 and I seem to remember it changing over at least one other time.

  • Just went here for the first time this week. The salmon roll wasn’t that great, but the shrimp tempura roll was pretty tasty, and cheap due to HH prices to boot. I like the silly decor and would probably go back. I think I still prefer Plum Blossom overall, though the post about how they’re not very good neighbors has given me some pause . . .

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