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  • Ate here with a co-worker a couple of years ago. Terrible “kabobs.” No, not a fan.

  • Right around the corner from my office. It’s edible, but really forgettable.

  • Great doners!

  • I like their Athens Donner Sandwich. The bread is fresh, and the portions are large.

  • HUGE portions. Soggy fries, meh sandwiches.

  • Very large portions and good food but not a place to sit down an eat. Went during the summer once and it was HOTTTTT inside. But pretty good food for the price. Looks like they have outdoor seating too.

  • Was a go-to quick sandwich place while I was in the area. Fries are okay (better since they switched seasoning on them), the falafel is good, the doner is decent too. Not great, but as far as Middle Eastern sandwiches in DC, about as good as any other place (Middle Eastern food in DC is mediocre in comparison to SE Michigan, where I grew up).

  • It’s not nearly as good as the late-night kebabs I came to love in London, but it’s a decent option when I get a hankering.

    I do wish doner kebab joints were as prevalent here as they are in Europe. I love those things.

  • I miss the cheap Thai/Vietnamese joint that was there before them.

  • falafel isn’t bad but their french fries are TERRIBLE.


  • Good Doner sandwiches -soft bread. Great for a quick lunch. I believe the same guys own the pizza place down the block, too.

  • Fafafel is good but Doner is terrible! the bread is too big and not much inside, really miss the DONER like in Europe.

  • used to be better. bring back the old hot sauce.

  • Greasy and tasteless even with their urfa tomato sauce

  • Not a lot of non-chain alternatives for under $10 in the area besides this place. Bread is really good, everything else is ok. Not amazing, but good.

  • Yeah, the fries suck. But to the “I like to say things are worse than in places you haven’t been so I can brag about esoteric travels” crowd: do you order fries with doners in Turkey? No, you don’t.

    I really like their doners and don’t know what people are whining about. These are as good as the carve-off-the-spit doners in Istanbul, and the bread at Urfa is way better than flat stuff you get around Thaksin. Athens Doner is the best one. Doner + feta = drooling.

    Guys who work there are cool, too. I think the manager said he’s from Kyrgyztan. Might know more about doners than Detroitistan.

    Re: Hot sauce. I think they still have it but just don’t toss it in the bag anymore unless you ask for it.

  • i ate there about a year ago and it was god-awful. never went back. it’s a shame because it has a lot of potential.

  • Love it. Huge sandwiches, bread is filling, falafel is good. And I like the fries. Just open them up as soon as you get them so the steam doesn’t make them soggy.

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