Heritage India Releases Statement About Sunday’s Shooting/Stabbing Incident

Heritage India, 1337 Connecticut Ave., NW, released a statement today about Sunday’s shooting/stabbings in Dupont Circle. From Heritage India:

“Heritage India extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Jhonte Coleman. We wish a quick and healthful recovery for the others who were injured following a private party on Nov. 27.

Heritage India is proud to be among Washington’s world-class restaurants, offering guests from around the city, country and the world a memorable fine-dining experience. Heritage India often hosts wedding receptions, businesspeople, government officials, foreign diplomats and other dignitaries for large lunch and dinner banquets.

Located in one of Washington’s premier nightlife areas, Heritage India Dupont Circle is an attractive venue for private after-hours events on weekend nights.

On Nov. 27, two patrons at a private party began to fight and security staff immediately escorted both men off the premises.

With tension remaining in the venue, management decided to shut down the event immediately. Music was turned off, lights were turned on and guests were asked to leave.

As patrons were exiting, a person outside of Heritage India shouted that there had been a stabbing on the street.

Heritage India staff immediately called 911 and security began an emergency-response lockdown. At this point, only the security officers, event promoters and restaurant staff were inside the restaurant.

The alleged stabbing victim was leaning against the main door of the restaurant and security brought him inside to render medical aid.

Contrary to published reports, the stabbing did not occur inside Heritage India.

Heritage India is reviewing its contracting procedures for private events and is prepared to participate in a constructive dialog with police and city officials to promote a safe, hospitable environment for nightlife activities.”

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  • “among Washington’s world-class restaurants”


  • It’s actually pretty good Indian food.

  • The food and service there have always been great. I hope they are able to continue doing business. Perhaps the high rents are the reason behind the night clubs?

  • How about calling 911 before it escalates. Especially if all you do is move the situation outdoors to the public.

  • That response would have gone further if it avoided all the self-aggrandizing.

  • Yeah, when someone gets stabbed and shot during one of your parties – you shouldnt hire some amateur PR shop to write your press release. Its like Michael Scott is doing their crisis communications.

  • They’re a small business trying to keep patrons coming back – the stabbing wasn’t their fault, it was a group of people quarreling. They kicked them out, that’s that. They don’t have to follow them out.

    I haven’t eaten there before, so I can’t really comment on the whole “world class restaurant” claim.

    • They’ve got bigger problems than just keep patrons around. They could very well lose their liquor license over this. You’re wrong about the restaurant’s responsibility. If someone gets shot out front after a fight in your club/restaurant MPD can shut you down and ABRA can revoke your license.

      • Plus, the restaurant has had multiple incidents. It’s not an isolated case they were just unprepared for. They’ve had experiences like this in the past and should certainly be held responsible.

    • JCM is right. They’re responsible for alerting the police when the disturbance began, not just kicking them out after the fight and shutting things down. They failed to follow the ABRA guidelines and it very well could cost them their liquor license (suspension or revocation depending on past incidents).

      • what are you all, some friggin lawyers? I hate how a fight breaks out at a private party and instantly the restaurant gets looked at for some blame. What ever happened to personal responsibility and consequences? Why should a restaurant have to babysit grown patrons.

  • heritage india restaurant maybe a reputable restaurant. But about 3 1/2 years ago they decided to start hosting latenight nighclub events…BIG mistake…
    for 3 years now they have been hosting very dangerous parties using promoters who bring a R and B ,hip hop clientelle, bringing a crowd that normally doesnt frequent this area..there have been huge fights and brawls. almost like riots in front heritage a number of times.
    people have been hurt and have been taken to hospital.One time there customers fIGHTING with broken bottles and weapons overpowering police and even hurt some police officers. TWO weeks ago they had their usual latenight party , like usual a fight broke out, the customers involved started using mase on each other.. police was called and when police arrived. they didnt even get out of their cars..i guess they were scaRED. MY QUESTION IS..

    • “a R and B ,hip hop clientelle” …

      readyyyyyy, GO!

    • It doesnt seem like you care as much about the person being shot to death as you do “r&b hip hop clientele” coming to a neighborhood in which you believe they do not belong. This isnt my interpretation of what you said, its what you said.

      • I think you have it backwards. That’s not what he said, that is your interpretation of what he said.

      • Well if they keep shooting each other in the neighborhood, then YES!!! Stay out for all we care!! Is wanting people to not kill each other asking too much??? It’s much easier to shout “racist” when all else logic fails…

        • What NorthWesterly redline YUPPIE (of all melanin levels) residents (like myself) are trying to express here is that open-air brawls and murder are expected to disappear/decrease sharply once you hit certain real esate prices and levels of affluence. I’m pretty sure to rent an efficiency on the south end of Dupont is going to run you at least 2thousand. Heritage India’s afterhours events seem to pipeline modes of conflict resolution that would not be employed by two people at Kramer’s fighting over a paperback. It is not the blackness of the club patrons that is troubling for Dupont residents; it is the fact that they don’t handle their business with the same conflict resolution toolkit of a Yuppie who was raised with Dr. Spock parenting methods. If you invite a bunch of JQs and froggy knucklheads to a single location and liquor them up, guess what you are going to get? SERIOUS DRAMA.

      • Amazing. The post describes repeated violence over a series of events, involving the same people, and you get wound up over his description of those people. “R&B hip-hop clientele” is an awkward description, but hardly a racist one, if true. Most important: it’s BESIDE THE POINT. What should matter is that the same audience for these events has been committed violence again and again.

      • Just Jason keeping it real. . .

    • Holy cow, what a fantastic rambling, barely coherent, racist screed, but it seems a little out of place.

      This is Prince of Petworth, perhaps you meant to post this on ARLnow?

      • Permit me to paraphrase:

        “I don’t like it when people generalize about other groups of people. Such rants have no place on this site. They will be better received by all those rascists over in Arlington.”

      • Rambling, yes. But racist screed?

        Is “R&B, hip-hop clientele” an offensive epithet I never learned? Of course not.

        Is it false that the events catered to a hip-hop clientele? Apparently these events were all about attracting an audience for hip-hop, which could include various races, and perhaps did.

        Is the reference to hip-hop, which implies the race of the audience, a gratuitous dig at black people? No, it’s actually important to the story. I’ve known HI for its good Indian good, and wondered how it could be the setting for violence. When I heard it was a special event, I wondered, “what type?” I was picturing Punjabis fighting each other, but now I know that was not the case!

        People need to chill out about racial references and really think hard before alleging racism.

    • It would have been easier to understand your point if you simply said the parties attract a violent crowd.

      What kind of music they listen to is irrelevant. By saying “R and B ,hip hop clientelle” I (and clearly others here) assume you are disparaging African Americans.

      That’s racist!


      • Is it really racist to acknowledge that there is a huge crisis affecting the communities of color, and that some of the residents of DC really want the crisis to be effectively addressed? Just take a look at all the photos on homicide watch DC of the guys who get shot here in DC week after week. Criminy, they all seem to be young men of color, or if they aren’t, the perps behind the killings are. It is a serious problem here in DC, and in other inner cities all around the country. We really do want the shooting and violence to end. It affects our own health to be so constantly stressed by our estranged neighbors and their children nearly constantly enthralled in senseless gunplay.

        • I agree. As Homicide Watch DC chronicles expertly, there is a huge crisis affecting the African-American community in DC. The African-American community, however, is diverse. Most African-Americans, just like people in other groups, want the violence to end.

      • Not for nothing, but i’m sure if you did a statistical analysis of violent crime committed in and around “R&B/Hip Hop” Clubs in DC vs other types of Bars and Clubs, you would see a VERY convincing correlation between crime and the hip hop clubs.

        Don’t hide reality behind political correctness.

        • I am a person of non-color and I really groove on hip hop music, but I don’t pack heat or shoot people or embody the same sense of near “violence worship” (like guns being so pervasive among the youth, and shootings nearly expected by many as an acceptable response to an affront) that some who strongly associate to this culture seem to exhibit in fine fashion.

          It’s not just here in DC, check out this horrible news from out west.


      • Hypersensitive nonsense. Nothing disparaging about the terms “R&B, hip hop.” Nothing “disparaging” about describing the nature of the event, either. It was relevant because most of us wondered how an Indian restaurant became a scene of violence. Calling it “a special event” would seem coy.

        Ask yourself whether, had the same event been described as for an “indie rock clientele,” if you would be similarly offended. Of course you wouldn’t! You’re shouting “racism!” only because you expect many people to draw racist conclusions from the inert facts. Not the same as racism.

        And to prevent those conclusions, you seem to think that any clues to the race of the crowd should be suppressed. But only if they are black.

        This is not just silliness. It causes people to quit taking charges of “racism” seriously.

        • +1 I think some people are uncomfortable to have “non people of color” commenting on issues that effect “their community. Unfortunately, we are all part of the DC community and it effects all of us – good or bad.

  • I’ve eaten at HI many times and really liked it. I’ve also attended a birthday party (non-Hip Hop) there, and it was all good. I don’t think HI acted inappropriately, and I’m sure the money for hosting a party is tempting.

    The sad fact is that there is some correlation between the crowds that frequent these particular parties and violence. A serious dialogue needs to take place.

  • I would like to hear HI address why if they are under current investigation/hearings for a fight that broke out with the same promoter in June they would do business with that same promoter again. I would think they would be black (out) balled.


  • Come on. He’s described a history of violent actions that have occurred through a series of late-night events at Heritage, involving the same customers. It’s absurd to focus on his awkward description of those customers, rather than the alarming facts he puts forward.

    If the same customers are fighting and spraying mace, then I want to know why the events were permitted to go on. Who gives a s%^& about their race (or this person’s description of it).

    I guess some people would rather play at outing racists than take criminal activity seriously.

  • andy

    So apparently people fight there all the time. That sounds like a problematic venue. Regardless of blame, venues that spawn fights get shut down all the time.

  • Amazing, Gray actually put out his own statement, it’s about time he acknowledges a homicide in DC. But residents are a bit beyond frightened by this type of behavior Mr. Mayor. Some of us are appalled at the perceived failure of our government to do a half decent job of keeping guns and bullets out of the hands and pockets of violent males. And that you continue to allow known violent males run free on our streets is way beyond unacceptable, and your city is being sued because of it.

  • What promoters/organization/group/person hosted the party? Why not blast their names all over the internet and spread the word to all other establishments to never rent to them again? I blame the people who hosted the party, not the venue.

  • Well it will be interesting to see how ABRA acts to this case we ave seen them totally bias, Examples tey shut down Shaw Tavern for serving alcohol with no permit, someone got killed at DC 9 but they are back in business, Cafe Citron next door to Heritage India had a guy beaten by security till he was in a coma but they are back open in 2 weeks. Mood Lounge was a white gay club with a lot of noise and fights on 9th street, i bet no one ever knew of them now its sold and they host parties involving african americans the neighbors and councilmember wants to shut it down eventhough they have zero violations but they welcome people of color in the area thats a problem Someone got stabbed at the former zanzibar but they closed H2O club the next day… WHAT A MESS DC, YOU GOT MONEY YOU AINT GOING NO WHERE YOU DONT PAY YOU CANT PLAY. THATS THE RULES OF THE GAME FOLKS DONT BELEIVE ANYTHING ELSE YOU ARE TOLD.

    • Actually the person was stabbed INSIDE H2O at the Young Jeezy concert, not in front of Zanzibar…he walked over there after walking out of H2O leaving a trail of blood which is how he was found. This was during the venues “grand re-opening” as a “classy” establishment, but they decided to have Young Jeezy perform and let everyone in paying no mind to the dress-code that had been previously established in prep for the grand re-opening. Money talks and once the lines formed the owners/managers got greedy and started letting everyone in. I agree that there is a lot of blurred lines when it comes to deciding which clubs will be allowed to re-open and which will not, or how the ABRA enforces (or doesn’t) their laws but the blame is on the establishment first and foremost. They know what the laws are and they are the ones forming the contracts with promoters knowing full well what the potential consequences should be. The promoter is (generally) under no obiligation to provide any assurances for the safety of the party, and if and when it is in their contract there aren’t any finanacial or legal consequences if they break that clause. It is the establishments responbility to follow all laws and procedures.

  • Happened to hear the old school hip hop hit “Self Destruction” on the radio the other day. Particularly appropriate I guess.
    I grew up in NYC during the ascent of hip hop. What was true then is true now. 99.9% of the people who go to these events are looking to have a good time. But 0.1% are looking for trouble, or so on the edge that even seemingly innocuous behavior directed towards them gets escalated into trouble. These are not inherently violent crowds. It’s a small number of knuckleheads that cause problems for everyone.

  • John! There were no fights and little noise on 9th street when the current Mood Lounge space was a gay club.

  • What NorthWesterly redline YUPPIE (of all melanin levels) residents (like myself) are trying to express here is that open-air brawls and murder are expected to disappear/decrease sharply once you hit certain real esate prices and levels of affluence. I’m pretty sure to rent an efficiency on the south end of Dupont is going to run you at least 2thousand. Heritage India’s afterhours events seem to pipeline modes of conflict resolution that would not be employed by two people at Kramer’s fighting over a paperback. It is not the blackness of the club patrons that is troubling for Dupont residents; it is the fact that they don’t handle their business with the same conflict resolution toolkit of a Yuppie who was raised with Dr. Spock parenting methods. If you invite a bunch of JQs and froggy knucklheads to a single location and liquor them up, guess what you are going to get? SERIOUS DRAMA.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @KevDC tells us twitter:

    “Commissioner Carney has informed me that Heritage India has surrendered its liquor license for safekeeping voluntarily. #ANC2B”

  • There’s a racial divide in the District between black and white residents. The same applies to white and black gay men. Most of us don’t interact with one another. How can some people move into all black neighborhoods and then turn up their noses or disrepect the people living there? I live in D.C. all my life and I’ve never seen race relations the way they are not. I am black and I am tired of reading about black on black violence in the District. We do need to have an open discussion on race and class in the District of Columbia. Why are people so afraid to talk about race relations?

    • Because those that do are called racist by the peanut gallery. One look around here you will realize that. Any frank conversation quickly turns to finger pointing.

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