Judging Coffee Shops – Peregrine Espresso on 14th St, NW

Peregrine opened up at 1718 14th St, NW back in May ’11. Since Mid City Caffe closed Oct. 1st I thought the new Peregrine was do for a proper judging – any fans? Have you guys noticed more folks since Mid City closed? In addition to the coffee how are the food options?

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  • I really like this place. My new standard place to go grab a cup of coffee since Mid-City is gone.

    I also like that in addition to the people food options they also have fresh dog treats daily.

    Cup of coffee + dog treat is $3.

  • deeeeeelicious coffee!

  • Love it and it is beautiful inside.

    • I agree that the materials are nice, but the design REALLY falls short. it’s insanely uncomfortable to sit in there. either the stools are getting in the way of the people ordering or you’re sitting in the baking sun in the front. maybe it’s intentionally uncomfortable so people don’t hang out, but it bothers me nonetheless.

  • A welcome addition to the burgeoning coffee scene here in DC.

    And I always appreciate a place that will give you a complementary coffee with the purchase of some coffee beans.

  • Their scones are absolutely delicious. I still miss Mid City, but this fills the void.

  • Great coffee, a friendly but slightly pretentious atmosphere eminated by the staff. i often feel judged by them because I am wearing business atire.

    • Attitude and youth are two contributing factors for ending up in a coffee shop. One of which you outgrow. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    • Sad that that’s the vibe you get! They are some of the nicest people you will meet if you take the time to say hi.

  • Great coffee, great little shop, and I mean little. Tough place to sit and have a coffee, but I bet that saves them from all the wi-fi squatters, so whatever. Hilts, I actually think the staff is really nice regardless of the scene they’re a part of.

    • The staff comments are funny. They’re normal baristas, plenty friendly. I think those people who think they’re pretentious are completely projecting…

      • So, you work there then, eh?

        • nope. I actually very rarely go there because I’m the commenter above who said the space was really uncomfortable. I find the staff to be totally normal people. who I don’t find to be normal, are people who dress in suits and then have a complex about people dressed as “hipsters” being “cooler” than they are. and I’m neither of those people either.

  • I live above Cork next store. My go to is also a cup of coffee + dog treat for $3. Good iced tea too. Not hipster snotty and there is a cute girl with glasses that has a nice smile…

  • I have never felt judged in here – and I come in with kids in tow. Coffee is good, but I don’t like the bitterness of their iced coffee and avoid that.

  • I have gone their twice and gotten an Americano both times.
    Cool atmosphere but a little tight for my liking, somewhat “indifferent” service, good product. Nothing that pushes into the “wow” category for me though.

  • I wouldn’t hang out here but the coffee is solid

  • I really like this place. Friendly folks. It’s small and not necessarily cozy but a nice place to grab a cup of coffee and read a book free of distractions. Also one of the few independent coffee shops where you can get a cup of coffee for $2 (tax included), and your second for $1. The ham & chive scones are also bomb.

  • My dog liked the scone and i loved the doggie treat. WOW….simply the best this side of petsmart.
    But seriously,the coffee is very good.

  • their pastries are generally old and not very good.

  • Coffee and tea are excellent, of course. Try the lemon yogurt, too – fascinating!

    In my opinion, the limited seating space indoors is a good idea. I sat outside this past Sunday, and my date and I had a great time chatting away. Isn’t that what coffee shops generally encourage?

    Disclosure: I’m friends with several of the baristas there who migrated over from the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill location. Fine folks. Reach out and touch them; they have living, breathing personalities!

  • I agree that this place is surprisingly unpretentious and of course has good coffee. When I go to Big Bear, I get judged with numerous sighs along the way. Maybe I don’t look cool enough. At Peregrine, I am greeted with a smile. I appreciate that.

    Filter splits the difference between the two in terms of friendliness, but has truly excellent coffee. They could hurl feces at me and I might still go.

    Underrated spot for coffee- Locolat at 18th and Florida. It’s not as much of a takeout place, but you can.

  • I ordered a large and got a small. They said, that is a large. I guess I’m used to fat American sizing. It was good, I guess, but no better than Starbucks, McDs, Dunkin, etc.

  • Lame that it doesn’t open before 8:00 AM on Saturdays. I was freezing and needed a cup of coffee after biking from Glover Park to 14th St. only to find they wouldn’t even let me in out of the cold.

    • Did you try Port City Java up at North Carolina? Officially they open at 7, but I see them serving customers when I walk the dogs by there at 6:30.

  • “Burgeoning coffee scene” ????

    D.C. 2011 is Seattle circa 1985?

    • is london 1685?

      if people dig it, so what?

    • agree – one of the things I miss most about Seattle (cafe ladro, cafe victrola, macarina, monorail espresso…)

    • Big Bear and Murky were the only respectable coffee shops in town a few years ago. Now there is Filter, several Peregrines, Dolcezza and, to some extent, Pound.

      As a Portland transplant, I could complain. But I won’t because at least there is good coffee here, even if not always in walking distance.

  • jburka

    Best macchiato in town. Friendly staff who know their regulars but treat everyone well. I like that it’s not designed for squatting, and the lack of wireless helps dramatically with that. The baked goods, especially the scones, are fantastic.

  • Drinks I have at Peregrine — coffee, espresso, and iced tea — have been uniformly excellent. Scones and croissants have been quite good. The one time I had a cookie, it looked fantastic, but tasted merely good.

    I have always found the staff courteous, helpful, efficient, and nonjudgmental. One weekday afternoon when business was uncharacteristically slow, while I was sipping my tea I overheard one barista tell the other about how he never found the job he had where he used his master’s degree in public policy — as an assistant to the governor of Michigan — particularly fulfilling. Nevertheless, everyone there really seems to know his or her coffee.

  • Love that they have soy milk out on the counter, and love their coffee. Their food selection is slim to none though – all pastries. Even some granola, fruit, a nice bag of spiced nuts would be nice.

  • I love their espresso and coffee! My one issue is their use of soy blenders instead of plain/vanilla soy milk. Soy blenders does not taste like soy milk.

  • Good photos – I’ve never noticed how nice this building looks and I’ve been walking past every morning for the last year or so, all during the (long) Peregrine construction and since. I guess I’ve been too focused on the fight to get on the 14th Street bus. Still haven’t even stopped in for coffee either, but a lot of these comments will steer me in.

  • Why didn’t they put in a LITTLE more seating? Maybe to discourage the laptop crowd. If that’s the case go peregrine – may the force be with you. Let’s declare Big Bear the hipster laptop coffee shop. And then rest of us can have all these other places to hang out and actually engage with something other than a piece of technology.

  • I stop in on my way to work nearly every day. Yummy soy lattes & nice staff.

  • Best coffee ever. I respect their decision to be internet free, but it means I don’t really go there. Need someplace where I can do work. People complain about the laptop crowd. But, why pay $3-4 for a product that I can make for $.50 if I can’t sit there and enjoy the ambiance while typing away. More likely to go out of the neighborhood to Big Bear/Chinatown Coffee/Flying Fish, even though I don’t like their product as much.

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