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  • It’s ok.

    I’m pretty sure every chinese restaurant just orders 5 gallon jugs of brown sauce, general tso’s sauce, and sweet and sour sauce from the same factory in Brooklyn and mixes them together in different ratios to make every item on the menu.

  • I was a weekly customer at Mayflower when I lived a bit closer. I tended away from anything with meat, but definitely liked the veg chow mein as well as broccoli or mixed veg dishes. The dumplings are passable. But by far the best thing about this place is watching one particular guy who works there while he is cooking. He’s a tall (presumably Chinese) fellow, late 20’s and while he’s whipping stuff up, he moves with this precision and purpose and ease….mezmorizing.

  • It’s a perfectly fine Chinese takeout spot. I used to go there fairly frequently when I lived in MtP, but I certainly wouldn’t make a special trip now that I don’t.

  • I’ve found it really hard to get good Chinese delivery in this town. Mr. Chen’s was my go-to place for years, but the quality of their food has been on the decline for a long time. And I recently tried North Sea on the recommendation of others, but it turned out to be among the worst Chinese meals I have ever tasted.

    • meiwah has been the standard bearer of quality, reliable food since the chef from city lights decamped to them years ago.

    • Great Wall is the best and they’re pretty much outside your place 10 min after you order (in Mt. Pleasant area)

  • You should check out some of the Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants in Rockville. They cater to the local Chinese/Taiwanese community and serve authentic dishes.

    Bob’s Noodle 66 serves very authentic Taiwanese food.

    Try the egg pancake with oysters or the stinky tofu.

  • The General Tsao’s tofu is excellent. But the other thing is, they’ll cook whatever you want. If there’s a dish they don’t have on the menu, just ask them to make it.

  • its awful. the meat is rubbery and of unclear origin. its obvious that they recook everything over and over in order to make it “fresh”.

  • I lived just around the corner from the Mayflower for 3 years,and I frickin love that place. I have to qualify my statement by disclosing that I don’t eat beef or pork, but every veggie/chicken/shrimp dish I’ve tried is great. I live in Petworth now, but I still pick up carry out from them from time to time if I’m in the neighborhood. Their moo goo gai pan is excellent- all white meat chicken, fresh veggies, light sauce. they also do “diet” steamed dishes, which are just meat and veggies, and you can pick your sauce on the side. They also do brown rice upon request. If you don’t like this chinese carry out, I think you probably aren’t satisfied with ANY DC chinese carry out (which I guess is fair, but still…). Also, they have an open kitchen, so you can see everything that goes in your food if you care to watch. What’s not to like, especially for such affordable prices. Come on you guys, just shut up and eat. It’s delish.

  • Eastern Empire – I know snobs will seethe, but for urban Chinese carry-out joints – it is really good. Hadn’t been in a while but picked up some combination Lo Mein & hot & sour soup yesterday and was perfectly happy. 14th & Irving just south of Columbia Heights Metro.

  • +10000000 for Bob’s Noodle 66. The Taiwanese hamburgers are out of this world.

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