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  • Blueberry buckwheat pancakes. I don’t even like pancakes in general, but theirs are amazing.

    • yes! the blue bucks are amazing!

    • I find them too gritty (not an inherent limitation to using buckwheat flower btw). Syrup is fake maple, so byos. Don’t get me started on the wait, which usually makes me regret not staying home to make better ones from scratch.

  • They do a very good Carolina style barbeque (pulled pork) sandwich, which is quite a happy thing.

  • They also make a mighty tasty softshell crab sandwich. A must-try for my Midwestern visitors.

  • They do a really good fish and chips!

  • I always thought the bluebucks were overrated. Fine but nothing special. I like the pulled pork, a lot, but it’s about third on my list of food options there (I thinknothing beats the pupusas at Tortilla Cafe), so I rarely go there.

    • You really have to like the flavor of buckwheat pancakes. It’s an acquired taste.

      I used to go here regularly for breakfast before the fire, but for whatever reason I haven’t been back since they reopened. It’s not like the retail side was ever much more than a tourist attraction.

    • agreed — I love buckwheat pancakes, but just not theirs.

      The french fries are surprisingly good. Then again, I don’t wait in line for 20-30 minutes for french fries

  • Get The Brick breakfast sandwich. Also anything with scrapple.

  • The softshell sandwich, crabcake sandwich, and carolina bbq sandwich are all excellent and by the book. They really know what they are doing at Market lunch. Crowds are way scary on the weekends but it’s great for lunch during the week.

  • SouthwestDC

    I live one block away from Eastern Market and have never tried Market Lunch! One of these days…

  • I’m a Hill resident and frequent the market at least once a week, but I’m not sure I understand the collective fascination with this place. The wait is long, the supposed specialty of the house, their “blue bucks,” are underwhelming, and the logistics of securing barstools for your group are cumbersome. Throw in the smells wafting over from the neighboring fishmonger, and the experience becomes nearly impossible.

    Restaurant owners have taken note, and thankfully we’re seeing an explosion of options on Barrack’s Row and H Street to the north, but there are still plenty of properties available between those two destinations, and thousands of residents within walking distance.

    • Are there really “logistics” to securing a place to sit there? I’ve always found open seats, since most patrons are respectful enough not to claim seats before they have their food and Market Lunch employees are diligent about reminding the folks who don’t follow the rules.

      • I’ve put up with far more difficult dining arrangements, but they weren’t suffering from all the other issues I mentioned.

  • I really like the fried chicken sandwich, although it is HUGE! Love my women behind the counter best of all!

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