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  • Ah, yes. In my days at architecture school I learned a great deal about this “best address” home and its history.

    While it appears to be freshened up on the exterior, the home is actually quite old–107 years old, to be exact.

    It was originally created–well, designed and built–to be a cat breeding facility as well as an automated poultry vending pilot project (search “autopoulmat”). Why such a strange combination of commercial uses in this fine 107 year old cedar shingled home? Simple answer is that the owner was crazy.

    • I wonder if they kept the old cat breeding machines that were in the basement? I would love to have a tour of this place.

  • This reminds me of Cape Cod! Love it! Now who’s going to pay for me to move in?

  • this is gorgeous! love the wrap around porch….excellent for entertaining.

  • What’s the going rate for copper? I see some bright and shiny downspouts that won’t be there long!

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