Great Wall Szechuan House to Renovate Dining Area

More changes in store for Great Wall Szechuan House located at 1527 14th St NW in Logan Circle. Over the summer they got their liquor license and this weekend I noticed that they have a building permit posted:

I stopped in to chat with one of the owners and while there was a bit of a language barrier, I was told that they will be completely renovating the dining area. Construction should start next week or soon there after. Construction will probably take 3-4 weeks. During that time they will remain open for delivery and take out options.

Below is what the inside looks like now. I can’t wait to see how the renovations turn out.

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  • Great place and good people that work there. It’s too bad that they raised there prices in lue of the changes 14th St has undergone these past years. Their takeout is one of the best in the district. The dining room is in desperate need of that liquor license and a remodel. Glad to see the changes coming. Try the mala tofu. It’s awesome.

  • I wish China Wonder on GA Avenue would go upscale, they have the best General Tso’s chicken I’ve ever had…

  • ledroittiger

    Congrats to the owners – they have the potential to stay relevant in light of all the ridiculousness on 14th. And they should. This is the best Chinese food in the city after Sichuan Pavilion.

    +1 to Sully on the Mapo Tofu. The Jiachang Tofu is also good. Plus, they will do hotpot here with a day’s notice.

  • Even though they discontinued delivery to 1st and S ST NW last year they are still my favorite carryout. I have endured greater humiliations than somebody not wanting to drop off food to me b/c where I live is ‘not safe’. And by the way, I will take spartan and CLEAN over more fancy 14th ST fru-fru any day of the week! In fact some of us actually like and patronize certain DC establishments as much for their lack of adornment and fuss as for the quality of their commodity. That said hopefully the addition of the profit margins generated by alcohol sales will help mitigate their need to raise their food prices very dramatically if at all.

  • What’s really funny is that when they first refused to deliver my dinner one night (they had previously done so many times without question) I really laid on a sob story. They relented and ultimately made my delivery the last run of the night. So, when I looked out the window I could see what had to be the entire restaurant staff (family) crammed into a mini-van…safely en route home to Fairfax or Loudoun Co (or one of those VA places). Brilliant! I tipped them well! It wasn’t until I went for carryout that I got the ‘not safe’ comment….to which I muttered ‘yeah, I hear you….may I have an order of Ma La Tofu? Please?’. =)

  • This is the closest thing we have to decent sichuan in the District. Anything that keeps them in business is fine by me.

  • Best Szechuan restaurant in DC. They recently purchased the new tables shown in the picture and their dine-in business seems to have improved. I definitely was hoping they would re-model. A part of me is worried that my go-to restaurant will become too busy, but as Shaw said, anything that keeps them in business is fine by me!

  • You know what would really be great? If they’d take down the ugly awning and expose the beatufil glass transom(e) which looks original.

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