Good Lord: Shots Fired 9:25am at the 4200 Block of Georgia Ave, NW

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Good freaking lord. Thanks to a reader for sending word. MPD confirms. There were two shots fired at 9:25am on the 4200 block of Georgia Ave, NW. No victim has been found.

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  • Terrible — what is wrong with people? Please keep us posted…

  • andy

    hard to think of a more public area at that time of the morning.

  • Usually I am on the 62 bus around that time at the intersection…glad I drove in today.

  • Just kids on their way to school. Another normal day in DC.

  • Maybe somebody’s kid wouldn’t get out of bed so the mom had to resort to “extreme measures”? Kinda explains the lack of a victim….

  • I was filling up at the Shell station and heard both shots. A crowd of about 20 kids dispersed quickly. Two of the boys came over to the gas station, cell phone call in progress. They were cussing, naturally. It’s interesting to see how these kids are when they’re truly scared. We tend to think of them as a general population as tough and hardened.

    When I finished filling my tank, I took a left turn from Kansas Avenue onto Upshur Street, right smack through the scene of the shooting, right on through the red light. I wasn’t going to sit at that light.

  • Thanks for keeping it classy, Petworth!

  • I am frequently out with my infant son in his stroller at about this time, and I often see groups of kids hanging around along Georgia, Iowa Ave, and Allison long after school should have started for the day. Last week I encountered a group of teenagers smoking up in front of the library at 11AM (enough to give me quite a contact high,) and seconds later I came across some teenaged girls buying drugs from an adult male out in the open at the corner of Allison and Iowa. I did call the cops but did not stick around to see if they responded. I decided to change my walking route and I am pretty glad I did.
    There is definitely a problem with drug activity and groups of kids congregating near the school in the hours after school has started. Where is the enforcement to make sure the kids are INSIDE the school and not hanging around outside? There needs to be more of a police presence here – I have never encountered a uniformed cop on patrol in those blocks in the morning. Any thoughts about who I could contact to advocate for the neighborhood?

    • I have been in touch with Councilmember Bowser’s office and am working with them to schedule a Community Action Meeting. Main issue would be uptick in gun-related crime and what is being done about it.

      Once a date, time, and location are confirmed I will post to PoP. Tentatively, we are looking at the week of Dec. 4th, possibly at the Petworth Library.

      Stay tuned.

  • Labgirl – email muriel bowser’s office. It’t the only way to get anyhing beyond a cop driving by once without getting outoftheir car. Explain that you regularlyfrequent the area with your child and how his makes you feel. Please do; i also have a child& live wihin walki g distance. We need to alert our elected officials to the fact that normal families are scared to walk outside. Or abnormal families. Whatever, we all deserve to see some real police presence.

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