Grand Trunk – South Asian American Fast Food – Coming to Penn Quarter

Thanks to a reader for sending word that Grand Trunk is coming to the old Artifactory space at 7th and Indiana Ave, NW (641 Indiana Ave, NW) between Penn Quarter Sports Tavern and Starbucks. And of course the real question is: What is South Asian American Fast Food? Has Shophouse (from the Chipotle folks) started a trend? But wait, wouldn’t that make them the World’s second South Asian American Fast Food Brand?

I’m def. intrigued. Has anyone ever heard of Grand Trunk before? More info as it becomes available as they come closer to opening this winter.

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  • Wow. I’m a big fan of Grand Trunk, particularly their hit singles “We’re an American Band” and “I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home).”

  • South Asian sounds like the subcontinent to me, not Southeast Asia. I would have guessed this is the same as Merzi, in which case, why is it so close to Merzi? Spread out the South Asian love.

  • Someone should open a similar restaurant called Grand Funk, focusing on the cuisine of southeast Michigan.

  • andy

    Fastest way out of jury duty: eat south asian fast food and then go back to voir dire!

  • I think there is a comma and a cue missing on that left window pane. it should be “the greatest south asian, american fast food brand.” in other words, the greatest south asian food that has been branded in america.

  • Wow, I can’t wait for this to open! Great window displays. I especially like the juxtoposition of South Asia, presumably Pakistan as noted in the Artifactory Closing blog in PQLiving, with D.C. on the diagonal windows. Come to think of it, this really could be the first South Asian American Fast Food Brand. Shophouse is Southeast Asian so that doesn’t really fit the same category, and there really aren’t any fast food restaurants at least I’ve seen that bring together both American and South Asian flavors which they will presumably do!

    Can’t wait to eat there!! The food has got to be good for anyone to shell out the money for a location like that.

  • wow looking forward to this…i think they do mean pakistani-indian? most of these places are great but def not fast. i always thought this kind of food would really take off if someone could speed up the process.

  • Can’t wait for Grand Trunk to open. I’ll definitely give it a try. I have never been to a South Asian fast food in my life. Do they serve fried chicken with South Asian honey mustard? Can’t live without that.

    It will be hard to compete with The Source, just a block away from this location.

    I don’t like the logo. It looks like Georgia Tech’s logo in white. I want a V in black and gold.

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