Jimmy John’s Update – Getting Very Close

14th and L St, NW

The folks from Jimmy Johns were a bit optimistic when they mentioned a late Aug/early Sept. opening for their new DC stores. But I am happy to say – they are getting damned close. Here’s what the inside looks like at 14th and L St, NW (which looks like will open first):

14th and L St, NW

1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

And how the second location on Pennsylvania Ave, NW was looking on Saturday:

1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

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  • The sandwich shop that used to be there, just off to the right in the top photo, must be gone. I can’t remember if it was a Blimpie or what. Otherwise it would be a bit strange to have two right there.
    I’ve never heard of a Jimmy John.

  • The 14th and L one opened today.

  • The blimpie by the 14th and L Jimmy John’s closed over a year ago. I’m excited to finally have Jimmy John’s in the City.

  • Beach Club. Yesssir.

  • Jimmy Johns is probably the best larger chain sandwich shops, but out here I’ve noticed their service is not ridiculously fast as it is in other places. I’m not sure it’s “so fast you’ll freak.”

  • I used to work in this building but my office moved two weeks ago. Tears.

  • A lot of people are fanatical about this chain, so I’ve given it a try several times. Inconsistency is their most notable quality. Sometimes the sandwiches come out delicious, but often, the veggies taste funny and make the bread soggy.

    And your sandwich either gets made in 30 seconds, or 10 minutes. It seems like every other time I went there, either someone new was being trained, or someone had ordered a couple dozen subs for the whole office, backing up all the following orders either way.

  • Yeah, i’m mystified why people would be excited about a Jimmy John’s. My experience back in the day with them was it was only acceptable at the end of a late night.

  • Whatever. I’m excited. 😛

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