Judging Restaurant – Toscana Cafe

Toscana Cafe is located at 601 2nd St. NE. Their Web site says:

“Delicious and satisfying, the cuisine at Toscana Café under Chef Catalani offers home-style Italian meals with a gourmet touch. From our fresh pasta and breads, which are made daily, to our lush greens and vegetables, our menus at Toscana Café have something for you.”

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

Incidentally these are the same folks who are opening up a market in Dupont Circle in the old Pleasure Place space at 1710 Connecticut Ave. NW.

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  • Very good food. The lunch time sandwiches are some of the best in the area and the dinner options are good. Eating in is over priced, but the take out is half the price of eating in. Definitely worthwhile.

  • Is it still coming to Dupont? I haven’t seen any building permits or activity.

  • I used to live around the corner and the food is wonderful. They also make their own ice cream at very affordable prices. I highly recommend it!

  • I think the food is usually very good. I dislike sitting inside, because it is too cramped and they seem to have a difficult time with temperature control. The service has always been decent although the owner/manager (not sure which) is very accommodating). The patio seating is not bad and can accommodate families. This is one of our top choices for take out.

  • Food is really good. They have great sandwiches and pizza for lunch and pastas and veal/chicken entrees for dinner. At dinner they have different menus for takeout and dine-in which is interesting. I prefer the takeout menu. They also have lots of flavors of handpacked gelato that you can get to go.

  • The place that used to be there was great. Best chicken salad in the city even though the owner was a jerk.

  • jerk chicken salad?

  • Ordering cannoli in the former Pleasure Place will make me snicker.

  • is this family style? $21+ for pasta sounds a bit high. The Secondi prices seem okay though…i guess a couple could split one pasta though?

  • Really? I ate here once (dine in) and don’t recall the food being anything special at all. Perhaps it was an off night. Their happy hour is nice.

  • I’m usually at the coffeehouse across the street, Ebenezers, at least once a week but still have NO IDEA what this place has to offer. Glad it sounds good!

  • Used to live right next door at 202 F 15 years ago. Back then it was something else but not too good. Neither here nor there, though.

  • Leave the dildos, take the cannoli.

  • These guys did a phenom job for our office Christmas dinner. Highly recommended (hell I don’t even like lasagna but I enjoyed it anyway!)

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