Java Green for Sale!

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Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up that Java Green was for sale at 1020 19th St NW. The MRIS listing says:

“A rare opportunity to own a locally renowned Vegetarian eatery w/great lunch business in “K St corridor” w/room to expand to breakfast. Loyal existing customer base & owner will train buyer on existing product line. This is turnkey & staff (7) can remain. Take right over. Catering business can be expanded & recipe products are uniquely created & easy to produce w/small area. Business only for sale…”

The listing says the price is $599,000 which has to be some sorta typo right? Also not clear if this will affect sister store Cafe Green located at 1513 17th St, NW.

Are there any fans of Java Green?

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  • Place is a gold mine.

  • Something tells me this is just selling the business and not the actual property the business is in.

    From the listing:

    Annual Gross Operating Income: $750,000
    Annual Net Operating Income: (Not Listed)
    Annual Operating Expenses (Except Taxes): $650,000

    So $100k a year income on a $600k investment, assuming these numbers are accurate and reflect depreciation of all major appliances and finishes.

    Meh, I’d pass.

  • Wow. That’s cheap! And it is a gold mine. That said. For the area, it’s one of the few/if any solid veggie options in the area. But, everytime I’ve eaten there (and I work 2 blocks away), I walk away slightly disapointed and feeling somewhat “meh” about what I’ve just eaten. Bascially? I can cook more flavorful food at home with one hand behind my back.

  • I don’t see how this is a “gold mine” if it’s costing you 650k to operate and on average you’re making 750k. All it takes to be operating at a net loss annually is the landlord increasing your rent by a couple of bucks a square foot and you’re in the hole.

    Of course you can expand and serve breakfast and expand the menu, etc., but that all costs money as well.

    I think it’s probably a good deal with potential to make 200k a year for a dedicated owner/operator, but that’s a shit-ton of work to pull in 200k a year.

  • Key thing here is decrease the size and scope of the menue and focus on key dishes that are successful. It must be expensive to maintain stock for such a large menu.

  • I like the noodles but overall there are so many choices down in this area competition is fierce. It always seemed busy decently busy at lunch though. I will agree that the menu is to large and things like the Tofurky wraps should go.

  • I used to work in this building. After a handful of extremely frustrating experiences, I never went back. It could be a much more profitable operation with a few improvements in efficiency. People love this place so much they will wait in outrageously long lines. If you can find a way to operate faster (which doesn’t seem to hard to do). You could at least double revenue.

  • I work nearby but don’t go here too often because a.) the wait is always — ALWAYS — longer than comparable places and b.) it’s more expensive than comparable places (i.e. the bibimbap place next door).

    They should drastically cut down the menu to sandwiches, the rice bowl things, and maybe a couple of other things.

  • I love java green- the spicy noodles with chicken & veg are delicious. I used to schedule my prenatal appointments at nearby Reiter & Hill around lunch time. Maybe this is why my toddler loves tofu & vegetables. I will be so sad if they disappear from the vegetarian scene. Our options are dwindling!

  • PDleftMtP

    I’m not even a veggie and I think their food’s pretty good, and it’s in my rotation. That said, the other posters are right that there are a bazillion nearby competitors – this would not be just sitting back and watching the cash roll in.

  • Can’t say I am disappointed. Owner with questionable ethics and mediocre food. There ate many better options.

  • I love, love, love Java Green and hope that if they sell, its to an owner that will take care of it. The owner DJ is such a big part of that place though I worry what would happen without his presence. The menu could be cut down a little and the lines more efficient but I would be afraid of someone trying to make it more mainstream just to turn a bigger profit.

  • Calls his food organic while using large quantities of non-organic products. Doesn’t treat employees with respect.

    • Well, pretty much any restaurant that is labeled as organic often isn’t 100% organic- its just not possible. And in the 6 years I’ve been going there, I’ve never seen the owner treat even a fly with disrespect- he is one of the most gentle, kind people I’ve met. Unless he pulls a 180 when people are out of sight, I find that hard to believe.

  • count me as another unimpressed committed vegetarian. Stopped going here years ago with no regrets, mostly for reasons stated by numerous commenters above.

    I’m more excited for the rumors of the SoCal based Native Foods opening soon in Shirlington . . . yes, it’s even worth visiting Shirlington for NF.

  • What is Native Foods?

    I was very excited about Java Green but found it disappointing. The “chicken” was very bland, although that is frequently the case with tofu chicken. I would give it another shot, though.

    • Native Foods began as a SoCal Vegan ‘fast casual’ place — Costa Mesa was the first and it’s in a yert. They’re expanding nationally (Chicago, Portland are the 1st and NoVa is forthcoming). NF food is much better than Java Green, plus you can get unlimited agua fresca, herbal iced tea, or lavender lemonade (or combinations of the above) . . . and they sell beer and wine. I’m generaly not that into mock meats, but their tofu based ‘chicken’ is really good (comparable to the vegan menu offering at Founding Farmers).

  • He should move this place to a location with cheaper rent. 650,000 a year to run a veggie lunch spot? maybe a food truck? also their customer service is weak. I called once because i had a voucher that was expiring and was deathly ill. just wanted to know if he’d let me use it a few days later. could i get a call back?? No. Made me love them a little (lot) less.

  • Yes, once can run a 100% organic place. It is possible. DJ does not do this but continues use the “organic” label. This is unethical. Although some of the food is decent, the cleanliness is awful. The one chick who has been there forever (limited English, makes stuff) uses gloves but frequently handles money with them and doesn’t take them off before handling food again – GROSS!!

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