Have You Seen My Stolen Bike? Vol. 7

“Dear PoPville,

My bike was stolen on Monday, November 21 near the corner of Nebraska and Massachussetts Ave. It’s a Trek 4300 mountain bike, Women’s Specific Design. It’s silver gray with thorn-like details. There are water bottle and tire pump holders, spoke lights, head and tail lights, and odometer wiring. It was locked with a 5/8″ thick Kryptonite flex combo cable and a silver gray Trek helmet.”

If you think you may have seen the bike please email [email protected] or leave a tip in the comments.

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  • i appreciate this new feature on PoP, even though it always makes me sad…

    also, i will repeat my time-tested (and so far reliable) method — use TWO LOCKS and lock near a nice bike that is single locked. while i don’t wish for anyone’s bike to get stolen it is that much worse when it is mine.

    i know the extra weight sucks, but it does help deter theft to have a pair of locks (ideally each will secure a wheel and lock to a stationary object).

  • why not three locks? four locks! FIVE LOCKS!!

  • My u-lock came with some clippy thingy that attaches to your frame and holds your u-lock while you are riding. Not the prettiest thing, but it’s very useful if you don’t want to carry a big lock/chain in your purse.

  • 2 different style locks is the key. They take 2 different tools and the thieves usually only carry one tool.

  • Would it be illegal to store razor blades within your bike seat cushion when you’re not riding it?

  • +1000000

  • at bloomingdude:
    Good idea until you forget to remove said blade before you go riding.

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