Happy 100th Anniversary to Engine Co. 24 – The Pride of Petworth

Thanks for always being there.

Great turnout for the celebration Sunday afternoon.

From DCFD:

“Engine Company 24 was placed in service on November 29, 1911 at 3702 Georgia Ave NW. The fire house was sold to Metro and the site was turned into a Metro Station subway stop. The front of the fire house was moved around the corner on New Hampshire Ave and is used by Metro as a transformer station . In May of 1994 the company moved into their new fire house at 5101 Georgia Ave NW. The new fire house was designed by member of the company and built by Metro.”

Captain Engine Co. 24 Christopher Sefton at the podium, Chief Kenneth Ellerbe seated, Council Member Muriel Bowser seated, VP IAFF Local 36 Charles Hottinger seated

More photos after the jump.

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  • Appreciate all you do, everyday!

  • There was a nice little piece on this on NPR this morning.

    They stated that this fire house was the first one to go mechanical, as all the other fire engines were driven by horses.

  • They should sell t-shirts with their Petworth Predators design on them, and use the proceeds for whatever charities they support. I know I’d buy one.

  • Yeah, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!

  • Those emblems and logos are pretty rockin’.

  • This has to be one of the nicest looking fire station buildings anywhere. Always gets a long, admiring stare when I go by.

    • saf

      It’s very new – they used to be where the metro staiton is now. The old facade is now on NH Ave just below GA Ave.

  • This is the friendliest, most welcoming DC Gov’t institution. Particularly if you have children, you should drop in to this place. They welcome visitors, let the kids climb into the trucks and happily answer any questions you might have. Also, if your house catches fire they’ll show up and tamp out the flames.

  • Thanks to everyone that came to the 100th Anniversary celebration. Yes, please stop by the station and have a visit. We love to get to know our neighbors. We will look into the T-shirts idea. I agree it would be pretty cool to see our community wearing our shirts.

    Captain Chris Sefton
    Engine 24, DC Fire and EMS

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