Good Deal or Not? “New commuter bike at closing” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 719 16th St, NE:

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The flier says:

“HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! Modern urban living in new, detached home on H St. corridor. 1 block to groceries, streetcar, restaurants. Tankless hot water, radiant heat, Silestone counters and other green features. Private parking and patio. New commuter bike at closing! Search 719 16th St NE on YouTube for video. Nice investment too – Lots of new development nearby. A MUST-SEE HOME!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is now going for $475,000.

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  • I live two blocks from that house and I’ve been watching them renovate it. I haven’t been in but it looks nice. However, across the street are houses that aren’t quite as nice if you catch my drift.

    • Me too, neighbor. It does look nice, despite being across from the projects. Despite the roughness at first glance, I actually love living in this neighborhood, with the proximity to H St. and all the bars and restaurants, the X2 (a shitshow, yes, but very convenient) and the Safeway and CVS (again, convenient shitshow.)

  • I think the remodel is very nice and the seller should be able to sell for close to 475k, although 450k asking would make it an easier sell.

  • I was in that one 2 years ago when it was going for $150K…

  • Commuter Bike — the new way for agent’s to say, “This home is not near a Metro Station, the streetcar may or may not actualy start rolling, and if you can afford this house-flip, you will probably want to stay off the X2.”

    • Hopefully the bike is covered in black tape and comes with one of those humongous locks with the insurance policy that everyone talks about on here. Otherwise it’s going to be a short lived bonus.

      I don’t see this area of DC to be particularly accessible, streetcar or no. Assuming zero traffic, riding the X2 to the White House (general downtown area landmark) takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Maybe I’m missing something?

      • I live in this neighborhood and bike to Georgetown every day in 25 minutes. And the X2 to the White house terminus never takes 45 minutes without traffic.

        To put in in perspective, when I lived in upper Columbia Heights I was a 17 minute walk to the metro. Now I’m a 20 minute walk (Stadium Armory). It’s not as bad as people think, and the streetcar has yet to start running.

        The streetcar tracks are, by the way, about 40 yards from the front door of this house.

        • 25 mins to Georgetown is not a normal commute time. There is a lot of speculation on what the streetcar will bring in a few years. I hope it works out so it connects this part of the city but I’d much rather walk from upper Columbia Hts to the metro than walk from this house to Stadium Armory!

          • There are tradeoffs, sure. This area isn’t as well connected as Columbia Heights (yet), and I don’t mean to say it is. It works out for me because I almost always bike. But come on– a house like this in Columbia Heights would be $200K+ more expensive, so we’re not really comparing the same thing.

            As for ‘normal’ commute times, X2 transfer to the Circulator gets me to Georgetown in 50 minutes during rush hour. A bit shorter if I can grab the X9 express bus. I sometimes need to go to GWU, and walking to the metro + the ride itself gets me to Foggy bottom in about 45 minutes. Not great, but a lot better than the ‘burbs.

            Maybe not as convenient to downtown as Columbia Heights, but it really is extremely convenient to Capitol Hill and Chinatown. And saving several hundred thousand dollars by buying in a neighborhood like Rosedale or Trinidad buys a lot of cab rides… and you’re likely to recoup your investment, because it hasn’t started to top out like Columbia Heights.

  • I live around the corner, and went to the open house over the weekend. It’s a very, very nice renovation, spacious, modern, definitely not a typical flip. They took their time rehabbing the entire place.

    Still, I was surprised they were asking this much in Rosedale… but then again, a flip across the street that didn’t seem as nice just sold in the mid 500s, so who knows. The rate of change in this area has been absolutely astounding.

  • What kind of flooring is that on the main level? Is it tile?

    Really like a lot of the design features.

  • Close in Rosedale is getting hot. Move the house 3 blocks closer to the Capitol and the price goes up a couple hundred thousand at least. H Street has really changed the market for the housing stock within a block or two, especially at the eastern end, over the past couple years.

  • Looks like a good deal to me. As others said, a few blocks away you can get half the renovation for a few hundred thousand more.

    I had been wondering about the floors too. Radiant heated concrete would be pretty sweet!

  • The housing project across the street has to drop the listing another 50 – 75 K.

  • So, they paid 96K for it 18 months ago and call a price reduction of 4% a “huge” price reduction?

    By the comps this place is still 75K overpriced.

    • Which comps are you looking at?

      ^^ This home is smaller, within spitting distance of the front yard of this home, and went for $534K less than a month ago. If you think this 1,800 sq foot house will sell for $400,000, that’s a joke.

      Also, they paid 96K for it last year because it was essentially a burned out shell. I cycle past this house every day, and they rebuilt practically everything except the historic facade from the ground up.

      • This home is not smaller…it has a fully finished basement with an additional full bath and bedroom relative to the GDoN post. Adding in the fact the lack of curb appeal of the post, I would def. pay significantly more for the one that sold across the st.

        However, I would never buy in this neighborhood. Yes, parts of H st. are nice. But for me, I like having easier access to downtown and other NW neighborhoods. That’s why I like Columbia Heights better 🙂

        • It always confuses me if listings include basements or not. So, the comparable house has a finished basement, that is important (although for that price I would expect a separate front entrance)– so it goes for justifiably more, $534K, but I think that indicates $475K is an appropriate price for this home with nicer amenities like radiant concrete floors.

          Columbia Heights definitely has its appeal, but as a lot of people will tell you– once you come to the Hill you won’t go back.

          • That’s not b/c you won’t be able to sell your house, is it? 🙂 Naw, I like the Hill quite a bit, especially right around Union Station.

          • I know you’re joking, but just to be sure– Capitol Hill has the hottest real estate market in DC. Not that this listing is capitol hill– but it’s pretty frigging close, and a very short walk to everything on H.

          • How much are heated floor worth when electric socks are $25.00?

      • “Walk to trendy H Street & Jump on the trolley to Union Station”

        Agents are selling these places as if the streetcar is already there when in fact is will be there by late 2013 at the earliest. Wow, better hope are efficient government officials keep to their usual tight deadlines!

      • oops “our” not are 🙂

  • Isn’t it really expensive to heat concrete floors…

    • Not sure about how expensive it is to run it but I know it’s expensive to install it!

      This place is very modern. Also, it looks like it was staged with very small furniture, especially in the living/dining room.

      • the thing with radiant heated concrete floors is, they don’t have to be very warm at all to make the whole house cozy. I lived in an apt with such floors once. i would go home and just lie on the floor….. heaven. once the power went out, it was seriously cold outside, and it took 4 days for my floors to become completely cold. this was in a third world country, in a building with no insulation. Concrete floors with radiant heat are awesome.

  • When will something happen with the housing project across the street??

    • not soon enough

    • That’s an interesting question. What should happen to it?

    • What’s wrong with this housing complex? I live across the street and have never had a problem. Their is never people milling about outside, I’ve never seen rowdy teenagers, etc. I walk my infant twins past it almost every evening and all I get is waves and smiles from people on their porches or in their windows.

  • Wow, I remember this house when it was pink and went for under 100k last year. Talk about a return on your investment..good lord.

    • I think somebody already mentioned this, but it was a shell that was completely rehabbed. Not quite the owner/investor type of scenario… I wonder what a full gut rehab for a house like this costs.

      • Flippers did a full gut rehab 2 doors down from me. They did a nice job, not as thorough or luxurious as this. They spent about 80k of their own money, not retail prices, so to speak.
        So I think over 100k for this out of pocket maybe closer to 200 but not over.

      • dude..what’s your definition of a shell? It wasn’t a shell at all. it was an old house in need of updates but it definitely looked liveable in the original listing.

        • As I mentioned above, it was a shell… there was a fire at some point last year, can’t remember exactly when, but the entire back of the house was gone and for a while you could see inside both levels from the alley. The entire back half of the renovation is new construction, from what was previously just the empty backyard.

          Come to think of it, I wonder how they got approval to extend that house so much given the 30% rule…

    • You can see the older version on Google’s street view. You can also see the house on the other side of the alley that has a huge addition with pop up (for lack of a better phrase).

      Looks like the added onto this place on the back too, which should be accounted for in the price if they did.

  • rosedale is the new bloomingdale

  • My husband and I walked through this weekend. We live on the corner and just wanted to be those annoying neighbors who wanted a peek. The place looks amazing. We’re a little jealous our house isn’t as nice. Plus, who ever buys this house will have great neighbors. The families on this block are great.

  • Beautiful home.

  • “Not that this listing is capitol hill– but it’s pretty frigging close”

    What? It is closer to Anacostia than it is Capitol Hill. I love how East Cap Hill evolved for real estate agents to sell to unknowing folks. The ‘Capitol Hill’ name in one way or another now refers to anything in SE west of the river. Nice.

    • Capitol Hill: 1 block (to 15th & G, the generally accepted boundary)

      Capitol Hill Historic District: 6 blocks (to the 11th & G boundary)

      Anacostia River (not Anacostia, which is in SE): 10 blocks

      What am I missing? I live in Rosedale, walk to Lincoln Park all the time, go for walks in the Historic District every week… it’s really not far. But comparisons aren’t super important because I think Rosedale has it’s own feel and housing stock that should be celebrated as separate from its boundary with Capitol Hill proper.

    • How so? This is about 3 miles from the nearest part of the Anacostia Historic District and about 4 blocks from the nearest part of the Capitol Hill Historic District. It’s also in NE, not SE.

  • I second the bike commute. From 19/H to 23/L takes me about 20 mins – anytime of day. My property value has increased by $90k after 2 years and all I had to do was put on a new roof. This is the most affordable housing market in DC where you can still get a bang for your buck – and even better if the trolley ever actually gets running!

  • There’s a video on youtube of this place that shows the construction in process. Pretty cool. This is equivalent to a new house. I saw the before during and after of this rehab – the place was rebuilt from the ground up with an addition so i’d guestimate rehab cost them $200k plus 18mos of work. Price seems reasonable for the quality of construction. Seeing the video was also reassuring that this wasn’t a hack job. And very high quality and unique finishes. Radiant heat floors = awesome!

  • Ah thanks Herman Cain about the comment on electric socks. And thanks PoP for running this one. It’s nice to see a renovation that doesn’t look like every other flip out there. Hope the sellers are planning to do more projects in DC when they sell this. I think the asking price is not too far off the mark, There was a 3 br rehab on Gales that sold for $489 a year and a half ago – and the one across the street that just sold for over $500.

  • Nice thing about concrete floors is they’re so sturdy and easy to take care of. unusual to see outside of a super modern new house or an old loft building though so that certainly does make this house stand out from some of the others out there. if you got a quote to install radiant heat in a whole house like that it would easily be 40-60,000 dollars.

    Rosedale is the new trinidad.

    • Not sure I understand this comment… does Trinidad have houses regularly selling for close to $500k now?

      I like Trinidad a lot– it’s just that I don’t think Rosedale is playing ‘catch up’ to Trinidad. If anything they’re somewhat neck and neck in revitalization.

      Rosedale is benefitting from the popularity of Capitol Hill– so in that respect it’s more like what’s happening in Hill East. It’s also benefiting greatly from the H Street revitalization, so a bit like what’s happening in Near Northeast.

      • Rosedale had gotten far less press and buzz. so it’s on fewer peoples radar. but otherwise, i agree 100%

  • Check points are SOOO 3 years ago. Mayor Gray has really cleaned things up.
    Ok, maybe not. But with all the development on H st and now making its way up Bladensburg that part of town has changed a lot in the last 3 years. Trinidad is the new Trinidad!

  • I checked it out a few sundays ago because I live in Rosedale and wanted to see what 500k+ could get me. I was impressed with the green amenities and that you don’t have to share a wall with another house. A young couple or someone who works from home may really enjoy this place. I’m not sure if it the right house for a family (do concrete floors and babies mix?). This is by far the nicest house on the block. However, on every block in Rosedale there is at least one off-the-chain dizzying remodel/rehab. The price change makes this place much more competitive.

    • @ MiCoBa, as the owner of the house directly across that alley from the pink one (we completely gutted ours and doubled the size of it while living there, it was originally the carbon copy of that pink one & in similar shape originally), I can tell you that it is in good company with our house and a couple others on that block that were redone with gorgeous new chef’s kitchens, etc) The area’s gotten a lot safer over the last 5 years or so, and all the neat new restaurants, clubs, shopping etc in the H Street NE corridor/ Atlas District are awesome. It’s a great location to get into while it’s still affordable, if you wait until after the streetcar comes, it won’t be anymore!

  • Looks well done, but unless I’m missing something, why is the side of the house two different colors? I can’t really tell from the small pics but it looks like different types of material on the facade. Odd on what looks like a complete renovation. Not that it is a huge deal but seems like an aesthetic flaw for a house in that price range.

    • I think the original house is a stucco or similar material. Then the house was added onto and a vinyl siding was used.

  • Good point about babies and concrete. Area rugs? Play mats? Wall to wall shag carpet over the concrete?
    That two color scheme was clearly intentional by the developer. I don’t think the one or two exterior photos of the house show that – so it does kind of look like a goof in the pictures. Actually the listing photos really don’t do justice to a few sweet exterior details of that house. Hint hint seller… The whole house is stucco – as was the original finish. I like the salvaged wood detail on the side of the house too.

  • I live next door. (The house with the for sale sign on google street view) There was no fire, but the kitchen in the back was basically rotted, so they took it off and built a two story addition. It only goes back baout 10 feet from the footprint of the old house.

    FYI the houses on this street are wood frame and were all built in 1908- before concrete slab was invented. Most of them, including mine, are on stilts. Their idea for pouring a foundation and leaving it for flooring is inspired- and worth stealing!

    Goodbye scary pink house….

  • My wife and I bought in Rosedale on Isherwood earlier this year and love it. We got a rehab that had been on the market for a bit, but we talked the seller down some and I think we got a deal. I’m glad to see places getting the quality treatment and (hopefully) selling for a good price. As to whether I’d pay asking for this place? I’d be much more comfortable at $450-ish given the proximity to Benning. It’s just a really busy road and I’m more of a neighborhood street type.

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