Good Deal or Not? “Outdoor patio space w/ private entrance” edition

This condo is located at 1833 California St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Warm & inviting condo, close to everything in Adams Morgan! Outdoor patio space w/ private entrance, perfect for entertaining. Updated kitchen w/ granite counters & exposed brick wall. Open living area w/ hardwood floors, fireplace, built-in shelving & ample space for a dining area. Restaurants, bars & coffee shops at your doorstep. Just 0.7 miles to Dupont Metro. Pet friendly.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $339,900 ($233 monthly condo fee.)

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  • That’s funny because people usually still try to sell that location as Dupont. Obviously tiny but looks cozy, I guess

    • 695 sq ft is not tiny. But the devil is in the details:

      – Common laundry
      – St Paring

      • Who really needs private parking in Adams Morgan? 1833 California has a WalkScore of 97/100. It is a 2-5 minute walk to bus stops that service the 90, 92, 93, 96, L1, L2, L4, H1, 42, 43, S1, S2, S4 and S9 Metrobus lines. It is also wedged between 2 metro stops 10-20 minutes walk.

        • Lots of people do need a car, though. I usually don’t think street parking is a problem in DC, but this is one of those neighborhoods where it would be a big hassle. So someone who works, for example, in Reston and needs to commute by car every day might as well cross this one off their list.

          • A car commuter wouldn’t necessarily have to cross this one off his/her list… although I agree that the parking issue is definitely one for concern.

            I didn’t have reserved parking for the first two years I lived in Adams Morgan and was commuting to work in Maryland.

            Having to finding a street parking space every single night was annoying… but as long as I came home from work promptly, it usually wasn’t that big of a hassle. (My commute was also about 45 minutes… someone commuting from Reston might have a tougher time of it.) If I ran errands or something and came home later, it was more of a headache, but I could still usually find parking.

            The parking situation is definitely bad on Friday and Saturday nights, though. I soon learned not to bother driving anywhere then unless I wasn’t planning on coming back until after 2 a.m.; it was just too much hassle otherwise.

          • Included off street/lot/garage parking for a 1 bedroom condo is quite rare in this neighborhood, especially at this price range. Competition for units in this area is unrelenting … even though the lack of a parking space will turn off some people who must have a car, others who must have a car will deal with it, and those who don’t have or need a car will consider it to be a non-issue. Somehow I doubt the seller is too concerned about lack of a parking space.

      • I don’t know why people get so hung up about having in-unit laundry. I’d rather have the space dedicated to a closet or something a little more useful than a hulking machine I only use for 30 minutes a week. Plus, laundry rooms are a good way to meet the neighbors.

        • An in-unit W/D is really convenient, especially if you have to do a lot of different kinds or loads of laundry (“wash separately” items, “gentle cycle” items, etc.). It also means you don’t have to worry about someone else removing your laundry from the washing machine/dryer because they want to use it, etc.

          A communal laundry room can be a major hassle, especially if the number of residents is high in relation to the number of machines. The cost of coin-operated/card-operated machines also tends to be exorbitant vs. what you’d pay in electricity if it were your own machine.

          • Yeah, those are all valid concerns, but I still think it’s a trade-off because you lose a bit of space (and often pay more in rent) for the convenience.

        • I agree on the shared laundry — as long as its 1) well maintained, 2) reasonbly price with autopayment, and 3) has sufficient capacity in relation to building size.

          I had shared laundry in an older elevator building — it was nice taking my wheeled hamper down the elevator, instead of carrying it up 2 flights of steps like I do now in my rowhouse. I like having private laundry, but it’s not really that much more convenient

        • i have a shared laundry room right now, and i would do anything to have my own. i will never ever ever rent another place, or buy a place without one. ever

  • “Restaurants, bars & coffee shops at your doorstep.”

    Along with piss, barf, condom wrappers…

  • The outdoor space is pretty nice. The drawback would be the common washer/dryer situation. I think too it depends on what those windows in the bedroom look out to (big alley, small alley, walkway, etc.)

  • I am saying good deal. Friend is paying $2800/month for a semi-nice 2 BR one street south of here. Parking here sucks two nights a week, but I don’t think there is too much spill over from the Admo situation, definitely not as much as a few blocks north.

  • Overall this is a very good unit. The price is right (even a bit low, I’d say), the location is very good, the rooms are big, the kitchen is updated and the condo fees are very low. In addition this is a 1st floor unit, so if laundry is on the first floor or in the basement then it’s not a bad trek at all. And there is a washer dryer hookup!

    No private parking does not seem to be a big deal breaker as you’re in the most walkable area of city with plenty of public transit access, capital bikeshare, and zipcar.

    The sunlight/window situation is worth taking into account but I think for the most part, people who want to live in this area for this price range know that a first floor (or possibly basement) unit facing a wall or another building is a realistic possibility. You also have big south facing windows which bring in plenty of light to the common areas.

    But in my personal opinion, while the patio is a great feature, the “private entrance” is kind of a liability. That actually might be a deal breaker for a lot of people as it is on street-level and seems like it might pose a security threat.

  • It’s a nice block. I lived across the street a while back and really liked the area. It’s close enough to Dupont and AdMo without being smack in the middle of either.

  • I went to an Open House at this condo and was turned off when the person manning the Open House couldn’t show me the “private outdoor space”. The ventilation doesn’t seem great in this place and when you walk through common areas, it needs work. There are some really nice finished in the kitchen and I love that rounded gray wall, but it’s NOT worth the asking price.

    I’m a bike commuter and the person I met in this condo was also not able to tell me about potential bike parking. When will real estate catch on? FAIL…

  • I should add-really nice location!

  • That “private patio” looks like a place where your neighbors or others would pop down and have a smoke. Not really “private”. I bet you spend a lot of time shooing people away. Me no likey.

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