Good Deal or Not? “WALKING CLOSET” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 3807 Kansas Ave, NW:

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The flier says:


You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $669,900. Walking closet or not that seems a tad high to me. What do you think it’ll end up going for?

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  • where do those closests walk to? Maybe the cost is for mileage…

  • Oct 04, 2011
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    Nov 10, 2011
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    Did they really flip this in a month? Wow

  • binpetworth

    Too high. Most of the recent (and very nice) renovated rowhouses in this area have priced in the 500s in recent months. Only if they had a basement that could double as a rental would it be worth that.

  • I like the reno a lot, but even with some nice extra perks like the wine fridge and deck off the master in front I think it is overpriced. I’d say $600K.

  • For that price, I would certainly want both refrigerator doors to open the other way. That would be so annoying. Nice renovation, though.

  • The money is in that kitchen. This neighborhood is also great, I miss living in that area, its quiet but only 2 blocks away from the mega-Safeway planned for next year… Not a big fan of the marble used in the bathrooms, but the great neighborhood makes up for it.

    • I agree that the marble hurts my eyes, but other than that, I really like the reno. But do I like it $670k worth? No.

  • I think it sells for $640k. The basement has a separate entrance, a bedroom with full window, and decent living space. If you rent that for $1200-1500, that’s nearly half your mortgage and you have a great fully renovated house close to the metro and walking distance to everything in petworth and columbia heights for not much money.

  • I can’t figure out where all those doors on the first floor go/what they are for. Is the staircase in one of them? I can’t find that either

    If they are for mechanical why not put that in the basement?

    Don’t like that at all, but maybe I am missing something.

  • seems expensive but I think they forgot to include the Red Derby in the square footage

  • The $670K asking price seems awfully high to me. The basement has a separate entrance… but only in the back. Maybe there are some renters who don’t mind having to go through an alley at night to get home, but IMO, not having a front entrance decreases both the rent that the owner could charge and the pool of potential tenants.

    The renovation itself looks all right… but the two upstairs non-master bedrooms are on the small side, and I question the wisdom of the developer’s having gotten rid of the attic in favor of giving the master bedroom super-high ceilings. And like Jack5, I don’t really like the choice of marble in the bathrooms; it seems kinda loud.

    And speaking of closets — “walking” or otherwise — what’s the deal with all the doors in the kitchen/dining area? I guess one is for the half-bath, and maybe one is for a washer-dryer… but what about the others?

    • Our house has a similar layout. The doors along the Hallway kitchen wall in our house are:
      hall closet, HVAC, Bathroom, and storage under the stairs

  • Wow…people actually like the renovation? What happened to all the people who can’t stand open floor plans 🙂

    • Sorry, I’m running a little late in my open floor plan bashing. I’m also trying not to say how horrible it is on every GDoN.

      Soooooo, hate, hate, hate the open floor plan. I like the little round lights in the kitchen, though. I also like the red front door and the porch.

      I also like that part of Kansas Ave and wished there was something there when I was looking. However, I think the house is too high. But I’m a cheapskate and think that about everything. : )

  • Went to the open house last weekend–kitchen doors lead to basement stairs, a powder room, pantry, and coat closet. The place is lovely on the inside, but not $670k lovely. Guessing closer to $620k, though I still think that’s too high.

  • Does anybody have an idea of the cost of raising the upstairs ceiling in the front of the house, as it appears in this house’s master bedroom? It would probably involve removing joists and other parts under the roof, and shoring it up somehow.

    • I think they just blew out the attic, that’s all. Doubt they were actually raising the roof line.

      • That is what they did, and it involves moving joists. And then paying to heat and cool the extra space. But they have new windows, so it’s probably not an issue like it would be in my drafty house.

  • I don’t like the landscaping in the backyard. Having that little patch of grass is annoying because you have to mow AND weed, and there’s not much you can do with it (e.g. host a bbq, with just that little patch of grass for overflow from the patio).

  • When you factor in the location, a little bit out of the money for the cool walkable stuff along 11th and near Co-heights metro, and the rather charmless facade, I would not go above 560k and I’d be worried about getting it back. I hope they get every penny though, for selfish reasons.

    • I have to disagree here. There’s Red Derby, the coming Safeway reno, the French bistro by the Marvin folks, Qualia. I expect the Safeway reno to be a game-changer that entices a lot of business to come to this area. And there is something to be said for NOT being right in the middle of the Target/Best Buy craziness. This is an awesome, quiet residential area.

      • I am not rooting against the area. I live nearby and hope all that happens. But I don’t think it should be priced in now – which is what these folks are asking for.

    • I agree with your general statement that somebody who pays asking for this place will likely not get that back anytime soon. It’s a big house, but I wouldn’t expect it to go for much over $600K.

    • i think i’m a fast minute walker, but i do the walk from this house to 11th and park in 10 minutes, and DCUSA in 12 minutes. if you get any closer (2 blocks south into columbia heights proper), you are paying a lot more than $294/sq ft for a renovated rowhouse. the walkability to the 11th st establishments is one of the major selling points of this location, in my opinion. and you are just far enough away that you don’t feel like you live at a shopping mall.

  • Is it me or do you really want I clear front door that you have to find some covering for? I understand it lets in more light but everyone needs a little privacy. Also too much marble and I like marble. I think I would like the storage of the attic instead of that high a ceiling in the bedroom

    • I’m with you on the front door. I’ve noticed a few of those on new renovations recently and I have to say I’m not a big fan.

    • We just decided on a new front door and decided against a lot of glass for just this reason. We have people knocking on the door all the time, and it’s nice to have the option of pretending to not be home.

      I like doors with windows, but generally these are windows on the upper 3rd only. Many of the most impressive doors in town don’t have windows at all- one color (black or red), with great hardware makes a great impression.

    • If you don’t have that daggum open floor plan, the glass front door is not an issue because you have a foyer. OK, you can’t come down the stairs nekkid, but you could probably be in the living room with the blinds closed : )

  • The roll-up garage door is nice, but it isn’t a garage (the listing says “has garage”)
    Agree with comment about the refrigerator door…
    Landscaping – the teeny plants are comical
    Upper front porch: What happened to the neat old brick features that the other houses have? And don’t you have to climb out a window to access the porch?

    • Re: the comical teeny plants, according to the “This Old House” landscaping guy, when you put in a new garden, you’re supposed to give new plantings plenty of room to grow. It looks dumb initially, but it also looks pretty standard for the new gardens I’ve seen them install on home renovation shows on HGTV.

  • Oops, I see there is a door.

  • This seems expensive to me, but this is definitely an awesome location. It’s on literally the nicest block of Kansas Ave — the trees are so tall and gorgeous, it’s beautiful. Just a few mins walk to the metro, Yes market, and Qualia coffee. 10 minutes to get to Meridian Pint. 15/20 to get to Target/Columbia Heights. Easy walking/biking distance to Rock Creek Park for weekend strolls.

  • Its seems priced a little high, I believe the price will settle in the 645 – 655 range. They may get closer to list price if this was spring time.

    I live nearby in a renovated home that had many problems with electrical and plumbing that I think was due to the rushed nature of the project. The buyer should not settle for less than 1 year warranties for the roof, plumbing, ac/heat and electrical.

    This is a very quiet and awesome area. The neighborhood is changing for the better in front of our eyes.

  • I hope the new pwners enjoy scrubbing wine/sauce/whatever stains out of those pristine Carrera marble countertops in the kitchen.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Went to the open house last Sunday. The house is GORGEOUS! I’ve also been watching the guys work on the house since day one, which impressively barely took a month to complete! They worked really hard and the results show. Well done.

  • Wow that sesm high. GOOOOOOO Petworth!

  • Under $650, but not by much. The new owners can spend 20 minutes flipping the fridge door and rent out the basement for $1500 in no time.

  • Re: Putting the refrigerator door on the wrong way

    I’m not sure they had a choice in the upstairs. If the refrigerator door opened the other way, the handle looks like it would hit the glass in the french doors leading to the outside deck. I think that would be more of a problem than it is now. To your point, though, that would suggest that more thought/better planning needed to go into the upstairs kitchen design.

  • Isn’t the front door screaming “break me”? I don’t think this area is particularly prone to crime and feel this is very ambitious for most areas of the city. Plus the privacy factor.

  • Those doors let light in beautifully though. Porch helps obscure. There’s a house on Taylor that’s priced similarly (and stubbornly in that case) high that looks very similar, wonder if it’s the same developer.

  • According to Redfin’s site, looks like it just went under contract. After only 10 days, my guess is they got the asking or pretty darn close. Surprised, but happy for my home’s resale value!

  • this isn’t an crazy price. John Formant sold 2 houses that were completely redone on 1300 block of taylor. They had legal 2 bedroom apt in basement and sold in low 700k

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